Top 10 Best RC Trophy Trucks!

Do you love big, powerful trucks? Are you the guy or girl that screams the loudest at monster truck rallies or loves it when you see a lifted pickup truck while in the car? You’re among friends! We have assembled the best short course rc truck for you and the rest of your trophy truck gang to enjoy. Check out our picks and see the best rc trophy trucks at the end.

rc trophy trucks

What’s So Special?

The reason it is so much fun to drive around a rc rally truck is because it takes us right into a place of action we otherwise might not go. Whether you want to bash, crawl or race, you can find what you seek in a remote control trophy truck.These starter trucks will be helpful for getting you into the hobby, and you can learn how to customize your truck for more fun as you go on.

Let’s Get Goin’!

Technologies and methods vary, but the basic method by which you will control your RC rally truck is by using a remote control or by putting gasoline inside. You can customize your RC truck with different suspensions, tires, drive options, and even colors and decals.No matter which one you choose, our picks ensure you’ll have fun.

Many Options

The available options for a great RC Rally truck are numerous, so we went ahead and assembled a few facts about the best trucks we could find.You will surely find what you need-we had fun testing each and every truck! We saved the best for last.

Traxxas Slash

Here is a great to-scale replica of a CORR truck, ready to race and fully assembled. Just bring your sense of adventure.The remote control even features a training mode for any newcomers who need to practice before heading to their rally. Visit Amazon for the price.


  • Monocoque chassis enhances durability and reduces weight
  • Vital parts of the truck are inside a waterproof box
  • Its size provides an accurate simulation of a full-scale race truck
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  • The plastic parts seemed like they might break.
  • Not ideal for advanced racers-great for beginners.
  • Only comes with car charger, you pay extra for wall charger.

Tecesy Fighter

This is definitely one of the super cool big-wheel trucks we’ve seen in a long time. It has a max speed of 30 MPH, so get ready to smoke the competition. We loved the 6 LEDs that came with the truck-we could have fun with it at night and the day time! Please visit here to see the price.


  • Controller is lightweight and easy to hold
  • The tires make this thing work really well on harsh terrain like mud or grass.
  • Ideal choice for beginners or young kids.


  • Vehicle is not waterproof.
  • Battery life is about 20 minutes.
  • Not great for bashing- we felt concerned about rolling it over for fear it might break.

Axial Yeti Score

This truck not only looks realistic and cool, but has a chassis that is designed for desert driving. The Axial company partnered with top companies in the desert racing industries to bring users a great truck they are sure to love and race again and again. Please check out the price here.


  • Separate bolt on 4 link mounts equals greater versatility in options for tuning.
  • Motor is water-resistant and can go in mud, snow or water
  • Looks very realistic


  • Not the fastest of the trucks we tried out
  • It is rather weighty, which may slow you down
  • Rough terrain only is the place to REALLY enjoy this truck-it does okay on smooth surfaces but rough is best.

Team Associated SC10

This is a scale replica of trucks you see in the Lucas Oil Truck Racing series. This truck gives newcomers and veterans alike a great little RTR truck that has superior performance. Check out the price here.


  • Lightweight truck body runs on mostly any terrain
  • ECS is totally waterproof, and comes with fan and fins on it!
  • Truck features tires with superior tread that go anywhere.


  • Paint job is not too intricate, can take away from realism
  • Some may not enjoy the plastic parts on this truck
  • One user reported the servo breaking after the first day.

HPI Racing Blitz

Okay, this one is a little pricey, but we promise it is worth it. The paint job looks cool but also shows off the sheer power of this great little truck. The pistol-grip controller makes sure you can run it comfortably and race a while with your friends with no operator fatigue. Have a look at the price here.

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  • Steering system prevents frequency interference with other racers
  • Electronic failsafe ensures your truck will not crash if you run out of battery.
  • E-Firestorm platform means you get the max durability and driving quality.


  • Truck is not entirely waterproof, do not use in rain or snow.
  • SF-10W stock servo is a bit weak.
  • Battery pack secured with thumbscrews-can get lost easily.

Losi Baja Rey

This ready to run truck is the most realistic desert truck that we have ever seen.The aluminum chassis plate is the base for a true to scale roll cage, which adds to that amazing realism.Speeds go from 25-45 MPH, so get ready to zoom your way to the finish line (or out of the way of someone trying to crush you)! Visit Amazon to have a look at the price.


  • Electronics are all waterproof for all-condition fun
  • 4 wheel drive capability
  • Battery compartment is easy to access


  • Expert driver recommend replacing the stock servo with an aftermarket unit
  • Most users reported having to do aftermarket work on the truck as a whole to get it to their standards
  • Highest performance happens off-road, not pavement

RedCat Racing Blackout SC

Coming in both brush and brushless versions, this trophy truck rc car reasonably priced, durable, and looks really cool.The metal parts here really struck a chord with us, as we loved the metal driveshaft, axles, thick aluminum front and rear shock towers and the big shocks. Visit here to have a look at the price.


  • Parts are interchangeable
  • Speeds go anywhere from 30 to 40 MPH
  • Two colors to choose from


  • Stock steering was a little slow for an experienced racer
  • Although parts are interchangeable, they are hard to find online and in stores
  • Maintenance is not so easy on this truck

ECX Torment

This 2WD truck is sure to blast away all of the competition. This model has been around for a while, but is still a favorite among hobbyists new and old. It’s ready to run and will be ready out of the box. Please visit here to see the price.

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  • Tires are foam filled and thus have a good grip.
  • Super durable-some users even crashed into walls and off a building and it still worked.
  • Runs well on rough terrain for a stock truck


  • It is good, but you will need to tweak it to get what you want.
  • Only goes about 20 MPH
  • Not too many user reviews to reference

Exceed RC Rally Monster

This super cool RC rally truck is made to have improved speed, handling, durability and adjustability. It is 4WD and ready to run. You can even turn down the throttle and operate in reverse! Have a look at the price here.


  • Truck is great for bashing!
  • Lexan body is lightweight and durable
  • Suspension system is fully adjustable


  • Takes 2-3 hours to charge the battery the first time out.
  • Stock battery charger is only compatible with stock charger.
  • Cannot exceed 40 yards if you hope to control this thing!

Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer (UDR)

Okay, this is the best rc trophy truck ever. From the size of the box to the features it has, this is the one to buy if you are unsure about everything else.It goes up to 50 MPH and has 4-wheel drive. It is a ⅛ replica of a real desert racer truck. Just go for it, already! Please have a look the price here.


  • Body is molded and created with the finest of details and fits over frame perfectly.
  • Spare tires included along with scale replicas of real racing tires
  • Operate using a 4s LiPo battery for best performance


  • This truck is definitely an investment as far as other rc trophy truck for sale
  • Truck does feature some plastic which some may not enjoy
  • Handling can be a little difficult at times


Now that you’ve reached the end of our list of trophy truck rc car, the hardest decision you will probably have to make is the one you want to buy! If you are new, consider a brushed motor truck, as these are easier to handle. Also, stick with the RTR models.

If you are new, you don’t want to get in too deep modding your racer. Lastly, think about your terrain. If your RC club battles on the beach or the local gravel pit, choose the correct tire! Have fun and may the best one win.