Own A Traxxas Xmaxx With A Custom Body? You Bet You Can!

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If you enjoy quality RC vehicles then you probably own or are looking to buy your own Traxxas Xmaxx.Did you know that you can also get a custom Xmaxx with elective options for the Xmaxx body? In this article we are going to describe some of the awesome that comes with the Xmaxx Monster truck as well as go into some of the Xmass custom body options that are available for avid enthusiasts. First, for those who haven’t heard of this wondrous RC entertainment we will describe the Xmaxx and go into some of it’s features. Are you ready? Let’s roll!

The Traxxas Xmaxx Monster truck

If you are used to working with 1/8 scale RC’s then you are in for a treat. The Xmaxx measures in at a length of 29.84” with a width of 21.26 inches. Weighing around 20 pounds this is a monster of a truck, indeed. Speed-wise, this lovely piece of machinery clocks in at around 32 miles per hour. As a bonus, since it IS a monster truck, you can drive through grass and all kinds of rough terrain like it was nothing at all. It also runs on electric power and is waterproof, folks. There is a lot to like about the Xmaxx.

What else does it come with?

We are glad that you asked! The Traxxas Xmaxx comes with a number of features that let you know that while this is fun, this is definitely not a toy. Serious enthusiasts will appreciate the love that went into the design of the Xmaxx. So, what is it packing? We’ve compiled a partial list of specs and features just to give you a taste of what this RC vehicle has to offer.

Other features include:

  • Metal driveshafts
  • Traxxas RQI radio
  • Slipper clutch
  • Low-voltage cut-off
  • Velineon brushless motor
  • A wheelbase of 18.92”
  • Aluminum and plastic shocks
  • Shaft driven
  • Four-wheel drive for offroad awesomeness
  • Velineon VXL speed controller
  • TSM Stability control
  • Pre-assembled and ready to go
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So, what kind of ‘fun features’ does it have?

The Traxxas Xmaxx monster truck has a lot of fun features. Features such as:

  • Self righting – This is a nice feature. Hold a button down for about 4 seconds and the truck flips itself back into a stable, upright position.
  • Wheelies when you want them – Always lots of fun, this makes jumping curbs a breeze when you are driving the Xmaxx on the road.
  • Can backflip off of rampsThis is a feature that jealous spectators will love and it looks quite impressive with an RC vehicle of this size.
  • Drives through grass – Grass stalls a lot of smaller trucks but the Xmaxx barrels through it gracefully.

“This makes jumping curbs a breeze.”

Custom airbrushed Traxxas Xmaxx RC bodies

Having the Xmaxx is not enough for some enthusiasts. Aww, who are we kidding, for MOST enthusiasts. Everyone wants to customize. One of the nice things there is that you can obtain custom bodies for your Xmaxx quite easily, through Amazon, Ebay, or even just a Google search for ‘Xmaxx custom body”. We’re including a few examples in here so that you can get an idea of what is out there.

Xmaxx custom body – Rock and roll

Sporting a wide variety of colors designed to stick out and bring attention to your monster of an RC vehicle, this particular custom body will only set you back about $99 and definitely adds a little style to your Traxxas Xmaxx monster truck.

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custom xmaxxTraxxas 7711R Red Body

This is a little less rock and roll and a bit more serious and sinister. If you like the idea of letting your monster look like a monster then this might be the body for you. Available as well for $99, this body won’t break the bank and might give your Xmaxx that super-serious-monster look that you’ve been looking for.

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Traxxas 7711-X ProGraphix bodyxmaxx body shell

This is one of the wilder looks for the Traxxas Xmaxx and probably our favorite. Sporting streaks of black and white across the Traxxas Xmaxx body, it really draws the attention while messing with you in regards to the actual shape of the truck. This can make your Xmaxx a bit of an optical illusion on wheels. If you like this urban predator look for your vehicle it is available at around $95 so be sure to snap yours up right away!

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What if I want to paint it myself?

Customization is awesome but the best part of it is when you are doing it yourself. Pre-packaged solutions can be applied and modified, sure, but if you traxxas x maxx bodyhave the talent there is nothing like showing it off and then DRIVING IT AROUND!  For those who prefer to go this route then we present:

The Traxxas 7711 Clear Xmaxx body

This comes with a decal sheet and a clear body that you can take advantage of to customize your Xmaxx body shell. Paint it as you like and seal it, then install it, and in no time you’ll be driving your own art around to show to the locals. As we mentioned before, nothing beats customization when you are the one determining every color, shape, pattern, and theme. With this set you have your chance and at around $70 this is a great deal! So, what are you planning to put on your Xmaxx?

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In conclusion

Whether you decide to go with a standard Traxxas Xmaxx or a custom Xmaxx you are in for a good time. This is a solid, weighty monster machine and you are sure to get many years of enjoyment out of your investment (well, unless of course you are driving dangerously, but we RC fans would surely NEVER do that, eh? –wink-). We hope that you have enjoyed our article on the subject and that if you don’t have a Traxxas Xmaxx yet that one will find its way to your soon. Happy trails, folks!

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