Yuneec Typhoon 4K Drone Review | The Low-Cost Solution to Drone Flying

Yuneec Typhoon 4k

The easiest drone to fly straight out of the box.

The Yuneec Typhoon 4k drone is a simple and straight-forward drone that consumers are able to fly almost instantly out of the box. Learning to fly drones is intimidating and can even be dangerous, however Yuneec’s easy to fly drone makes this an easy, safe and fun experience. Yuneec is backed by Intel with a 60 million dollar investment.

Yuneec has a background in developing planes as well, which makes drones an obvious avenue for the company to explore.  While the average drone consumers have probably heard of the expensive industry standard Phantom, Yuneec provides a lower cost option with virtually the same functionality as the Phatom quadcopters.

Yuneec Typhoon 4k Drone Review
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Inside the Specs of the Typhoon 4K

To get into some of the specs of the Typhone 4k Quadcopter, it is slightly larger than the Phantom with sizing specs of 22.2” x 16.5” x 9.4.” The 4k camera can shoot at 30 frames-per-second, or 120 frames-per-second at 1080p. The drone can be flown up to 400 feet high, with the battery lasting approximately 20-25 minutes. Some Yuneec drone reviews did mention battery charging time being less than optimal.

The Yuneec ST10+ ground station controller has a built in Android powered interface which means the user doesn’t need to mount their smartphone to the controller to operate. This is a nice feature because it limits the amount of hardware needed and the controller is designed to work with this specific screen.

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For example, a dial on the side of the controller is used to control the angle of the camera. This ground station controller is equipped with a 5.5-inch touchscreen display allowing the user to track images and camera settings according to Some features users can control from their controller are white balance and exposure.

The camera is an essential part of the Yuneec 4k Quadcopter. The CGO3 gimbal camera has a 3-axis gimbal to optimize smooth shots in 4k as well as 12 megapixel photos. The camera allows for a 115-degree range which allows the user to capture as much of their target as possible. This makes the drone very versatile for all levels of consumers.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur looking to fly for fun, this camera is going to give you the best possible quality. The drone also has a gimble that can be removed and used with the camera as a standalone stabilizer. This is great for if you’re looking for a two in one type of camera that has functionality beyond just flying your drone.

Inside the Yuneec  features

Some features of the Yuneec q500 4k are a follow-me mode, which does exactly what the name says. The drone uses GPS technology to continually track the location of it’s controller and follows it with it’s camera while maintaining it’s height. This feature is optimal for hiking or moving around and not having to manually control the flight pattern of the quadcopter.

The follow mode of flying can be overridden by the operator at any time. A nice touch to this feature is a shade screen which helps the operator see the screen even in sunny conditions. Another feature that the quadcopter has is Home Mode, where the drone will return to the GPS location of the ST10+ controller within a 4-8 meter range automatically.

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Ease of Use & Simplicity to Learn

Multiple Yuneec Typhoon 4k reviews mention this quadcopters simplicity when it comes to set up and learning to fly. There are many features that make the experience of flying simple for drone operators of all levels of experience.

Some of those are the controller with built in touch screen capabilities, obstacle avoidance and an SD card containing instructions along with sample videos. Five lights illuminate on the drone when in the air which can be extremely useful for locating the drone in the sky and to be able to easily determine which direction your drone is facing.

Too good to be true? Negative reviews

Some of the cons of the Typhoon 4k quadcopter are minor, but should be noted. There is no physical indicator for power, meaning the user has to power on the drone and controller to see their remaining power or time remaining for charge. The obstacle avoidance, while a feature, isn’t as advanced as the Phantom 4. It will recognize objects, however it’s actual avoidance of objects isn’t as in depth and advanced as the Phantom.

That being said, the lightweight build of the drone does consist of a lot of plastic as opposed to carbon. Because of this, the durability isn’t as strong as the Phantom competitor’s quadcopter. However, a nice safety feature is that the quadcopter can function off 5 of it’s propellers in case one of the 6 propellers is damaged.

Another complaint from some reviewers is it’s size being slightly larger than some of the smaller and more nimble drones, however it makes up for that with the ease of control and it’s quality of video and photo.

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In conclusion…

 The Yuneec 4k Quadcopter is simply the best 4k value quadcopter on the market for users of all levels. The out of the box to flight process is simple, with very little set up or configuring, making this one of the best available 4k quadcopters on the market. This is an optimal gift for all ages with how simple it makes the learning curve when it comes to flight.

Yuneec is a direct competitor in the drone industry because of it’s quality at an affordable price. This is one of the easiest drones to learn how to fly on, with simple controls and fly modes that assist users of different levels.

For those looking to break into the quadcopter industry, whether for personal use as a hobby, or as a professional drone, this is the versatile drone for both. For beginners, this is the most straight forward drone to learn to fly right out of the box with simple instructions and controls.

For professionals, the capabilities of this drone make it affordable on tighter budgets with virtually the same functionalities of the Phantom drones which are arguably the Yuneec’s largest competitors.