The Best Professional/Commercial/Industrial Drones

The Best Professional/Commercial/Industrial Drones

Many people around the world have discovered the fun and rewarding nature of owning a drone. From the child in the backyard controlling a small quadcopter to the construction company flying some professional drones over a potential job site, these machines have served us well and brought us to new heights (literally).

Due to top of the line drones’ capabilities, they can be used in all sorts of commercial applications. A sports photographer might get an aerial view of a football game for fans. Military and safety personnel use them to seek out dangerous areas and rescue others. These are just a tiny peek at what the best commercial drones can do for you.

It is important to understand that these machines will cost a bit of money, so it is good to have an idea of what to look for as you make this important purchase. We will examine some different options, so you can make a good decision.

What Makes Professional Drones Special?

Professional drones feature quality cameras, faster speeds, and better durability for the tough conditions they are exposed to. The best ones have a unique ability to capture aerial footage as it appears in real time, shooting in high-definition.

We’re talking quality here-4k, 2.7k and even 1080p! Some drones have the ability to move themselves around objects they might encounter during their flight time, like birds or antennas. The drones are controlled by the operator on the ground using a special remote control or even their own cell phones.

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There are some best industrial drones that even feature the ability to program in a flight path and send it on its way. For example, the Walkera GPS QR X800 can be programmed with the Mission Planner feature, which includes GPS waypoints, flight modes, and a few more options. Whether you’re an audio /video pro or an amateur looking to take your hobby to the next level, there’s a drone for you.

So How Do They Work? Magic?

Well, the photos and videos you take with this top of the line drones might qualify as magic, but the technology that gets them up in the air is science at its finest. Rotors on a drone are used for propulsion and control.  Rotors can be thought of as a fan like the ones on your computer. Spinning blades push air downward. As the rotor pushes down on the air, the air pushes up on the rotor. This is known as lift. The faster those rotors spin, the greater the lift.

Drones are capable of doing three things while vertical-they can hover, climb or come down (descend). To achieve hovering, the net thrust of the four rotors that push the drone up have to be equal to the force of gravity that’s pulling it down.

When climbing, the thrust must be high.  As a result, the four rotors’ speeds are increased, making it fly up in the air with ease.  To descend, you decrease the rotor thrust, thereby decreasing the net force and bringing it down.

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Decisions, Decisions!

The number of amazing drones you can purchase is endless, so we have narrowed it down to three of the best choices. We examined price, function, quality, and customer reviews to make our selections.

DJI Spark

The Best Professional/Commercial/Industrial Drones
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The first choice is based upon the quality and fair price of this drone, coupled with the favorable customer reviews. This is the ideal drone for those that want photos and video with professional quality.  At the price point of $505, it is a fair chunk of money, but the features this drone has make it well worth your time.


  • Splash and Dust Proof Lens for clear video
  • Obstacle Avoidance to keep your flight on track
  • Creates video for you using your best shots
  • A fully-charged battery offers 16 minutes of flight time


  • Can be pricey for those on a strict budget
  • Video quality is 1080p

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

Professional Drones


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Professional drones are known to stand up to the tests of the jobsite. The Yuneec Typhoon H is no exception to the rule. This drone is easy to fly and takes gorgeous 4 photographs and video. It’s ready to fly right out of the box-no experience necessary.


  • Excellent customer service according to those who have purchased and used the drone
  • Videos are shot in stunning 4k while photos are taken in with a 12-megapixel camera
  • One-year warranty for more peace of mind


  • Battery can take up to two hours to charge-may be annoying for some hobbyists or professionals.
  • Cost is $899, which can be difficult for some.
  • Some customer report compass issues that require their drone to land and recalibrate.
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Parrot BeBop 2

Professional Drones


Amazon Product Link:

Like most folks that own or want drones, you’re probably a techie and want or need to integrate your GoPro or smartphone into how you use the machine.  The Parrot BeBop 2.0 is a great choice, allowing you to use your smartphone to take photos and videos.


  • Competitive price of only $299
  • Photos are shot in 14 Megapixels
  • Ideal for beginners-very easy to fly


  • Videos are shot in 1080P
  • Follow Me Function is an in-app purchase
  • Customers report a lack of good customer service from Parrot.


Owning a drone is a truly amazing thing, when you think of the great stuff you can do with it. Although money doesn’t come easy for most of us, you have to put it at the bottom of the list if you really want a product that will serve you well. Think of what you need first, and then look at prices.

Spending a little more now (or saving up for the drone you want) will ensure you get what you need the first time and at the quality you deserve. Write down what YOU as the hobbyist or professional need, and then base your purchase on that. You will be happy, and you will most definitely enjoy the time spent working at the job site or capturing images and footage in the air.