How Do I Find RC Repair Shops Near Me?

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RC vehicles are fun but they are definitely not toys. In most cases, they could be argued to simply be 'miniatures'. Sure, there are exceptions, but high end RC cars and trucks have things like intake valves for purifying gas, disc brakes, aluminum shock caps, and more. It's part of the appeal, after all. They are high end machines and upgrading you will teach you a bit about how they work but sometimes you simply need professional RC repair. In this article we are going to discuss methods and means to locate an RC repair shop or a comparable means of getting your machine fixed.

Are there RC repair shops near me?

Well, that depends. If you are in a major city then it's quite possible that yes, there's a shop, maybe even around the corner. RC repair shops are a fairly specialized line of business, however, so sometimes even in big cities it might take you a bit of searching to locate one. So how do you search one out?

Google is your friend

rc repair shop near me
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Step one, try Google. In order to ensure the best results, try employing quotation marks. Google searches with quotation marks will only include results that are within the quotations. So, for example, if you wanted to find RC repair shops in Dallas, Texas, an easy way to do that on Google would be to search for::

"RC repair" "Dallas"

This is going to return for you only examples with the words "RC repair" listed together, exactly like in your quotations, and only the results that also have "Dallas" in them. While you could just type "rc repair dallas", you might also get results for any kind of other repair that you can find in Dallas. Google is generally good about avoiding that sort of problem but if you search with quotes you can avoid wasting any time.

" As we mentioned, this is kind of a specialized niche."

So this is all I need to find RC car repair shops near me?

Nope, not by a long shot. As we mentioned, this is kind of a specialized niche. You will want some other ways to locate repair resources near you. Thankfully, we've got you covered. For one thing, have you checked the store where you purchased it?

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I can get RC repair at the hobby store?

Actually, sometimes you can. This is a good thing to check immediately before purchasing an RC vehicle, but if you missed doing that in your excitement for your new vehicle, then give the store a call. They might have the resources and staff on hand for fixing a number of different RC and other hobbyist vehicles. If they don't and you happen to be close to the store, go in and check to see if they have a bulletin board. Many hobbyist stores that don't have the resources to help provide repair or hobbyist advice, or even simply in the name of networking, will put up a bulletin board for people to get in touch. You can leave your own posting requesting repair or review what is already there. You might have a rel whiz of an amateur mechanic just around the corner who can not only repair your RC car or truck but let you in on the hottest upgrades. Sometimes that personal touch is better, no?.

What if Google doesn't help and my local store can't help?

In that case, you still have another option up your sleeve. Hobbyist forums. Forums are message boards, basically, just places where you can go online and speak to other people who share your passion for RC vehicles. This gives you access to veterans and novices alike and the former might know what's wrong with your vehicle simply based on your description. Even better, many groups are localized, so you might find a group that exists already in your city that gives you access to experienced folk who might just be able to fix your RC car or truck with ease.

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So I've checked these resources and there is still no RC car repair near me. Now what?

Well, if you have checked Google to no avail and you have also checked your local forums and stores with no luck, you still aren't out of options. First, you should check to see if you have a warranty, you might be able to send your RC to your manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer, this can take less time than you think, and if it's still under warranty... well, your repairs might just be free! A lot of companies will provide support lines with their RC vehicles as well and they are worth your time. Often, their experience can help you pinpoint out a problem in very little time and if it's an easy fix they might be able to walk you through it! Last, but not least, you can also ask them if there are any repair centers relatively close to you that they endorse. It might be that they know a new place or two that hasn't yet been listed online or that you missed in your search. It's definitely worth the phone call to find out, no?

Some last words

So, we have discussed some potential options for obtaining RC vehicle repair close to you. First, we advised Google. Most of the time, this is going to be the only option that you need. As each day progresses Google not only gets more data but it becomes smarter at interpreting your search instructions, so always go with them first. If Google fails you, then it's off to the store where you purchased it. A phone call or a visit can get you some good information so it's a great second stop to find out your options. Beyond this, hobbyist forums, and finally your manufacturer. We listed them last as most people don't like to call them, for some reason, although one nice thing about hobbyist help lines is that are SPECIFICALLY there for you, Now, go get your repairs and get rolling!

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