Top 5 Best RC Drift Cars For You!

RC racing has long been a favorite hobby for many motorized vehicle enthusiasts. For some, regular track racing and drag racing are enough of a thrill. Others, however, require a next level rush of adrenaline. To satisfy this group, a popular offshoot of cars in the RC world exists: drift cars. These vehicles are designed specifically for getting the best “drift” effect when taking a tight turn at high speeds. The best RC drift car requires that the car’s centre of gravity be low to the ground.

Best RC Drift Cars

It also works best if the racing surface is flat and hard, allowing the rubber wheels of the RC car to get a grip! Without these precautions, an attempt at drifting would result in killer barrel roll that, while cool to see, is not impressive. If the idea of tearing around a hairpin curve gets your blood pumping, stay close and keep reading to learn of some great options.

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

To start, the Redcat Racing EPX polycarbonate shell is available in two options. These classic picks include a stock type blue body and a more modern and sleek looking deep red body. Both have a stunningly vivid appearance, so it comes down to personal preference and style. Regardless, the 27T 540 brushed motor and four-wheel drive control will have you drifting like a professional in no time. Topping out at an impressive 23 mph, you’ll have no issue getting up to speed. Check out the price here.


  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Oil filled and aluminum capped shocks
  • Choice of two different body styles to pick from
  • Upgradeable pinion gears for increased speeds


  • No batteries included for controller, 8AA’s needed
  • Short radio range, 50 feet or less

Velocity Toys Piranha Racer

Our next pick is the best RC drift car for beginners or children. Bigger than typical RC cars, the Piranha Racer has a scale of 1/10 which makes it 18 inches long overall. Perhaps due to its size, it tops out at 15 mph. Even though this is slower than some of the smaller RC cars, it is still plenty of speed to have a good time.

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A slower speed may even be preferred for younger drivers, or if you are just learning the controls. Also, the 2.4GHz system provides for interference free play in the presence of other RC cars. This is a necessary feature if you plan to use the RC car in areas where other drivers will be playing simultaneously.Visit here to see the price.


  • Great for kids or beginners
  • Larger size for more realistic feel
  • Interchangeable/removable Lexan body shell
  • Built in 6.4v 500mAh Lithium-Ion Battery


  • Slower speed due to larger size
  • Battery takes longer to charge each time, and lasts for shorter period

Exceed RC Electric DriftStar RTR Drift Car

As an upgraded version of an already popular RC drift car,the Exceed DriftStar comes with a selection of great features. First, the tires have been improved from the original model to provide greater versatility that allows for superior performance on a variety of surfaces.

It also has a larger foam front bumper for added crash protection. On top of this, the impressive and detailed decal is not just for show, but has the guts to back it up. The brushed 540 motor, four-wheel drive, and high-performance front and rear differentials make for a great all-round drifter. Have a look at the price here.


  • Extensive options for upgrading items, such as motors, suspension, etc.
  • Upgraded tires for excellent indoor or outdoor drifting
  • Very fast, speeds up to 30 mph


  • Upgrading will cost significantly more money than initial base package
  • High speeds may be challenging to control for inexperience users
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Super GT RC Sport Racing

Featuring a realistic and detailed design, the high quality material of this RC car’s shell is scratch resistant. This makes it less susceptible to superficial damage as a result of collisions. In addition, the Super GT comes with two different sets of tires right out of the box.

The result is an ability to swap out the type of tires you are using to match the performance you desire. An action sensitive and quick response time of just .01 seconds will allow you to drift in a u-shapes, figure eights, and all other manners of geometric excellence! Visit Amazon to see the price.


  • Comes with two sets of tires for different drifting capabilities
  • 4GHz signal with ability to drift more than one car simultaneously
  • Quick battery charge time of only 90 minutes, resulting in 15-20 minutes of run time


  • Outlet for charger is only European compatible
  • No English language instructions provided
  • Relatively short control distance of just 30 meters

Liberty Imports Drift King

Our last pick is for those who are looking to have a fun and exciting drift experience from time to time, without the cost associated with higher end RC cars. Ranking among the best of cheap RC drift cars, the Drift King is a great stepping stone for those who are trying to decide if they want to get further into RC drifting. The controls are highly responsive and easy to use for both kids and adults. Learning the ropes when it comes to drifting has never been simpler! Please have a look at the price here.


  • Super affordable price when compared to our other picks
  • Two sets of tires: one for regular driving and the other for drifting
  • Working lights for nighttime fun
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  • No rechargeable battery, and uses AAA batteries quite rapidly
  • Bulkier and less realistic design, looks more “toyish” than others


The best RC drift car for you will depend largely on how devoted you are and how much you intend to spend. As we have discussed, there are great options for impressive looking and realistic RC cars that provide a top-notch drifting experience.

For a significantly lower cost, you can choose to “toy around” with the art of drifting without getting in too deep in terms of cost. Now that you have been presented with what we feel are the best options to meet certain needs, all you have to do is punch the gas and drift to the finish, where your RC purchase awaits!

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