Top 5 Best Remote Control Cars For Adults?

When it comes down to driving RC cars, the experience never dies out. If you need a racing car which will take you on nearby rides, then only the best remote control cars for adults will suffice!

Due to the large number of RC car brands which are available on the market, it might be quite of a difficult task for you to have a list from which you can make your selection from. This piece was structured to aid you in making things easier instead of leaving you to the rigorous process of going through all the available products on the market which would eventually leave you confused.

Below is a short guide which would assist you in making your choice which would fit your need.

best remote control cars for adults
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Determining Factors for The Best RC Cars for Adults

  1. Off road or on-road automobile: One of the first factors which you should consider when going for an RC car, is either getting a remote control off-road cars for adults or the on-road type. For an off-road vehicle, they have the ability of moving across diverse surfaces which includes gravel, pavement, grass amongst others. While for on-road vehicles, they move perfectly well on smooth surfaces such as pavements and the likes.
  2. Performance: The performance of any RC car you want to purchase needs to be looked into critically before going for it. Basically speaking, the two determining factors are the speed and handling, putting the latter before the former. For users who have been in the business of driving RC cars for a while, you can decide to opt for a car which has both features, however, note that you might be incurring a cost higher than usual. Other performance features which you should also look into, is the drive type which could be 2WD or 4WD, or the motor’s efficiency.
  3. Running time: What determines the running time of an RC car, is the battery. If you go for an RC car which has a powerful battery, what it implies is that, you would be driving around for a longer period of time, than RC cars which have low-quality batteries. Fortunately, technology these days has made it possible to manufacture batteries which would last for a long time such as lithium-ion batteries, which would charge fast and preserve the charge for a longer period of time.
  4. Remote range: You should also not forget to check the remote range when purchasing an RC car. RC cars which are not well constructed usually have a short remote range which implies that they can only be driven around for a short time. For RC car models with long remote range, you can drive the car around conveniently.
  5. Ability to upgrade: It could get boring when you drive a car with the same features around for a long time. To salvage this, you could integrate some of the innovative features which are been birthed on a regular basis. To achieve this, ensure that you purchase a model which allows for upgrade so that it can be done easily.
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  1. Traxxas RTR 1/10 Remote Control Car


  1. Waterproof electronics
  2. Fast charging due to the DC fast charger
  3. Top speed of 35 mph
  4. 7 cell battery id technology with 4amps and 12 volts peak
  5. Power capacity of 3000Ah
  6. 4HZ radio system
  7. Efficient Magnum with a 272 three-gear transmission
  8. Car weight is around 7 pounds
  9. Length of 17.5 x 13 x 7.5 inches
  10. Electronic speed which can withstand any climate


  1. KRATON 6S BLX 4WD RC Speed Monster Truck


  1. Presence of a DC charger which enables fast charging
  2. A radio system of the Tactic TTX300 type for an easy interface free control
  3. A 4wd drive for an easy track drive over gravel, rocky areas and grass areas
  4. Length of 28.5 x 19.2 x 10.5 inches with a weight of 16.6 pounds
  5. Body structure which enables it to be used both outdoor and indoor


  1. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck


  1. It has a top speed of 20mph
  2. The car has a high quality battery of 7.2v and 1800mAh with a long lasting polycarbonate body
  3. It has a 27T 540 electric motor with a four-wheel drive transmission reverse and forward
  4. Dimension of 27 x 14 x 9 inches with a weight of 2.1 pounds
  5. The ESC, servos and receiver are all waterproof which enables the car to drive around in any climate


  1. Exceed RC 2.4GHz Drift 1/10 electric Rc car


  1. It has a DC fast charger which enables fast charging
  2. It has a 4wd drive with a tactic TTX300 radio system
  3. The motor is powerful and it is the fast brushed 380 type which enables it to drive in any condition
  4. There is an aluminium capper shock
  5. It has a dimension of 11.4 x 6.5 x 4.7 inches with a weight of 2.4 pounds
  1. Novcolxya Racing car 1/18 scale off-road


  1. Presence of an oil-filled shock with a foam bumper which protects the car when drifting
  2. Head/Tail with interior LED lights
  3. It has a pistol transmitter radio control of 2.4GHz
  4. It has a 380 3000KV brushless motor
  5. It has a centralized low centre of gravity design which enables stability when making sharp turns
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Conclusion for Selecting The Best RC Car

Having gone through the RC cars for adults above, and taking a good look at their features, selecting an RC car which would fit your need would not be much of a challenge anymore. In selecting the brands of cars listed above, we looked into factors such as: their performance, technology employed, affordability and the feedbacks from customers.

So before making your final decision, ensure you go through these cars critically, compare their features and select the one which matches your need.

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