Best 7 Fast RC Cars Under $100!

best fast rc car under $100

Taking a look at the number of RC cars which are being manufactured into the market, one should be careful in order to go for the right car which would perfectly fit your need and also be cost effective. However, on a general scale, if you need the best fast rc cars under $100 for either your child or yourself, there are lots of options to select from.

best fast rc car under $100
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Criteria for choosing the right RC car under $100

  1. Scale: This is known as the total size of a vehicle in comparison to its counterpart in the real world. For people who are new to using RC cars, checking out the scale might sound strange to them. The available scales run from 1:10 to 1:32. To simplify it, just recall that the number and the size of the car are inversely proportional, meaning as one increases, the other decreases. So lookout for vehicles which have the negative tag indicating that the scale is not based on real cars.
  2. Type of vehicles: When choosing the best rc cars under $100, hardly would you find old-school remote controlled cars around, because they are out of fashion. So, ensure you check out the nature of the tires and the body styles.
  3. Age range: A good number of the cars chosen are either for children of a particular age, or for adults. There is a thin line between a hobby class and a toy. Hence, it might be hard for buyers who are new to this, to get the appropriate car for children.
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  1. GordVE SJB66 2WD Electric Racing Car

The most popular body style for RC cars, are the off-road hybrids, and this is what the GordVE SJB66 2WD Electric Racing Car has. It is in between being a car and a buggy, it has the tendency to undergo increased aerodynamics. The tires are also big and knobby which can avail you to get traction on almost any available surface.

The scale of the car is 1:32, and it is quite small, which implies that it can be used on a rainy day, which is not always possible with vehicles which are bigger. The speed of the car is around 30km/h which is pretty okay considering the perkiness of the car. The GordVE SJB66 2WD Electric Racing Car can endure difficulties present on the road due to the size and the big shocks.

The frequency of the car is 2.4GHZ and the battery which it runs on, is 3.7V 240mAh which can be charged with the use of a USB cable. It is one of the best 100 dollars rc cars which is great choice for children who are eight years and above, and also for adults.

  1. DeeXop-Babrit F11 Remote control trucks

This is a big FB 390 brushed motor with a speed of around 30mph, which is quite fast and should be kept away from kids. It has a hybrid body style, and it is lowered to the ground with an exclusive suspension which allows you to rock crawl easily. The DeeXop-Babrit F11 battery needs to be charged for 2 hours in order to get a full charge, which lasts around 10 to 12 minutes. Considering the terrain which you would be driving on, and how hard you might be driving, you would need to buy a spare battery or two in order to remain in action for a long time.

  1. GordVE SJB59 Newer RC Electric Rock Crawler

The GordVE SJB59 Newer RC Electric Rock Crawler is a buggy one which has a high suspension and some big shocks which would be instrumental to climbing inclines and ripping through outdoor dirts. The design is not exciting enough, however, the battery life and performance covers up for that. The car can work for about 20 minutes after a full charge which lasts for just 60 minutes, due to the fact that the battery life Is 500mAh.

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The battery is commonly referred to as a miniature smartphone battery with a USB charging option.

  1. DeeXop- Babrit 4WD F9 Fast Race RC Car

This car has a monster truck scale version of 1:18 with jacked up tires. This car can be raced, both indoors and outdoors. It has large rubber tires which can race pass grass or sand with ease, and the frequency of 2.4GHz makes sure that more than one car or truck can be raced at once. It has a fantastic top speed of 50Km/h and a range of around 100 metres. As for the battery which takes a period of 60 minutes for a full charge, it lasts for 20 minutes.

  1. Mattel Tyco Terra Climber Radio Control Vehicle

This car is known for climbing obstacles which are bigger than what other RC cars can do. The car was not specifically built for kids, adults could have fun with it as well. It has a height limit of 8 inches, anything above this, would see the Mattel Tyco Terra Climber struggling for the impossible. This car has a rechargeable battery of around 30-40 minutes. The time frame actually depends on the terrain and usage.

  1. JJX-TECH SZJJX 1:10 Remote Control Car

This car has a jeeps scale of 1:10, and it is more of a rock crawler than a hobby car. This car is meant more for kids than adults, this explains the reason for the reduced speed. The battery is the Nickel-Cadmium battery type with a reading of 9.6 volts, and it provides a runtime of 30 minutes, with a charging time of around 2 to 6 hours.

  1. Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 GHz Servo Tronic Kart

When it comes to coolness, this car has it all. It has a kart racer scale of 1:16 with a frequency of 2.4GHz. It has an amazing speed of 12mph, and it can race for close to 40 minutes. This car is one of the closest you can get to a real time Mario Kart feel. The car is recommended for both children and adults.

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