5 Of The Best Spy Drone Cameras

of the best spy drone cameras

There was once a time that if you wanted to fly something, you went outside when it was windy, and you flew a kite; but then technology advanced. It started with new and improved gadgets like RC cars, boats, and planes; and then finally the drone was invented.

When they first came out, these cool toys were the be all and end all; you could fly them like an RC helicopter, but they seemed to be able to do so much more, as many modifications and gadgets were added to the designs. One of the most favourable additions to drones was the camera.

Not only could you fly these toys, but you could take photos and videos of the drone’s view! These days there are so many different camera models out there for drones that it can be hard to find the most suitable choice. Here are 5 of the best spy drone cameras.

of the best spy drone cameras
JakeysPhotography123 / Pixabay

Altair Aerial AA108

This one has all of your mini spy drone needs. The quadcopter itself is easy to use, and perfect for beginner adults and children to learn how to fly a drone. Since the operations have three skill levels, any beginner that uses it can become advanced by playing around with the same craft. The easy to use controls means that there is more time to focus on working the camera.

The Altair Aerial AA108 has a 720p quality camera on it, suitable for both images, and videos; and has a viewing range of up to 120 degrees. The camera is designed to keep itself stable, so that it can capture high quality images and videos. It also has the option of first person view (FPV), where the person controlling the drone can see what the aircraft is looking at.

The biggest downfall to this craft is its short flight time of just ten minutes, and that if not used correctly, there is a chance it can be lost outdoors, particularly in heavy wind. It can be operated indoors though, on days that are too hectic for outdoor use.

Altair Aerial 818 Hornet

This spy drone with camera is made from the same company as the AA108, and is a little more expensive. The quadcopter has similar features to the other one, including the three skill levels for easy flying, and being built with durability to make its flights more stable. This is particularly important for its camera operation.

The 818 Hornet has a high definition camera, also with a 720p quality, and the first person view function. It also has a 120 degree angle for the mini spy drone’s viewing range to capture pictures and videos easily.

This craft has a longer operating time from fifteen minutes up to half an hour, and it has an increased range of up to 150m; or just 60m when using FPV. It can be used for indoor and outdoor flight, however, wind can disturb its flight, so it is best to only use outside when there is no breeze around.

F100 Ghost

Force1’s F100 Ghost quadcopter is a long ranged craft built for action. Although it doesn’t have skill levels like the other two, this drone is relatively easy to operate, and includes both high speed and low speed functions to test out. For more advanced flyers, there are a whole range of stunts and tricks to try, including complete flips; and the moment can be captured with the F100 camera, which takes both pictures and videos.

The high definition camera has a 1080p quality; and since the drone is designed to be sturdier when it operates, what this camera captures will always be crisp and clear; even in its faster speed. The F100 camera is supported by a mount rather than built into the drone, so it can be removed. This is good for beginners who want to get used to the controls without being concerned about damaging the add-on.

The main issue with the F100 Ghost is that when starting it up for the first time, it can be difficult to unlock and calibrate the quadcopter’s settings; however, once that is set up, the mini spy drone works fine.

Hubsan x4 h107d

If you are looking to buy a spy drone and are already familiar with flying them, the Hubsan x4 h107d’s professional design might be what you seek. It can be flown in or outdoors, even at night or in the dark, as it is equipped with a small light bulb. The craft is capable of doing tricks and stunts, and has 6-axis controls, which means it’s easier to control and flies with more stability. This is important for operating the drone’s camera.

Although its high definition camera only has a 480p quality, unlike the other drones that use a smartphone for FPV, the Hubsan x4 h107d has a 4.3 inch LCD screen built into the ground control system that connects to the camera’s view. It also comes with an SD cart slot so you can store more pictures and videos.

A downfall for this quadcopter is that the battery only lasts up to ten minutes since it is smaller; but if you have a hobby of altering drones to make them better, perhaps this one is good challenge.

Top Race Mini SPY Drone

This really is a mini spy drone, as it is only 5.5 x 5.5 inches. But even with such a tiny shell, this quadcopter has many different speed selections, and even includes a mini LED light to fly in the darkness. Just like the Hubsan x4 h107d, it has a 6-axis control system that can be used to make it do stunts and flips, or even just to help stabilise its camera.

Its camera is capable of FPV, and can easily alter from photo to video mode in just one click. This drone’s controller also includes a screen to easily watch the FPV. Another asset to this little machine is that it has an SD card reader, but also 8GB of memory on its own; so it can save plenty of images and videos.

Since the mini spy drone is so small, though, the battery doesn’t last very long, so there isn’t much flight time; but before the battery dies, there is a button that can be pressed so that it lands safely and doesn’t crash.

Overall, as technology has advanced throughout the years, many new and interesting gadgets have been designed. The spy drones that are available today are capable of so many different things, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best to get. By looking at the range of features of both a quadcopter’s camera and other qualities, only the buyer can decide which is best for them; but this guide gives an insight into some of the better models.