Traxxas X Maxx Upgrades – What’s Fun And Useful?

traxxas x maxx upgrades
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The Traxxas Xmaxx is a fine piece of machinery that is engineered to take a beating. One of the best aspects of owning one is that you can upgrade it to take even more. How do you know which Traxxas X maxx upgrades to with, though? There are a number to choose from and we've compiled a list of a few that we feel will add to your Xmaxx's durability and fun factor. There's nothing quite like a custom X Maxx.

Are they hard to install?

Some upgrades just snap on, others you might need a screwdriver and about 20-30 minutes, depending on the upgrade. Youtube videos are often available to demonstrate installation as well so the internet and your fellow RC enthusiasts have got you covered. So what kind of upgrades are we recommending today?

Our top upgrade selections

You've been patient with us and we appreciate that. The following upgrades are the cream of the crop when it comes to increasing your durability and adding a bit to your 'wow' factor when spending time with your beloved RC. Take a peek at our selections and see what you think, we feel that we have a pretty good starting point collected here and we hope that you will agree.

  1. Electronic Speed controller / ESC - For your X Maxx motor, this electronic x maxx motorspeed controller will replace your stock model and it is capable of managing a Lipos battery (the addition of which will probly double your vehicles speed!). For power and performance this is an excellent ESC to go with and you are going to love it.

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  1. Aluminum Alloy Shock Caps - Aluminum shock caps will help you to absorb custom xmaxxmore shock pressure. Jumps that might normally snap your standard issue caps. Adding these will toughen up your Xmaxx so that it can take more beatings and simply keep on driving. These are made from an aluminum alloy (6061 aluminum) and machined to fit perfectly.
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  1. xmaxx partsA Arms - This is another upgrade that will improve the integrity of your Xmaxx. You will want to get 2 sets for the complete install, as each packet includes one front arm and one back arm. One of the most important items on your agenda is the slow and steady transformation of your RC vehicle so that it looks like a truck but absorbs damage like a tank!

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  "Equipping these wheels will allow you to cross water."

  1. traxxas x maxx 8s upgradePaddle wheels - These are here just for the fun factor. Equipping these wheels will allow you to cross water. We aren't kidding. There is even a video floating around on YouTube to prove it. This is not only fun but it really adds to the 'wow' factor and reinforces the idea of a truly 'all terrain' vehicle. Get a set for yourself and give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. Rear axle carriers - These will strengthen up the integrity of your rear axles to traxxas x maxx upgradeshelp prevent snapping in cases of high impact. Simple to install, these are very much going to be a boon if you like making your truck fly like a plane on occasion. After all, the jumping part is easy but the landings... well, let's just say that it is good to be prepared. These Rear axle carriers come with oversized bearings for the maximum amount of protection, so don't forget these when you are upgrading. .

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Barring the wheels, these are mostly innards, but what about the body itself? There are some great modifications out there to customize the look of your Xmaxx should you desire it.

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X Maxx custom body mods

Do you want flames on your vehicle? Specific decals that look like sponsors for products that you like, just like regular racing? Well, there are a number of body modifications at your disposal. We've selected just a few to give you an idea of what is out there so you can take advantage of them or select some on your own. Here are our favorites:

  1. Xmaxx Clear body shell - This one is probably the most fun because it's the most customizeable. You see, it's a blank canvas. Paint it however you like or if you are not artistic, have one of your artistically bent friends take your request and pain up the Xmaxx that you desire. This comes with some decals that you can use as well or you can get some sticker paper for your printer and customize those too. Overall, we like this one the most because it's 100% guaranteed to express YOU.

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2. Xmaxx Red and Black body shell - Black with red speed-streaks applied, this custom xmaxxlooks sharp both sitting still and when you are racing. Customize it further with decals if you like or colored lights, for the most part your imagination is the limit when it comes to these customizable high-end machines. After all, it's your Xmaxx, shouldn't it reflect a little of your own, personal style?

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These are just two examples that we happened to find and enjoy but if you do a little searching on Amazon or one of your other favorite local or online vendors you'll be surprised at the variety that you will find out there. Many RC vehicle enthusiasts share your passion and so the market is chock-full of all kinds of modifications for your Xmaxx, both inside and out. The Traxxas 8s upgrade, shell upgrades, Xmaxx parts galore. It's a buyer's market and everyone wants to get their own vehicle customized. What's yours going to look and perform like?

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In closing

There you have it, our top picks for Xmaxx modifications. Did you see anything that you liked? We bet that you did! We've included links to these items or you can check your local or other favorite online sources for them or any other upgrades that might tickle your fancy. This is the best part of our hobby, after all. Happy modding and happy driving, folks!

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