Phantom 3 Parts: Great Replacements and Add-ons

Phantom 3 Parts

Once you have made the awesome decision to purchase this great DJI drone, you will need to know about Phantom 3 parts in order to keep your machine up and running. After all, the most fun part about drones is being able to fly them, not fix them! That is why you need to know about the best replacement parts if you break down.

In addition to the normal parts that keep you going, you will want to know about extras that put the “fun” in functionality. So whether you are simply looking for quick items for repair, or shooting for ways to “soup up” your ride, read on to learn more!

Phantom 3 Parts
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Standard Parts

In the world of flying drones, we are constantly pushing the limits and capabilities of the machines. This leads to sometimes breaking down. When this happens, it is important to know where you can go to get reliable replacement parts to get you back in the air.

In this digital age, various online retailers provide everything you need for your DJI Phantom 3 standard parts. Crash into something at break-neck speeds and crack your outer shell? No big deal! Head over to their intuitive and easy to use website to order a replacement. With the ability to search by Brand names, and then part types, you’ll easily locate any part you may need.

If you are on the lookout, several sites offer promotions and bonuses, like free shipping or coupons. Rise above average with carbon reinforced, self-tightening propellers. Pair these with a set of propeller guards for worry-free flying. They are great for everyone, whether you are a beginner just learning the ropes, or a dare-devil professional.

Designed to protect your propellers in the event of a collision, the guards will allow you to fly confidently without fear of constantly breaking your propellers. Other Components that come in handy includes both electrical and mechanical DJI phantom 3 replacement parts, as well as add on accessories like decal stickers and remote control lanyards.

Professional Parts

For those of us who really dive deep in drone-building, a variety of DJI Phantom 3 professional parts are available for purchase as well. If you opted for the Phantom 3 professional or advanced model, then you will need access to certain components that are specific to these models (not compatible with some of the standard package items).

These advanced items will help you raise the bar and reach new heights on your high-flying adventures. For the technical minded, have a look at the HDMI output module. Mounting easily to the back of the Phantom 3 controller, this accessory allows real-time access and capabilities for a variety of items. This includes exporting 720p images, live broadcasting or video monitoring, and by the moment feedback on flight controls and battery level.

Port types include a Mini HDMI, standard and Micro-USB, and a CAN expansion port. In addition, the module supports a double screen display, and the ability to control the visibility of the data display directly from the app. To protect your camera, check out a Phantom 3 UV filter to reduce the level of UV light reaching your lens.

For managing the charge of multiple batteries, consider an intelligent and portable battery charging hub. Other professional and advanced model components to look for include motors, circuit boards, GPS modules, vision positioning modules, and outer shells. Easily search the internet using keywords, brands, models, and specific package requirements (i.e. standard vs. professional or advanced).

Gimbal Parts

An increasingly popular item for drone fanatics are gimbal components. If you are unfamiliar with the term gimbal, get ready to become acquainted! In reality, most of us have already experienced a similar technology as to what is used by a gimbal. If you have a smartphone that automatically adjust your screen when you turn your phone sideways, that is in part what we are talking about.

Another example is any video game that requires you to physically tilt or tip the controller, such as the Nintendo Wii. A gimbal uses a very similar type of technology, but to accomplish a very specific purpose.

If you have ever seen a video taken by a drone, you may have wondered how they get the image to be so smooth. The answer lies in the gimbal. Using sensors and motors, along with vibration dampeners, a gimbal mount counteracts the constant vibrations and movements of the drone while it flies. This allows the cameral to remain stable, even though the drone may not be.

Several retailers offer Phantom 3 gimbal partsthat you can use to achieve the same high quality results you have witnessed in professional drone footage. If you are new to photo and video capturing using a drone, pick up their complete package, including the gimbal mount and all components as well as the camera.

If you have already made the smart move to invest in these items, there are also piece parts for sale to replace anything you break. From the anti-vibration mounting plates and vibration dampers to the necessary cables or a gimbal lock, you’re covered!


Regardless of which Phantom 3 package you have, or what upgrades and replacements you have made so far, you can find all these items and more. From Phantom 3 standard parts to advanced components, simply search for what you need. Presto! The modern internet search engines make it extremely easy to locate whatever you are looking for, and also easy to find any new accessories or improvements for your Phantom 3 drone.

If you ever look to upgrade to a newer model, or explore different brands, simply change your search terms accordingly. A  great selection of popular drone products exist, and part sellers have taken care of all the difficult work of sorting and searching. This means you can spend less time wading through confusing materials, and more time in the sky. Jump online and see what is out there today!