Best Racing Drones For Sale 101 – From Occasional Flight to Racing Hobby

Racing Drones for Sale 101

After months, or maybe even years, of mastering your drone know-how, you find yourself wanting to take the plunge from subtle hobby to drone racer! But unlike the toy versions you may have used up to this point, racing drones are a beast unto themselves and there are some very unique considerations to take into account as you choose the best racing drone for sale, for you.


Of all the considerations, and this seems to go without saying in racing, speed will definitely be a major factor. While regular drones max out around 30-35 mph, racing drones go much faster, easily over 50 mph.

So, not only do you need a drone that can deliver such speeds, you will also need to learn how to handle your new machine at such speeds. Outside upgrading your drone, you can also obtain higher speeds by swapping out standard batteries for more powerful ones or reducing the unit weight by removing unessential equipment like GPS.

Durability and Repairs

Coincidentally, durability and repair-ability are also more important when considering your racing drone equipment. As the saying goes, rubbing is racing, and drone racing does involve a lot more crashes and by extension broken parts than the average drone. A good racing drone should have a frame that can take the hits like a champ, but the flexibility to swap out individual damaged parts when necessary. Just like a race care, drone parts need to be easy to get and easy to replace.

Flight Controller

Another essential feature of racing drones is a quality flight controller. Many people don’t see this as particularly essential, but the stability provided by a good flight controller can be critical to winning races and staying away from costly repairs, thus helping make the best FPV racing drones.

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Finally, while all the other pieces are vital, the importance of sight, especially FPV, cannot be overstated when racing drones at high speeds and in such tight confounds, and racing drones with googles are simply the way to go. View angles are also important because when racing, drones tilt forward, and without tilting, cameras are incorrectly positioned, and critical detail is lost preventing optimal operation.

FPV cameras should also provide a wide field of view so that you can see around the drone, aiding in turns and obstacle anticipation. Cameras have to be strong enough to take the beating they will inevitably receive while drone racing and at the same time allow for a high frame rate, 60 (fps).

Choosing Your Best Bet

So now that the major qualifiers are identified, what are the best racing drones for sale out there? Well, there are many options because, quite frankly, there are many different racers; however, there are some racing drone kits that stand out above others.

Racing Drones for Sale 101
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Fpv Drone Racing Kit

One FPV drone racing kit that seems cost effective and well received by both beginner and advanced builder is Woafly’s LHI 220 Quadcopter Kit. It sports a durable 220 mm full carbon frame, DX2205 2300KV brushless motor and a Littlebee 20 A mini electric speed control, ensuring it has the power and durability to deliver on your investment.

In addition, the F3 flight controller and all required hardware will have you racing and wining in no time. Although all high quality, like so many things there is a down side to this little kit. First of all, this is not an RTF type product; this is a box of component parts and assembly is up to you. As well, there are no instructions in the kit, although YouTube videos are available to guide you.

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Secondly, and again because it is not an RTF kit, the necessary battery, receiver and transmitter are not included nor are the highly recommended FPV googles. And while building the drone yourself does take time and effort, it provides you with hands on understanding that will allow you to repair and eventually customize your drones with greater confidence.

Other Pros:

  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Can fly almost right out of the box
  • Middle of the price point: $250-350 US


  • FPV Googles not included

Rtf Fpv Racing Drone

Still not all of us are comfy with the whole build-it-kit idea, and frankly many of us just don’t have the time to commit, especially when trying out a new hobby, so sometimes we need a RTF option. One of the best RTFFPV racing drones on Amazon, according to reviews,is the Wizard x220 Racing Drone RTF Version “Incredible Flight Performance” Mode 2 by Eachine.

This machine is ready to fly right out of the box and with an average price just shy of $300 US, it falls right in the middle of the cost spectrum for such machines. In addition, with many interchangeable parts, including multiple propeller types, modifying, upgrading and repairing is easy and cost effective, making this Eachine design a good investment. A light 3-blade design reduces vibration, provides stability and flight responsiveness and allows for incredible lift and acceleration.  Kit does not include FPV googles however, although you can easily add them in. Overall, it is a durable, customizable and affordable choice that seems well received by those in the hobby.

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Other Pros:

  • Ready to fly 20 minutes out of the box
  • Fast, nimble
  • Camera is clear, stable, good quality
  • Multitude of online information
  • Settings easily adjusted via computer


  • Not super user friendly for new to drone folks
  • Takes a bit to get use to
  • Only comes with one battery

A Nice Mix

So, what if you don’t care whether you build your own drone? For many the features of these FPV drones are the hot item. But all that other stuff aside Walkera has made its mark. Not only does it have a streamlined design, it is aerodynamic with a strategically placed center of gravity, allowing it to be more agile and stable.

Other Pros:

  • Night vision capability


  • Googles are sold separately

But That’s Not All

But by no means are these the only options out there. The hobby is so new that advancements and new models are always being announced and the future for the hobby looks to be fast and bright. Whether you are looking to race drones make from kits or purchase the best RTF FPV drone currently available, drone racing allows the flexibility to enter the sport in a way and with the product requirements you prefer.

You need to explore your options, be honest with the type of involvement you want and the building skills you possess. From there, it is merely a question of finding the right combination of speed, durability, repair-ability, parts and FPV that meets your needs and abilities. After that, where your racing drone will take you, is entirely up to you.