Review On The GoPro Karma : Is It All That?

gopro karma review

gopro karma reviewWhen you are hunting for a drone there are a number of things that you are looking for. Flight modes, size, battery life, and more. So how does the GoPro Karma rate? What kind of features can you expect with this model? In this article we are going to advise you on it’s specifications, what features you can expect, and what we think of the product personally. Are you reay? Let’s begin our review of the GoPro Karma unmanned aerial vehicle.

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So what kind of specs does it have?

We can’t have a GoPro Karma drone review without specs, can we? Here is a list of specifications in regards to the GoPro Karma. The Karma drone comes with the following:

  • Compatibility – This model is compatible with Android, Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod. The OS requirements are Android 4.1 or higher, With Apple IOS 9 or higher.
  • Operating distance – The maximum range you can control the unit at is going to be 9840 feet. This doesn’t sound like much until you realize that this is almost a 2 mile range. Not too shabby, eh?
  • Velocity : Horizontal – This model can move horizontally at 49 feet per second.
  • Maximum speed – The speed for this unit clocks in at about 35 miles per hour. Good for precision flying and keeping your drone out of nasty power lines.
  • Supported cameras – This model supports the GoPro Hero 4 and 5 model cameras. An additional firmware update available for free on their download site enables Hero7 camera compatibility as well.
  • Run time – You get about 20 minutes of use out of the 14.8 volt drone battery before it will need recharging again. The controller itself has a battery life of about 4 hours.
  • Time to recharge – The recharge time is pretty quick, at only 60 minutes you’ll be back in the air in no time(especially if you charge a spare battery or two)..
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GoPro Karma Measurements

The GoPro Karma boasts a width of 16.2 inches, with a depth of 11.9 inches. It’s height is only 4.6 inches and it weighs in at about 2.2 pounds. Not huge as far as drones go but not as compact as some might prefer.

So, what comes in the box with it?

karma drone review
Humusak / Pixabay

Inside the box there is a good amount of items. You’ll find two spare propellors, a camera frame, your battery, a USB-C cable for handy connection, and more. There is a detachable camera stabilizer, a mounting ring, a grip handle, and finally your remote controller. Oh, did we mention it comes with a carrying case to make it more portable? Overall we were pleased with the contents.

So what kind of features can we expect with this model?

Now we come to the fun part of the Gopro Karma drone review… the features! The Karma has a lot of fun features that come with, such as:

  • Follow-me feature – Previous builds did not include this function and a lot of folks were disappointed. Karma took the feedback and incorporated a follow-me function into this drone. Now, wherever you go, your faithful drone will follow if this feature is activated. This is one of the two new ‘auto shot’ paths available with this model.

” Wherever you go, your faithful drone will follow.”

  • Watch – With this auto-shot setting the Karma will hover and rotate while it keeps the controller within it’s line of sight. It’s a very cool feature and GoPro gets some kudos for this one.
  • Additional waypoints and extended Cable cam auto shot path – For those of you cinematic types this allows for more complex shots over a variety of locations.
  • Look up – The camera now has a ‘look up’ capability which tilts the camera on command. Another nice feature from the folks at GoPro.
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Now that we have detailed the specs and features in this Karma review, let’s go into some of the more personal viewpoint aspects. In this part of the GoPro Karma drone review we’ll advise on what we liked and what we didn’t like so much about this drone.

GoPro drone-review observations

So what did we like and dislike? We’ve compiled a list of these items and compacted them into bullet points for easy digestion and quick reference. Let’s start with our favorite bits.

The Pros

The Karma has alot going for it, the parts that we liked most are as follows:

  • Flight time – The 20 minute flight time is actually quite good. If you keep some spare batteries you can spend a lot of quality time with your drone than you could with lesser models.
  • Durability – This model can take some hits. If you smack a tree, all is not lost, and that’s a very, very good thing.
  • Ease of control – The joystick type controller makes flying this unit a breeze. It’s a great model for beginners or simply for those who don’t want a lot of controller-complexity meddling with the enjoyment of their new drone.
  • Passenger mode – This is very cool. This option allows for your friends to view your flight or even to control the GoPro camera while you are controlling the flight of the GoPro Karma itself. This can make for some very interesting camera shots and improves the overall experience. Sharing flight is just good fun.

The Cons

There was only one con that was a bit annoying. The obstacle detection is non-existent. This is because the camera focus is primarily with the GoPro itself in lieu of sensors for auto collision. Not a huge deal, really, as long as you pay attention.

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gopro drone review
QuinceMedia / Pixabay

The final verdict

The GoPro Karma is a great drone with a lot of excellent features to keep you entertained. Adding up it’s excellent flight time and the cinematography options for enthusiasts in that area, it’s a hard drone to beat. Get your own and you’ll see!

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