Best Micro Foldable Selfie Drones – Your Personal Paparazzi!

Best Micro Foldable Selfie Drones

We’ve all thought it: enjoying the moment only to wish someone was recording it for all posterity. Perhaps, at the beach catching the perfect wave, on the slopes carving the powder or just on a weekend hike in the woods with family, at some point, we’ve all wished we had our own personal videographer to document the moments that make up our stories.

Someone keeping a record of our adventures and accomplishments, so that we can relive them and share them again and again. And, to give smartphones some duly earned credit, they have allowed us to photograph and video much more than cameras ever did before.

But sometimes the arms aren’t long enough, the legs not tall enough and our ability to multi-task not evolved enough to truly record the scene. So, it was no surprise that when drones first landed on the market, people saw an opportunity: and thus, the micro foldable selfie drone was born!

Best Micro Foldable Selfie Drones
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What Is A Foldable Selfie Drone?

Basically, due to advancements in technology, including shrinking the size of tech, stabilizing properties for photos and the ability to control things wirelessly from simple app-style programs at a distance, drones can now be used as a wide assortment of things including selfie cams where they photograph and video people in a whole host of spaces.

Foldable selfie drones are truly the evolutionary next phase in photography technology. They are designed to be easier to fly than ordinary drones because the controls needed to be simple so that pilots who were more interested in getting the selfie shot would still be able to fly the drones.

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Why Fold?

Basically, to ensure the drone was portable, designers needed to find a way in which to maintain a minimum technologically-required size while keeping the rotor arms protected. By simply folding those arms and rotors inside the body, the drone becomes a much smaller and portable piece of recording tech.

How Mini Is Mini?

Try the palm of your hand! That’s right, foldable mini selfie drones are incredibly mini. The size allows them to be easily kept in a pocket or purse, or carried via backpack or bag, making them incredibly portable, versatile and discrete. What’s more, by using smartphone app controls, there is nothing else to bring but what you likely already have in your pocket!

Why A Foldable Selfie Drone?

One word: opportunity. While smartphones and selfie sticks can take some pretty wicked shots, a foldable mini selfie drone can get into places and provide angles that are simply unmatched. Instead of holding the camera as you head downhill, imagine the shots possible as you give it your all. Every carve into fresh powder or great mountain vista, puts you in context, framing the shot while you do your thing full out!

So, which mini tech will make the biggest impact?

The Camera- GoPro Karma with HERO6

Well, as usual there are varying aspects to creating the best selfie drone, although arguably the most important component in a selfie drone is the camera. There are so many variables in cameras it can almost seem daunting to compare them; however, there are a few details that can help separate the winners.

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First, the camera should be good quality, high resolution and work on a gimbal system to ensure stable shots and video. When the picture is the goal, it’s all about the camera and the GoPro Karma with HERO6 delivers with 12 MP images and 4K video. The footage is smooth, stable, clear and of great quality. In addition, you can use the GoPro alone via other mounts, providing camera versatility that other selfie drones can’t match.

Other Pros:

  • Flight time 20 minutes
  • Strong, built to take a beating
  • User friendly
  • compact, light design


  • Lack of indoor mode
  • No obstacle detection
  • Does not have exceptional range
  • Cost is prohibitive at $1500 plus but in reality, you are getting an action camera and drone

The Design- Zerotech Dobby

Another important distinction in determining the best selfie drone is the way the model fulfils its design obligations. The Zerotech Dobby does this and more with an incredibly lightweight, portable, and foldable design. In addition, able to handle weather conditions and land with ease, the Dobby also has a host of well-designed range of auto and tracking modes, with sonic and optical sensors and GPS, to aid in indoor and outdoor navigation.

Other Pros:

  • Weighs under half a pound
  • Incredibly small, foldable design that can fit in your pocket
  • 13 MP camera: 4K HD stills, 1080p HD video
  • 2 GB RAM
  • responds to hand gestures and voice commands or controlled via app
  • flight time is 9 min


  • flight time is 9 min

The Ease of Use- Hover Camera Passport Foldable Self-Flying Camera Drone

Of course, the ease in which the machine works is a qualifier that can really make or break the purchase for a majority of drone users, and the Hover Camera Passport Foldable Self-Flying Camera Drone really is that simple.

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Controlled by either iOS or Android app or gestures, the Hover model is truly simple to use, be it flying or settings, and can track, follow face recognition or follow gestures simply and easily. While not the best camera stabilization and sporting a less than average battery life, the Hover is still the best selfie drone when it comes down to user friendly controls and features.

Other Pros:

  • beginner mode
  • compact, lightweight, small
  • 3 different speed modes
  • LED lights for low visibility
  • Wi-Fi control
  • Cage design protects blades from damage


  • battery life – flight time 10 minutes
  • bit pricey

Of course, these models are merely some of the best selfie drones on the market and because each user has unique desires, requirements and capabilities, it is important that you research, and when possible test, as many foldable mini selfie drones as possible before making a firm final decision.

Yet, no matter which you choose – be it GoPro, Hover, Zerotech or even the industry leading DJI, you will be amazed at how such a compact and lightweight machine can capture the memories in print and video that you are after. So, enjoy the adventure more and get out there with a mini foldable selfie drone soon!