What Are The Top 5 RC Car Maker Brands?

RC Cars - Brief overview

The best RC car brand companies produce cars which are popularly known as RC cars or radio controlled cars, and they are powered with either battery or gas. They could be trucks or models which are controlled from a good distance with the aid of a transmitter remote. The acronym R/C could also mean remote controlled. However, for radio controlled vehicles, they are controlled with the use of a radio-frequency link.

Radio-controlled cars employ the use of a set of components for both their operation and control. For all cars, a transmitter is needed which contains the joysticks used for control in the form of a piston grip, a trigger for throttling and a wheel which would be used for turning, there would also be a receiver which alters the radio signal broadcast, into all control signals and components of the control system, from the transmitter.

Using RC cars exposes you to several hours of fun speed, it could just be anywhere appropriate. Top rc car makers would tell you that, these cars are not about speed alone, they also have certain essential driving features. The days when RC cars were strictly possessions are over, anyone who needs an RC car does not need a degree in engineering to construct one.

Top 5 RC Car Maker Brands
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Factors for choosing the best rc brands

The top rc car brands are based on the following factors which include:

  1. The level of innovation
  2. The quality of cars manufactured
  3. Ease of use
  4. Price
  5. Designs and technology

The Top Five RC Car Brands


Traxxas is a RC model manufacturer currently located in McKinney, Texas, United States of America. They manufacture both nitro and electric powered vehicles, aircrafts and boats for drivers which cut across all skill levels. They have a slogan which states them as the fastest in radio control.

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Traxxas surfaced in the world of radio control in 1986, and they had an objective in mind, which was to offer radio control cars which would be fully assembled, amongst other mouth-watering features.

Their vehicles are always fully assembled and ready to move. The electric model feature has sealed electronics which is integrated into their system, this enables them to race even in wet conditions. For the Nitro models, they have a battery and charger which aids the EZ-start system. Currently, Traxxas is known for supporting known car-racing series, athletes and some previously conducted off-racing championships.


HPI cars have been known for producing excitement and they are well known for their durability, which is almost unmatched. Asides the durability, their products are known for having one of the best designs, coupled with high quality. All ages can conveniently enjoy HPI products because it is designed and styled accordingly.

HPI started out in 1986, as a small investment which set out to achieve a lot through hard work. This was followed by success in sales, which then made HPI to gradually increase the design team size, this ensured that various innovations sprung up from time to time.

The car designs produced by HPI were used as a foundation for the HB brand of their racing cars. The success which HPI has garnered over the year, can be attributed to the desire for continued growth and the honest enthusiasm for radio-controlled cars. They also offer exciting, unique and enthralling models which have attracted a good number of people to the hobby.


Losi which is also known as Team Losi Racing, are known for birthing innovative products for the past 30 years, with a view to make available to discriminating racers, the foremost quality products which would enable them compete at any stage. Globally, Team Losi are known for excellence in engineering and ingenuity in designs, which eventually lead to them producing award-winning vehicles.

Asides the manufacture of vehicles, they are also known to have in stock, all sorts of accessories, electronics, parts and tools which would be instrumental to providing an exciting RC experience.

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Losi was established in California, 1980, and they have been recognized for the renowned releases and association with popular brands in the United States.

Team Associated

When it comes down to radio-controlled brands which are at the forefront of car racing, Team Associated is an household name which cannot be skipped. They commenced operations in 1965 with quite a few number of car parts to a huge number of radio-control cars and parts which are shipped to different parts of the world.

The vehicles produced by Team Associated are in a variety of sizes which cut across all ages and levels of preference. The vehicles are also meant to ride off and on the road, whilst been powered by nitro and electric engines. Team Associated has a staff which is dedicated to research on radio-controlled car products, there are also engineers on the team who have a vast experience in racing, whose idea would be used to compete at any level of a championship. They have their own packaging manual and catalogs which also has a custom design produced by the in-house department.

Team Associated has the perfect idea was regards the creation of RC cars which would excite people who drive them.


Duratrax has a good number of products which can be regarded as top-notch. Starting from the batteries, they are affordable and are of high quality. As one of the leaders in R/C racing, Duratrax have what it takes to meet up with today’s demands, their products are known for high performance at an inexpensive price. The same applies to chargers which can handle batteries such as NiCds, LiPos and NiMHS.

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The tires deliver top-end grip and their manufacture is very tough to keep the vehicles on track. Before the vehicles are released for sale, they are tested in the factory under safe conditions which ensures that all factors such as the performance, sensors and the likes, are all in shape. Also, the make enables that the durability keeps the vehicles at a top-performing rate for a very long time.

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