Tell Me: How High Can A Drone Fly?

How high can a drone fly

Drones are today’s highly sought-after hobby tool. They can do so many cool things, and are wonderful ways to take photos and videos of areas you might not normally see. Most of the time, it is professional photographers using these great machines, but now people of all professions and ages take part in the fun.

No matter what your reason is-even if it’s just to question, “How high can a drone fly?” it is important to be familiar with the legalities of having and operating a drone so that you can have a safe and comfortable experience with maximum enjoyment.

How high can a drone fly
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What’s The Highest I Can Go?

This is the question many people ask at first. So how high can you fly a drone?  The answer is twofold. While it is legal and okay to fly drones, there are limits in place about how high you can go with your machine.  Each and every country has regulations about how high you are allowed to go. Check with your local government to make sure you are within regulation before  you fly. Knowing how high can a drone fly legally makes it more fun to see how high you can go!

If you are in the USA, you can go a maximum of 400 feet off the ground. In the EU, you can fly as high as 500 feet from the ground. You should make sure that the drone stays clear of any nearby objects, such as trees, buildings and anything else it could crash into. You must keep the drone within  your sight all the time, too.  Even if your machine features autopilot, you have to ensure that your drone is within eyeshot for you. And don’t count the video feed as visual range-rules refer to the physical drone itself.

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These laws are in place to fend off any interference with aircraft as well as airports and airspace under FAA control. You should avoid airports within a five-mile radius. You should avoid other people or sports arenas/stadiums as well. Being considerate and careful is key when flying.

Tell Me More about FAA Rules

How high can a drone fly
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How high are you allowed to fly a drone doesn’t matter if you don’t understand and follow the rules set forth by the FAA.

FAA controlled airspace is a space in which human-controlled aircrafts fly. There are various classes that are managed by the Federal Aviation Administration. It is important to note that FAA controlled airspace includes a five-mile radius around airports  as we mentioned earlier on.  Unless you are granted approval to fly in this airspace by the FAA, it is strictly prohibited and should be avoided to prevent any trouble from occurring.

Knowing Your Manufacturer’s Limits

Knowing how high can a drone go will save you a lot of headache and head scratching. You have to know and understand the limits of your drone.

The best drones can reach about 5000 meters, or 16,404 feet. Once this altitude is breached, the reduced density of the air puts a lot of stress on the props on your drone. This results in not enough lift being created to keep it airborne. You should probably know that the air gets colder as your drone flies higher. Do not fly your drone in temperatures below 0 Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit.

Battery life is severely compromised when in these temperatures. If you must fly in cold temps, be sure to warm up your drone. You can hover the drone for a minute or so before flying it off the ground. This will help it adjust to the air temperature.

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Manufacturers set limits so that owners can fly their highest safely. Do not attempt to go over these limits, as your unit may experience damage. The DJI Spark can reach up to 120 meters or 393 feet, and the Parrot BeBop 2, another popular model, gets air up to 150 meters or 493 feet. Each and every model is different, and it will benefit you to check your instruction manual to find out the limits. Restrictions on altitude distance are often set in place by the software within the drone.  Before you find out how high do drones fly, make sure your machine is completely ready. Be careful of your battery life before you take off. Be mindful of your surroundings. And always make sure you keep your drone in your sight.

Answer This: Which Drone Flew Highest?

The highest flying drone we found in our research regarding private drones was a Russian drone enthusiast who flew his tiny drone to 33,000 feet. Bear in mind that this action should NEVER be attempted, as is illegal in places like the EU and USA, where we have already discussed limits on altitude. However, Denis Koryakin lives in Russia where regulations aren’t as tight. He flew his homemade craft 33,000 feet into the air.

Although this footage is cool, this sort of action should NEVER be attempted. Aircraft fly at these heights, and a falling drone could kill somebody. NEVER attempt this action with your drone and follow ALL local and state laws and regulations.

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When it comes to wondering how high can a drone fly, the answer is dependent upon a multitude of factors. You will want to think about how high your machine can go per the manufacturer’s instructions, and you want to especially make sure you obey all FAA regulations as well as any city and state laws put into place regarding drones.

Never attempt to fly your drone past the limits of your country. It is not worth the risk of bothering aircraft or getting into trouble and spoiling a wonderful hobby. Have fun and fly safe!