Get Truckin’ With 1:14 Scale RC Semi-Trailers!

You’ve seen them haulin’, hummin’ and honkin’ down the highway for years. When you see one coming, you know to get outta the way! Due to their size and power, these kings of the road are a primary way of getting stuff around. From one coast to the other and everywhere in between, semi-trucks own the pavement. Now, they are expanding their reign to bedrooms, garages, shops and homes everywhere. They are 1:14 scale RC semi-trailers.

These big rigs that receive so much attention on the roadways are also available for enjoyment everywhere else, and at a much more manageable size. There has always been a certain fascination with trucks, building and working on them never seems to go out of style.

1:14 scale RC semi-trailers
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However, in years past, semi-trucks could only be explored in big shops and garages. Large and expensive parts and equipment created a barrier between those who could and those who couldn’t. With the growing popularity of 1:14 scale RC trucks, this is no longer the case.

Little Trucks, so What?

When you hear the words “radio-controlled” or “remote-controlled,” you may picture fun little toys that you buy for the kids. But when you see a 1:14 scale semi-truck,you know there’s way more to it. What makes these creations so fascinating is the stunning attention to detail and realism with which each part is made. From detailed body components to tiny fasteners, every piece is meticulously crafted to look like the real thing. Just because they are 1/14 the size certainly does not mean they are 1/14 as realistic.

1:14 scale RC’s bring the excitement and satisfaction of building and customizing these big trucks into the comfort of your own living room. Something that would normally cost tens of thousands of dollars and countless man-hours can now be enjoyed by the whole family. In many ways similar to a complex and challenging puzzle, 1:14 RC semi-trucks are a fun way to enjoy these massive mechanical marvels in the palm of your hand.

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Highway to How!?

Using various techniques, 1:14 scale RC manufacturers are able accurately shrink down each and every component without sacrificing important detail.  Traditional methods include the use of injection molding, in which the inverse of each part is machined into metal. Then molten plastic is injected into the metal so that the plastic takes the shape of the part.

Once the plastic is cooled, it is removed from the metal and what is left is a perfect representation of the real thing. Also used are traditional machining methods, such as CNC milling and turning centers.

A newer option that is becoming more and more common is the use of 3-D printing machines. True to their name, these modern marvels are able to print out 3-D shapes that can then be used to construct the 1:14 scale RC semi-trailers. Until recent years, the overwhelming majority of 3-D printed parts were done using plastic. Now, there are 3-D printers that can create parts out of a growing number of metals.

Great First Trucks!

Building these scale models is a vast world of customization and creativity. Many of the parts and accessories are interchangeable, making for endless possibilities. With this in mind, everyone has to start somewhere. Here are a few of the most popular packages to kick-off your adventure.

Tamiya Mercedes-Benz Actros 3363 6X4 Classic space:

This kit allows for a highly detailed recreation of the rear-wheel drive Actros 3363 6X4 GigaSpace modeled Tamiya RC Semi-Trailer. The full-size truck runs with a 15.6-liter turbo-charged inline 6 engine that is able to generate 630 hp.

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  • Extremely detailed body using photo-etched parts
  • Depicts auxiliary lights on bumper and cab roof
  • Aluminum side channels with resin cross members on the ladder frame chassis.
  • Assembly type 3-Speed transmission (controlled shifting via 4-channel transmitter)
  • Leaf springs and friction dampers for suspension

Purchase Separately for Completion:

  • Battery and compatible charger
  • Tamiya PS spray paint
  • 4-channel radio and receiver
  • Servo motor

Flatbed Semi-trailer

This second pick is intended as an add-on for our first suggestion. Constructed with realistic components, it fits right in with the Tamiya cab. Use it to complete an already great construction in order to be “road ready” and start haulin’!


  • Aluminum chassis and frame
  • Real miniature chains
  • Actual wood-floored trailer platform

Purchase Separately for Completion:

  • Compatible Tamiya cab scale model

40-ft. Container Semi-trailer:

1:14 Replica of A 40-Foot Shipping Container

Compatible with all Tamiya tractor trucks and trailers, like the previous products we have discussed. This model features the same impeccable detail as the others shown here. It accurately represents the countless standardized cargo and shipping containers, commonly used worldwide to ship a variety of raw materials as well as finished goods.


  • Realistic and operational latches and hinges for rear doors.
  • Aluminum Frame, white plastic side panels
  • Coupler plate
  • Stickers/decals for license plate, load specs, “Maersk” logo, etc.

Purchase Separately for Completion:

  • Trailer with wheels
  • Semi-trailer “hop up” light set
  • Motorized support legs
  • After market matching steel metal shielded ball bearing
  • Any Tamiya Tractor Truck 1:14 scale RC model


As you can see, the various products are designed to go hand in hand and be interchangeable. This is just one more way that the 1:14 scale RC trucks strive to be as realistic as possible. In the real world, trucks and shipping containers have reached a point of almost complete standardization.

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This makes massive and cooperative worldwide shipping operations much more efficient. For those of us at home, it means another excuse to build a model truck and trailer for any occasion under the sun. When you begin to familiarize yourself with the scale model community, you will realize the endless possibilities to give your creations unique aftermarket items.

If you break down on the side of your sidewalk, there are even replacement components to get you up and running once again. Release your inner trucker and acquire your own fleet of crazy cool trucks and trailers. Loads of fun, at fraction of the cost!

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