Promark P70 GPS Shadow Drone – Complete Review!

gps shadow drone

gps shadow droneThe Promark P70 GPS Shadow drone has some interesting features(like the VR goggles, for instance). How does it rate overall? Does it have all of the features that you expect for a drone at this price level? In this article we are going to discuss the specifics and features of this drone. After this, we will review the pros and cons so that you as a reader can evaluate them and decide if the Promark P70 GPS might just be the next (or first) drone for you!

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Promark P70 GPS Shadow drone specifications

The Promark Shadow drone comes with a number of bells and whistles that add to it’s fun factor. Let’s go into some specifications and features so that you can get a snapshot view of the product. The Promark GPS drone comes with the following:

  • Dimensions – Measuring in at 19.8 x 19.8 x 6.8 inches. Weightwise, it’s a light little thing at 664 grams, so it won’t be awkward to lug it around with you.
  • Follow-me feature – Your drone can follow you faithfully as you explore an area. It’s a little bit of glitz and glamour but it does look really cool.
  • Barometer altitude hold – This cool feature means that you can set the drone to fly at a specific height and it will stay there. barring your direct orders. Combine it with the ‘follow me’ feature and you can have a drone flying everywhere you go, just above your head. Nice!
  • Homing feature – You can designate a home location for the drone to go to when commanded or when low on power. While this is available with a lot of drones it’s a nice touch in a product at this price range.
  • VR goggles – Sold with the premium package or available seperately, promark gps shadow dronethese can link with your phone to give you a more immersive enjoyment of your flights. Setup an obstacle course and pilot it like you are actually in the drone. Really, you should try this!
  • Flight time – About 12 minutes, which is not bad for a drone at this price range.
  • Headless function – Don’t want to bother stabilizing the drone? No problem. Set it into headless mode and the drone will stabilize itself and fly, perfectly centered, wherever you direct it to.
  • SD storage – The Promark P70 GPS drone can handle memory cards of up to 32 gigabytes of storage. This is another excellent feature for the price range, as many other drones at similar prices handle only 1-4 gigabytes of storage and that can be frustrating if you like making a lot of videos or pictures.
  • Intuitive controls – The Promark flies gracefully for just about everyone right out of the box. Considering the price and features, this could spoil you as a beginner’s drone but it’s a nice feature.
  • HD camera – Rated for 720p, it’s not the best but it does the trick. .
  • Speed – Clocks in at about 20 miles per hour, not too shabby.
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So what comes in the box?

Inside the box for your Promark Shadow drone with GPS you will find the following items:

  • GPS Shadow drone (of course)
  • Controller
  • Your HD camera
  • Virtual Reality Goggles
  • Blade protectors and caps
  • Blades
  • Landing Racks (you get 4 of them)
  • Lithium rechargeable batteries for remote and for your drone
  • USB Cable
  • Screws and your screwdriver

The pros and the cons of the Promark Shadow

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty. We’re going to start with the parts that we liked most about the product and then we will get into what we felt could use some improvement. Let’s discuss.

“The VR goggles are simply fun and a nice touch.”

The pros

We had a lot that we liked about this drone. For what you are paying you really do get a lot of features and we appreciate that in a drone. Here is a summary of our favorite bits:

  • VR goggles – The VR goggles are simply fun and a nice touch. They can be used for other phone apps, of course (basically they are VR glasses for the phone but an excellent marketing gimmick.). Including them in the package really adds to the fun factor.
  • Small but sassy – Light and compact, when you experience all of the functions that this small wonder has to offer it adds a bit to the ‘wow’ factor.
  • 32 gig memory upgrade – You won’t have to worry about having to delete videos all the time. This is also a kindness from the people at Promark.
  • Great drone for beginners – This is a great drone for getting used to higher-end drone features and flying. You get a solid array of features that comparably priced drones lack and it’s fairly durable in crashes. This is a good drone to try before you go with other, higher end models at two to three times the price.
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The cons

Now for the unplesant part, here is what we didn’t like about this particular drone model. We felt that the following items could use a little improvement:

  • Slow charging – We felt that charge time oculd be improved but you can get around this with some extra batteries.
  • Speed – It could be faster. We were expecting at least 30 or 35 miles per hour, but with the other features we aren’t too irritated with it. Just a bit wistful.
  • Flight time – We’d like to see a longer flight time (15 minutes at least instead of 12).
promark shadow drone
qimono / Pixabay

The final word

Overall, this is a good drone for the price. With the goggles thrown in and all of the nice features we feel that you can purchase this drone with confidence. We hope that this Promark Shadow drone review has given you all of the information that you needed. Until next time, happy hovering!

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