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Sky Viper V2450

Is that a bird? A plane? No, it’s the Sky Viper V2450! The latest addition to the Sky Viper lineup is one of the best available options for a sweet quadcopter drone at a reasonable price. For less than $200 you can patrol the skies with accurate GPS positioning and take high quality videos. The icing on the cake is that the Sky Viper is equipped with one of the best drone firmware. Arguably the best all round flight controller, Ardupilot is great whether you are just a beginner or an experienced flyer.

Sky Viper V2450
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In addition to this, added features like auto hover and throw to launch make this drone a blast to own. If you are in the market for a new drone, our Sky Viper drone review will give you the low-down on everything you need to know. This article will take a deep dive into features, tricks and tips, pros and cons, camera details, and specifications.


One of the popular new features that is taking the world of drones by storm is GPS functionality. By using the Sky Viper V2450 GPS system, features like position hold, return to home, and auto hover are made possible. The Ublox GPS is an extremely accurate system that works seamlessly with the Sky Viper app. From within the app and on the controller, the pilot can command the drone like a pro.

As a safety feature, if you release the joy sticks mid-flight, auto hover takes over and keeps the drone from losing control. Also from the app, one can set the home position for the drone. It even allows for you to change the home position during flight from your phone. So, whenever you are within range of the many available satellites, take off and explore your world with the aid of GPS.

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Working together with the GPS, this drone has professional grade compass and accelerometer technology. When used correctly, these instruments automatically “learn” during flight, greatly improving the quality of the flight as time goes on. The way it works is by using any stabilized flight that lasts upwards of 20 seconds and calibrating its own instruments accordingly.

Also, if you decide to fly indoors with the drone, it has a special feature for you. Although there is no GPS tracking option available indoors, there is a setting that maintains the height of the drone and prevents you from rising up and crashing into the ceiling.


As we mentioned, the Ardupilot flight control firmware is one of the greatest features of the Sky Viper V2450. Since its inception, this firmware has included input from thousands of world class computer scientists and engineers. As an open source firmware, it is extremely popular among hobbyists. Another testament to the firmware is the fact that the world renowned 3DR robotics uses this same technology. It is an easy to use and highly reliable software that can be used to customize virtually any setting for your flight.

If all the technical mumbo jumbo has you worried, you can take a deep breath. As a result of all the input from regular users just like you, Ardupilot is ready to use straight out of the box. If you are new to flying drones, there is no need to touch a thing. This allows you to take it at your own pace, only experimenting and adjusting settings once you become comfortable. It also allows for important updates to be applied to the firmware right from your phone, eliminating the need to connect to a computer and go through a long and complicated process. Anytime or anywhere, you will have access to the latest and greatest version of one of the best flight controllers available.

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Built directly into the body of the drone, the 720p camera makes it possible to record video footage from your drone while in flight. There are two options for recording, either via livestream directly to your phone, or a micro SD card inserted into the drone. The difference between these two methods is that live streaming will require a wi-fi connection and record 20 frames per second, while the micro SD card does not require wi-fi and records at 30 frames per second (slightly better quality).

One of the main facts to consider when deciding whether to purchase the Sky Viper V2450 is how important gimbal stabilization is to you. Perhaps contributing to its unusually low price point, the Sky Viper does not have a gimbal system to help stabilize the camera. In a practical sense, this means that there is greater likelihood of the videos taken from the drone appearing a bit shaky.

With a gimbal stabilization system, the video quality is improved because it counteracts the sometimes bouncy or twitching flight of a drone and makes the video look smoother. However, gimbal systems are quite complex and would certainly drive up the overall cost of this drone, potentially by a factor of 2 or 3 times.

Pros and Cons


  • Ardupilot is an incredible firmware
  • App allows for upgrades anytime right from your phone
  • Height control when flying indoors
  • Great value for a ridiculously low price
  • Safety features for low battery and loss of signal
  • Total control over virtually any setting directly from your phone within the app
  • Accurate and strong GPS
  • First person point of view flying
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  • Uses brushed motors (won’t last as long as un-brushed)
  • Range is limited to 500 feet
  • Lack of a gimbal stabilizer decreases video quality during rough flights
  • Less flight time than its more expensive competitors


All in all, the Sky Viper V2450 drone is a great buy. While it may not live up to the demands of highly professional videography, it is a great low cost option for hobbyists. As a beginner who is not sure of their expectations of a drone, this flyer is a great way to get your feet wet without blowing a whole lot of cash. No matter what your experience level, the Sky Viper will provide a fun and memorable flight that will take you to new heights!