Can You Really Fly Drones At The DJI San Francisco Store?

dji san francisco
dji san francisco
lukasbieri / Pixabay

Yes, there is a DJI drone shop in San Francisco where you can actually flight test the drones! Fancy a test flight? This location includes safety netting so that even a novice can fly without fear of an expensive accident. Aside from this fantastic drone store in the bay area you can find a number of other retailers as well. So if you cannot visit the DJI store in San Francisco, how do you find other DJI retailers? We’re glad that you asked! In this article we will discuss DJI in general, finding retailers, and some of their drone offerings just in case you haven’t seen them before. Hint: They are pretty fantastic!

A little bit of background on DJI

Based in Shenzen, China, DJI SZ Technology co. has been providing quality technology for over a decade. Their signature technology? Why, drones, of course! Not just drones, however, but drones equipped for specialized cinematography! Many of their models sport 4k or MORE photography through high end cameras mounted on gimbals, providing the filmmaking enthusiast with a way to take photo and video that was previously only available to Hollywood directors.

Pretty cool, huh?

DJI has been so prevalent in the market that they currently control 70% of it where drones are concerned. Perhaps you own a DJI drone yourself? Did you know that their drone photography has been used in music videos, television, film, and more? They have a good name and for bringing 4k to the layman, we can offer only our heartfelt thanks.

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Can you show some examples of their drones?

Surely! We can show you a few of the models that might tickle your fancy. If you are an amateur cinematographer, be sure to review the specs on the cameras. This technology can take your work to a whole new level.

DJI Phantom 3dji store san francisco

The Phantom 3 is the first of our 4k camera models. With a 3 axis gimbal, you can get panoramic shots that you wouldn’t believe. Using their patented Lightbridge technology you can also get a streaming 720p live image sent to you while you are filming. Filming is done at 30 frames per second and with the intuitive controls you are pretty much guaranteed to get some footage that will spice up your work. This model is the least pricey of the 4k offerings, at around $750, but well-worth it if you have been limiting yourself to lesser video. Doesn’t your work deserve the best?

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DJI Mavic Pro 4k

drone shop san franciscoThe Mavic air is our second entry in the 4k cameras category. With a 4.3 mile range of control, you can film something down your street, your friend’s street, or even gramma’s street while you are sitting comfortably on your own porch. This drone tops out at 40 miles per hour and can produce smooth video even at these speeds. It really has to be seen to be believed. Gimbal stabilized, your camera is only going to film what you want, and if you have tried filming with lesser drones then when you take this one for a flight you are in for a treat. This one will set you back about $885 retail but folks, the view is amazing.

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” Able to capture a stunning 32 megapixel sphere panorama…”

DJI Mavic Airdrone store bay area

The Mavic Air tops out speedwise at about 42 miles per hour and for filming, is definitely not a slacker. Able to capture a stunning 32 megapixel sphere panorama, this drone can open you up for video options that you never even considered. The drone itself is easy to transport, as it may be folded, and it’s video technology can take environmental considerations into the equation to ensure that your footage is as crisp and clean as top-of-the-line tech can afford. This is the most expensive of our listings, retailing at around $1000, and worth every penny.

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Financing for drones

Yes, some of these cost a pretty penny, but in many cases you can add one of these drones to your filmmaking tools without breaking the bank. When you go to purchase one of these, whether in person or online, look for financing options (generally available in check-out). If qualified, you can take a large purchase that might normally hit your savings and turn it into some small monthly payments that let you spend money on props and other must-haves for your filming projects.

Finding a retailer near you

Finding a retailer near you is as simple as a visit to Google. Don’t just Google ‘DJI shop’, though. We recommend a more targeted search. Adding quotation marks to a search means that Google will only return to you results with every word within quotes included. This can save you a lot of time wading through information that you don’t need. So, try typing “DJI authorized retailer” or “DJI authorized retail store” and simply add the name of your home city in quotes. For instance:

  • Type “DJI authorized retailer” “Dallas”
  • Results should ensue that only contain ‘DJI authorized retailer’ and ‘Dallas’ in them.
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This simple step of adding quotes will narrow down results considerably. Try it for just about any search and you are guaranteed to save yourself a little time.

Some final words

Well, there you have it! We have reviewed a little information about DJI’s San Francisco location, some history of the company, a few of their offerings, and more! If you are into cinematography, these are definitely some must-have additions to your filming panoply. Imagine, locking on to an actor from above and taking stunning views as they walk from point A to B. Fight scenes filmed from above. High-up perspectives to simulate that a character is perched on a nearby building. Even standard filming when hovering at eye level is in the cards. It all depends on you and your imagination. So get your flying super-camera today! After all, you’ve got a lot of projects to film, so you might as well film them RIGHT! Now get out there and make those movies, we are looking forward to seeing your vision!