The 6 Best Remote Control Cars That Are FAST!

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When we were kids, some of us had a racetrack. Cars would circle the track, electric powered, and since they were on separate tracks the one who won the race would be the one that pressed their remote trigger first. Then we got older and got into RC cars and while they weren't fast by today's standards, to us they were pretty darned fast.

Fast forward to today.

Remote control cars are really fast now. Some like you wouldn't believe. In this article we are going to discuss our top 5 picks for fast remote control cars that will delight and amaze. If you are ready, let's roll.

How to choose fast remote control cars (for adults)

Selecting your RC vehicle can be difficult. There are so many stats to consider and thankfully, we are here to help. That said, in this article we are going to make speed the primary focus but we are going to tell you a little about each model so that you have a general idea of what's 'under the hood'. Now, without further ado, here are our top 6 picks for really fast RC cars.

6. Traxxas Desert Racer - 50 mphfast rc cars

Our first entry tops out at about 50 miles per hour. The Traxxas Desert racer is more than just a speed machine. It's strong suspension (sporting steel axles and more) ensure that your off road-adventures are not only exhilarating but equipped for danger, jumps, and whatever you want to throw at it. This is not the kind of RC that you grew up with. With upgrades available you can take the fun to the next level. It all depends on you.

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5. Team Losi Audi R8 - 60 mph

fast remote control cars for adultsThis one comes as a kit but once it is assembled you are really in for a good time. Topping out at 60 miles per hour, this model features an adjustable driveline, an aluminum chassis, and a lightweight but solid construction designed to take the maximum amount of pain while giving you the maximum amount of air. This model has somewhat of a champion pedigree, as a number of them have entered and won in RC races at a national level. Adjusting the driveline can move the power to distribute freely between the front and the rear of the vehicle, maximizing your ability to make the sharpest of turns. This is a lot of fun in a lightweight package, folks.

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4. Serpent 811 Cobra - 60 mphreally fast rc cars

The Serpent Electric 811 is a mean little racing buggy. With 4 wheel drive for offroading, aluminum shocks and side guards will help to protect your buggy as you jump hills, ramps, or whatever else is inclined and in your way. This vehicle tops out at about 60 miles per hour and best of all, it is fully upgradeable. If you are looking to enter the world of RC, off road racing, then this is an affordable first car to aggressively train with. Check out some of the videos on YouTube by googling 'serpent 811 RC' and you can see it in action. It's a sight to behold.

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                        " Extreme off-roading is a certainty in your immediate future."

3. Redcat Rampage - 65 mph

traxxas fastest rc carRedcat's entry in this list is certainly no sloucher. Topping out at 65 miles per hour, the four wheel drive and aluminum suspension mean that extreme off-roading is a certainty in your immediate future. Your parts are waterproof, of course, and the brushless engine and electronic speed control help to ensure that you can achieve something feeling close to flight with this model. It's a great mix of performance and power so be sure to check out the Redcat rampage!

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2. Traxxas Funny Car RTR - 70+ mphremote control cars for adults

Clocking in at over 70 miles per hour, this is not even the fastest RC car from Traxxas. They've made this list more than once for a reason and that reason is quality. The startup action is even realistic and has to be seen to be believed. A lot of love was put into this car but don't take it off-roading like the previous models, this car is strictly street-only. If you are looking for a little serious street racing, you can't go wrong with this model.

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1. Traxxas XO - 120 mph

fast rc cars for saleThis entry is the king of our list, going from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 4.92 seconds. This is a LOT of power to deal with and while you are guranteed to be amazed and delighted, we do not recommend this car for novices. With optimized aerodynamics, speed-tested tires, and sealed differentials it is engineered to push the boundaries and does not disappoint in this regard. It also includes steel drive shafts and anodized shocks to help protect your vehicle in the case of fender benders, but t the speeds that this RC car is capable of you will definitely want to avoid those as much as possible. This is a car for racing, not bashing. With the most speed comes the heftiest price tag for the RC vehicles on this list so be sure to invest in some personal property insurance (and don't let your niece or nephew drive it, whatever you do!).

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Some final words

Well, there you have it. We've gone into some details on our favorite 5 picks for extreme racing RC's. If you are looking for a place with fast RC cars for sale, just check out our Amazon links or your local hobby store. Don't forget that upgrades are available as well. Many of these machines will run fast right out of the box but that doesn't mean that you can't run faster. With a little love and a bit of upgrading you can not only customize your RC but you can make it into a super-fast, high flying tank of a thing that is sure to keep you entertained for many a year to come. Just remember, upgrade the body first and insure your investment. Happy trails, folks!

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