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Drag Racing... the thrill of the race! Two cars, one finish line, and just you versus them! There is a rush that comes from this sort of race. Even when we were kids and had the electric-track toy racing cars that went exactly the same speed, we'd find ourselves pressing the trigger harder and shouting 'go! go!' because the track and the speed and random factors could make it a race worth having. Fast forward to now. We are older and those cars have gotten BETTER. So whether you want them for your own nostalgia or to share and make some fond memories with the little ones via electric RC drag racing, we've got you covered. We've compiled a list of RC drag cars that you can acquire, customize, and race to your heart's content. Are you ready? Get set... let's GO!

Selecting your model of car

We've created a list of 4 RC drag racing cars vehicles for you that we hope you will like. 3 of which top out at 30+ miles per hour, with one of them topping out at 70+. This way you can set up a fair home race with your neighbor or with the kids if you like or if you are looking to start building up your own RC for official racing then you have one model that can give you a good start. We thought you might appreciate a few options! So, what were our picks for RC drag racing?

Traxxas Ford GTrc drag racing

A thing of beauty, this liquid-red GT RC dragster is a licensed 1/10 replica. Sporting a 4 wheel drive chassis and street-ready wheels, you'll enjoy looking at this one as much as you will enjoy racing it. This replica includes black chrome wheels, brakes, and calipers, and has a waterproof motor so that you don't have any accidental tragedies during a freak storm. The Titan T2t motor really delivers, moving this beauty up to 30+ miles per hour. Best of all, like all Traxxas vehicles, you can upgrade this baby and customize it to give yourself an edge in that race that you are planning. So how much does this beauty set you back? Actually, it's not so dear at a cool $290 retail. Be sure to check it out on YouTube for some videos of it in action, it's really a sight to behold.

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rc pro modOur second entry on this list is the ARRMA Talion 6S. With adjustable stocks and a low profile, this truggy is built not only for speed but for bashing if you are feeling less than scrupulous during a race. Fully waterproof, this one is capable of 70+ miles per hour out of the box. Just through in that Lipo battery and once that brushless engine is started, get ready to MOVE. While the GT that we listed is good for friendly racing, a pair of these can provide you with a bumping and bashing 'race for your life' experience. Just be sure to set up lots of ramps, obstacles, and varied terrain up for your path. This truggy can take it. Priced in at around $500 retail, the Talion is worth every penny for high-flying fun. Check them out on YouTube as well, if you don't believe us, just prepare to be amazed.

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" This one is capable of 70+ miles per hour out of the box..."

Traxxas Black Mustang GT 83044-4rc dragster

Included for the love of it, how could we leave out the traditional black Mustang? For those of us who have owned or driven a Mustang there is a special kind of nostalgia that you don't get with a lot of other cars. Fast, sleek, and LOUD, it's a motor rumble that you recognize in an instant. Traxxas has taken that love and reduced it to a 1/10th scale and yes, they painted it black! So what comes with the Traxxas Mustang? Like the liquid red GT, this one tops out at about 30+ miles per hour, so paired with the liquid red GT you';ve got an even racing pair that both look sharp. With performance 4 wheel drive, terrain variation is definitely in the cards, and the aggressive street tires mean that you can get a good grip even on the wet pavement. This model is available at around $630 retail, but it IS a Mustang, folks.

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Customize your own: Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 race car chassis

drag racing rc carsTraxxas is the king when it comes to customizations. Upgrade to aluminum shocks, switch out for an aluminum bash-ready body, you can even add paddle-wheels to cross water if you feel daring. This is one of the thing that has put them at the top of the market and keeps them there. So why not take advantage and skip getting a stock car? Make your own with this 4-tec race car chassis. Pick a clear body if you like and paint it yourself, or customize your parts and use a pre-existing body that you customize with your own decals. Advertise your own business on the side if you like, after all, technically YOU sponsored that car. This model tops out at 30 miles per hour though check out your Traxxas upgrades, as you never know what the limit is going to be until you have explored the RC pro mod options.

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In closing

Excited? Wondering where to find RC drag cars for sale? If the Amazon links that we have provided don't suffice or you want to do a little price-comparison, simply do a Google search on the vehicles that we have listed or to look for the actual vehicle vendors. Generally Amazon is going to be quite competitive but whatever the means you use, get yourself a GOOD one. Nostalgia is one of those things that we can always count on to melt even the most stubborn of ice that has accrued on us from life. Take a break, treat yourself, and feel like a kid again.

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