Top 3 Best RC Construction Toys for Hours of Creative Fun!

Are you sick of watching your child stare at a screen for hours on end? You are definitely not alone. Millions of moms and dads all over the world are racking their brains, trying to find screen-free toys that will catch their children’s attention for more than a couple of hours. Luckily for you, there are RC construction toys that you can easily buy online.

RC construction
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Remote control construction toys are replicas of actual construction equipment like cranes, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, backhoes, and more. It will give your child, and most likely you, the chance to experience operating machineries in a fun and safe environment.

Getting your hands on these toys will definitely lead to hours of screen-free, imaginative fun. You might even rediscover your passion for construction, because, let’s face it, who here hasn’t dreamed of getting inside an excavator and digging huge holes in the dirt?

The Rise of Remote Control Construction Toys

Look in any child’s toy box and you would most likely find some sort of remote-controlled toy inside it. Young boys, and even girls, are fascinated with small rc cars which they can run over imaginary race tracks or dangerous terrains (also known as the sand box). Over time, this interest shifts to larger construction equipment toys.Do you remember how often you pretended to construct buildings and demolish them only to spend the next few hours building them again?

It is not surprising that there are so many sellers offering rc construction toys online. Not only are these toys interesting, there are so many advantages to playing with them. Development of hand-eye coordination is just one of the many surprising benefits a person can reap from playing with rc construction toys.

It can take a lot practice before one can master how to operate the toy with its controller. Besides motor skills, one can also improve socialization skills. If you have metal rc construction equipment in your collection, you would have to learn how to communicate with the rest of your “crew” in order for you to finish a construction task.

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What to look for in RC Construction toys

Since it is a toy and is meant to be played with, the first factor that should be considered in choosing one is the quality or durability. Construction work, be it real or play, can take a lot out of its equipment. The rc construction vehicles that you should look at are those that are made from durable plastic or metal.

It should be able to withstand running over coarse terrain, being buried in sand, and of course, being dropped by a child. This is not such a crucial factor for adults and collectors but getting metal rc construction equipment is preferred for how like the original it looks and feels.

The next factor is the function. There are so many different types of RC construction toys to choose from. Would you like to be able to dig a hole? Then you need to focus your search on diggers and excavators. Feel like transporting soil from one end of the garden to the other? Look at dump trucks.

Want to lift and move heavy pallets? Then you have to focus on finding the right forklift. Once you have identified what functionality you want, you will find it much easier to search for the rc construction toys of your dreams.

So many RC Construction toys, so little time

There are hundreds of remote control construction toys available to Amazon alone. Here are some of the best choices that will hopefully help you decide which item to buy. These toys have been rated based on quality, price, functionality, aesthetics, and reviews of people who have already purchased the product.

Top Race Heavy Duty RC Excavator

This first option was selected because it received over 300 customer reviews and has garnered a whopping 4.2 out of 5 stars.  This metal rc construction equipment is designed for older kids and adults and is hailed as the most realistic excavator construction tractor replica in the market today.  For those looking for a heavy-duty toy that can actually dig, this may be the best choice for you.

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  • Has 3 powerful motors running its digging arm allowing for actual digging and transporting of dirt, sand, and even snow
  • 4 ghz transmitter which enables the tractor to be operated from 100 feet away
  • Heavy-duty rubber track tires can easily run over sand and dirt
  • Beautifully designed and comes with realistic sounds and lights


  • Not meant to be played by young children
  • A little pricey, at $108.
  • Booms and other functional ends make clicking sounds when the limits are reached
  • The learn button is a little hard to use and can easily be erased accidentally
  • Does not come with a wall plug
  • Can be very loud but sound may be disabled

Top Race Jumbo RC Forklift

This next option is a pretty popular metal rc construction equipment. It is a giant forklift that can lift items up to 6 lbs in weight. It can also pull a load of 26 lbs. It is constructed from heavy metal material and has all the functionalities of a real-life forklift. If you are looking for something that you can use to drag around boxes of wood or lift small items, this is the product for you.


  • Measures 15 inches high and would easily be seen
  • Its fork can extend up to 15 inches
  • Its remote control works even if you are more than 100 feet away
  • Made from 90% metal, very durable
  • Features real sound and headlights


  • Slightly pricey, at $84.99
  • Not ideal for use indoors
  • The parts that hold the metal parts are made of plastic, making them easy to snap when dropped
  • Movement tends to be slow and jerky

Top Race Remote-Controlled Front-end Loader Tractor

This next option was selected mainly for its price and durability. It is affordable enough that you won’t feel bad if your 7-year old drops it accidentally, and durable enough that it can stand regular use. It is a passable replica of a loader tractor, with good details, but it is made out of plastic. So, if you are looking for RC construction vehicles for a young child, this is something that you should consider.

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  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors because rusting is not an issue
  • The shovel actually works, enabling moving of sand, soil, and mud
  • It is affordable, under $40
  • Ready-to-run, no assembly is required
  • Transmitter works to a distance of 100 m


  • Bucket function gets stuck in coarse sand
  • Operates at the same frequency as the other rc construction vehicles from the same brand, so they cannot be played together
  • Rechargeable batteries run out after 20-30 minutes
  • Looks and feels like a toy, not for collectors

Which One Should You Get?

Based on price, features, and durability, it may be best to choose the Top Race Heavy Duty RC excavator. It is a little more expensive than the average rc construction vehicles but the durability is incomparable. It is a bonus that it looks and works so much like the real thing. You can look forward to spending hours doing construction work using your very own equipment.

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