Which Is The Best Outdoor RC Helicopter? See Our Top 3 Picks!

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Looking for a little RC helicopter action? Something with a little character? There are a lot of selections that can be made when it comes to choosing an outdoor RC helicopter. We're looking to take a little guesswork out of the equation for you by sharing with you our top 3 picks and letting you know the highlights so that you can make an informed decision when the time comes to select your next RC vehicle. So who made the cut? Let's see who made the top 3 in our outdoor remote control helicopter review!

Velocity Hornet V388 outdoor remote control helicopter

The Velocity Hornet V388 is our first selection both for the price and the fun factor. Not a very big outdoor RC helicopter but certainly a fun one, it comes with the following specs and features:

  • Dimensions - Measuring in at 13 x 4 x 11 inches it is a good little size for indoor and outdoor flight.
  • Rotations - This helicopter can do 360 rotations with ease.
  • The hook - This is one of the most fun features, this little helicopter comes with a hook that can be lowered and raised so that you can pick up objects. This can be great fun with an obstacle course and objects to 'deliver'. A basket is included to pick up with the hook.
  • Gyroscope for stable flight - This will keep your RC copter stable during flights.
  • Cost - At around $40, this is a fun first RC copter that you won't have to worry about being a little rough with.

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Blade Zeyrok RTF Quadcopter

big outdoor rc helicopterWe wanted to include one quadcopter in our review and this one fits the bill. Lots of fun to fly and if you are looking to upgrade to drones then this can give you a good practice run. This outdoor flying helicopter/quadcopter comes with the following:

  • Dimensions - Measuring in at 19 x 10.7 x 3.7 inches and weighing 2.25 pounds, this is a light but sturdy little quadcopter.
  • HD Camera - That's right, this RC copter comes with an HD camera to document your adventures.
  • Optional 4 gig SD card - This will store all the fun videos that you make flying this RC helicopter.
  • Flight time - At 10 minutes, this is a pretty good flight time, especially when there are RC vehicles at 7 or 8 times the cost that get about 20 minutes. Get some spare batteries and have a little fun!
  • LED's - Front and rear LED lights mean this looks very cool during night flights.
  • Removable landing gear - You can buy this unit already loaded with the camera, removable landing gear, and some spare parts. All in all a pretty good package.
  • Intuitive controls - Featuring S.A.F.E. technology(Sensor assisted flight envelope), you can get instant stability or modify modes for a more aerobatic flight experience.
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UDI U13A RC Metal Helicopterbest outdoor rc helicopter

Crash tested and approved. This unit features metal-alloy construction in the body as well as elastic blades and a flightbar to ensure that the durability is maximized. While it's not a large outdoor helicopter it does have some great features. They are as follows:

  • Dimensions - Measuring in at 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches, don't let the modest size of this outdoor helicopter fool you. This is a lot of fun in a small package.
  • Transmitter supports 3 channels - This allows for the simultaneous flight of 3 helicopters should you decide to build a small fleet of flyers.

" This allows for the simultaneous flight of 3 helicopters."

  • Quick charge - It only takes about 20 minutes to charge this up. This means more fun time for you, especially if you have some spare batteries handy.
  • Camera and SD card included - Looking to take some pictures of your adventures or the surprised look on your little brother's face when you sneak up on him aerially(just kidding, folks, we don't recommend this.) This Heli has you covered! It comes with a 1 gig sd card for your pictures and the ones it takes are pretty good.
  • Six direction intuitive controls - North, south, east, west, rotate clockwise, and rotate counter-clockwise. Just the basics and all that you need.
  • Good range - The range on this unit is 500 feet, which is a great for the price.
  • Overcharge protection - Don't worry about overcharging your batteries. Overcharge protection is built-in, so your batteries should last a long time and provide you with entertainment for years to come.
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So which is the best outdoor flying helicopter?

Well, they all have their perks. The Veolcity Hornet V388 is fun because it's cheap and you can fly dangerously(plus we are fond of the controllable hook and basket gimmick, it's just pure fun). With the Blade Zeyrok Quadcopter we like the taste of drone type flight that you get(at a fraction of the cost) and we're very fond of their camera and it's 4 gig storage. Lastly, the UDIU13A RC metal helicopter has the metal alloy construction and we really like that a lot. It also comes with a camera(although admittedly with less storage capacity). Still, we do have to choose one, so without further ado let's give you our favorite.

Our favorite Heli from the list

For our favorite we are going to go with the UDIU13A RC metal helicopter. It's metal alloy construction means that the occasional crashes are generally going to be no big deal. The controller is intuitive and allows you to control 3 helicopters at one and this feature is really quite a lot of fun. While the storage is limited we did not test it with a higher capacity SD, so it is possible that there is room for upgrade. Overall we felt that this was the best value in both the category of cost and of fun. Until next time, folks, thanks for reading!

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