Best RC Monster Trucks 2023 Guide

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best rc monster trucks 2020 When it comes to RC vehicle fun it’s hard to beat a Monster truck. Designed most often for on or off road action,  these trucks can take a beating and man, can they move. How do you go about picking one that isn’t a dud, though? The market is flooded with sub-standard RC Monsters and finding the right one can take a few days of research at the very least to avoid making a costly mistake. Never fear, however, as we’ve done the homework and today we are going to share with you our picks for the best monster trucks of 2020!

Quick advice on buying your monster truck

When picking out your RC Monster truck we cannot stress this enough. Make sure it is upgradeable, fast, and capable of taking a beating. If this is a purchase for a youngster then go with an entry level model, as these vehicles can be quite expensive and you don’t want to start with the fastest and most brutal truck. Ease into this hobby, you’ve gotta learn to walk before you try to fly.

Traxxas Slash 2WD

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Our first entry is the Traxxas Slash 2WD and while it’s not designed for racing it is definitely designed for fun.  The Traxxas Slash broke new ground when it was first introduced as a ‘short course’ off road vehicle and in this it really delivers. With full suspension, you can take the Traxxas on a bumpy ride as much as you like, racing at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. It’s durable metal gears and it’s waterproof housing mean that it’s comfortable with ramps and rain puddles alike and the tires are designed for DIRT so if you are looking for a bit of fun in the backyard or in the woods then the Traxxas Slash might be a good fit for you. Lastly, as a Traxxas vehicle it can be upgraded if you decide that you want to personalize the body or add some extra shock absorbing power then you most certainly can but it is good to go right out of the box. If this is your first RC offroader then you are in luck, it also has a ‘training mode’ that you can initialize so that you can function at half speed until you’ve got a feel for how it drives. If you DO get one of these we highly recommend the telemetry upgrade as it will send stats to your phone such as your cars current temperature and speed, Check it out and see what you think!

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Redcat Racing Blackout SC Pro

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Our next entry is the Redcat Racing Blackout SC Pro and while it’s not as fast as the Traxxas (this one only goes 25 miles per hour) it is still a fun and well-made RC truck that you can get a lot of joy out of.  Designed more for the pavement then for off-roading, the oil filled shocks will nonetheless protect your vehicle for the inevitable stunt or two that you’ll be pulling with this.. We’ve included this entry both for the fun factor and for the fact that this is half the cost of the Traxxas Slash. As such, you can get a vehicle that is almost as fast and that is also fitting as an entry-level RC Monster truck for a young enthusiast without having to worry about overly expensive repairs or a huge initial investment. The suspension is adjustable via the caster and this vehicle is composed of high grade plastics and solid metal parts so it’s a solid investment. As far as battery life, you can expect a good thirty minutes per charge so we recommend investing in some extra batteries that can be swapped out and charged as needed but hopefully this won’t be a deterrent.  If you are looking for a great first vehicle then this is the one.

Traxxas Maxx 77076-4

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Our final and favorite entry is the Traxxas Maxx and this one is the undisputed king of the RC Monster trucks. Completely customizeable, from the body, to the shocks, guards, and more, this is one vehicle which you can REALLY make your own. We aren’t kidding about this, either. If you want to do the paint job yourself, you can buy a clear frame which allows you to do this. You want to beef up the shocks? You can upgrade them. Don’t like the battery life? Upgrade the battery. This is one truck that you can spend a lot of years racing, performing stunts, and tweaking to your heart’s content (quite the bonding

“Out of the box your Maxx can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour”

experience if this is a hobby you share with your kids!). So, how does it perform? Out of the box your Maxx can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour but if you upgrade to 2 Lipo batteries and the pinion gear then you can get closer to 50+! If you manage to roll it on its back (and you will, probably performing some amazing-but-ludicrous stunts) the touch of a button will make the Maxx flip back up onto its wheels. Speaking of wheels, there is even a ‘paddlewheel’ upgrade you can purchase where you replace your tires and you can make your Traxxas Maxx into a river-monster. How cool as it? Hands-down, if you don’t mind investing in an RC Monster truck that can grow and adapt depending on what you install on it, get the Traxxas Maxx. It is simply the best.

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Some final words

In today’s article we’ve discussed the best RC monster trucks of 2020 and without a doubt the Traxxas Maxx is the reigning champion. If you are already seasoned in the realm of RC vehicles then go with the Maxx but if not, the Slash or the Redcat are still certainly worth your while and will provide lots of entertainment for years to come. Be sure to get some extended coverage if you go with an expensive model and after that it’s time to start building that obstacle course! Happy driving!