What Are The Best Traxxas Rustler Upgrades?

traxxas rustler upgradesThe Traxxas Rustler is a fine piece of Remote controlled machinery. Providing years of fun filled obstacle course runs, off-roading, and of course... jumping the most outrageous ramps you can devise. One of the things that most people don't realize about the RC lifestyle is that, just like with your real car or truck, you can upgrade. You can make it more energy efficient, faster, and stronger. There are so many upgrades, in fact, that selecting your first batch can be almost mind boggling. What to improve first? Well, we've done a little research and compiled some data to help you with these fun decisions. Sure, there are a lot, but we like to think that we've whittled the list down to the most crucial and effective. Without further ado, let's discuss the best Traxxas Rustler upgrades.

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First decisions are important

Winnowing down the mighty list of upgrades and going with the most performance-enhancing ones is important. You want to see some sort of return for your investment, preferably dramatic ones. Otherwise it can be easy to overlook your upgrades without realizing the actual changes that you are making to the overall integrity. With this in mind, here are some of the most performance enhancing upgrades that you can begin with in order to maximize the fun of your Rustler in the least amount of time.

Best Upgrades for the Traxxas Rustler

So, what to upgrade first? That is going to be your decision, but here are some of our top picks for initial upgrades that can improve the integrity and performance of your Traxxas Rustler.

  1. Lipo Battery - Battery life is always a concern with RC vehicles. While they are fun,best upgrades for traxxas rustler these are not toys, but rather high-end machinery. As such, they use a lot of juice. So why upgrade when you have a perfectly good battery already? Try the Lipo battery for yourself and see. Your speed will probably double and your run time is going to be increased. That equals more fun and more time and as far as we are concerned that is a good bottom line. You will probably need to purchase a new charger for your Lipo battery but trust us, it will be worth it. If you only pick one, tthis is the most important of your Traxxas Rustler upgrades.
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  1. Brushless Engine - The Velineon brushless engine upgrade is another must-have rustler upgradeson your list of Traxxas Rustler mods. In conjunction with the Lipo battery, your return on speed from just these two upgrades alone is going to be insane. You will definitely notice a difference. That said, once you have upgraded your core components then you have another need. Protection. You don't want these expensive upgrades to be vulnerable and so our next concerns are going to be making that Rustler of yours into a fast-moving, high flying TANK.

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"Anodized aluminum really adds style to your RC vehicle."

  1. Aluminum Caster blocks - A definite must-have, these won't break the bank or traxxas rustler modstake much time to install. With bolt-on, simple assembly, these will make your truck considerably tougher.. The solid construction means that these Traxxas Rustler parts are going to be one of the few that you may never, ever have to replace. This is the first step to building your tank and the look of anodized aluminum really adds style to your RC vehicle.

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  1. Aluminum shock caps - Planning on making jumps higher than 5 feet? Of course traxxas rustler partsyou are. Those plastic shock caps that come standard in the vehicle aren't built for that kind of punishment, however. Take care of that issue quickly with the Rustler upgrades option of Aluminum shock caps. Machined for perfect fit on your existing shocks, they install in minutes and can prepare your truck for the vicious beating that it has coming this weekend!
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  1. RPM A Arms - It should be noted that the set listed will NOT work on the older traxxas rustler vxl upgradesRustlers, only the current model. That said, A Arms will not only make your truck more durable, but they will take a full ounce off of the weight of the vehicle. Flexible, these will help to absorb impacts that could snap a lesser set of A Arms. Don't believe us? Take a look at some of the reviews. This is a great upgrade and many other owners swear by them, so don't hesitate, get your own(you'll need to get a set of two for the Rustler to complete this upgrade).

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  1. Aluminum bulkhead - This is going to be the last part integral to your traxxas rustler suspension upgradetransformation from truck to tank-truck. An aluminum bulkhead adds weight and strength so that you can survive more crashes and keep your maintenance down to a minimal level. Available in different colors, the green one we are showing here is just an example. Once you have this in place, aside from bumpers and a few other small mods, your unit should be pretty stone-cold solid and ready to face whatever pitfalls your imagination can conjure for it(within reason, of course. No leaping between tall buildings, only Superman is rated for that.). This part should complete the basics of the best upgrades and the ones that you should get first. So improve the engine, the battery life, and tank-up your RC Rustler and get ready for the good times!

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In conclusion

Whether it be a Traxxas Rustler suspension upgrade, a new engine, a battery, or strictly armor, we've got your basics covered in this article. If we have to specify an order for your upgrades then we would recommend that you first go with the armor. Protect your investment. Turn that Rustler into a high-flying tank and thenenhance the power and speed. Once you've completed our recommended upgrades, maybe upgrade the bumpers and get a cool set of lights. You could also consider customizing that shell, too. It's all up to you and aside from the racing and jumping, the upgrades are the next best fun factor. Happy racing, folks, and thanks for reading!

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