What Are The Best Gas Powered RC Trucks For Mudding?

gas powered rc trucks
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One of the nice things about a good, solid Gas powered RC truck is that a little rain never slowed one down. It has, however, certainly made a lot of them much, much more fun. Have you ever taken your RC truck mudding? If not, it's time that you have. Racing through and sliding from the lack of proper traction is a lot more fun than you might think. So, which RC trucks are the best for this? We've compiled a list of our favorite gas powered RC trucks for mudding that we think that you will like the most to save you on some of the guesswork.

Finding your new RC

There are a number of RC trucks to choose from, but how do you find the one that most reflects your needs and style? We've collected our own list of nitro gas powered RC trucks for you to take a look at to help you get an idea of what is out there. The following are our favorites from the ones that we reviewed.

Our favorite picks

While there are a lot of RC trucks on the market, here are OUR favorite picks for gas powered trucks for your 4x4 mudding thrills. After we list them out we'll go into a little more detail so that you can decide which 4WD vehicle is the right one for YOU!

  • Thunderfire nitro
  • Redcat Earthquake
  • Traxxas Revo
  • Traxxas T Maxx
  • Mad crusher

Thunderfire Nitrogas rc trucks

Sporting a large-capacity fuel take as well as an intake valve to help with any gas impurities, this little monster is great for off-roading and tearing up that mud. It has a strong suspension and rides both smoothly and quickly. The metal discs brakes also perform as advertised, ensuring smooth stops or the abrupt ones that you need to get a good slide in the mud. Built to last and easy to control, as far as Gas RC trucks, this is a great starter truck and it will keep you entertained for a long, long time. This model retails at around $180 so it won't break the bank.

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Redcat Earthquake

gas powered rc trucks 4x4With a 2 speed transmission(but no reverse), this little monster carries a 3.5 cc nitro engine that you will utilize a pull-start to crank up. One nice option is that the 2.4ghz radio controller that comes with it is capable of running multiple vehicles at the same time, just in case you'd like to make a mini-fleet or a 'mudding convoy'. With oil-filled shocks to help absorb impacts you are ready to ride and the adjustable suspension coupled with the 2 sealed differentials help to ensure that this truck is good for taking a beating. The electronics are waterproof as well so if you want your mud fresh in the rain that made it you are in luck! This retails at around $280.

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Traxxas Revonitro rc trucks

With Optidrive technology, whether fiercely moving forward or reversing the Revo has got you covered. This incorporates a battery powered charger but the engine is all gas. Traxxas is noted for performance and their Revo is no exception, this little baby moves FAST. Like all Traxxas nitro RC trucks it is also upgradeable so that you can customize it and get it prepared for just about anything that you can throw at it(well, reasonably, of course). This model also includes telemetry sensors and the tires are definitely designed for off-roading, providing grip when you need it but with the speed at it's disposal and light weight at around 1 pound you can get some great sliding action going as soon as you and the mud are ready. This model retails for around $580 online.

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     " Weighs in at a solid 10 pounds of power."

Traxxas T Maxx 3.3

gas powered remote control trucksThis is likely our overall favorite and for good reason. When it comes to durability and power, Traxxas made the list twice. With the T Maxx they made it in a big way, as well. The T Maxx is a 1/10 scale RC truck that weighs in at a solid 10 pounds of power. Also upgradeable, you can make all kinds of changes to increase it's durability and strength. Want to cross mud with it? It's already capable of sliding around and tearing up the ground as much as you like. Want to cross water? There are paddle wheel upgrades. It's got a 2 speed transmission and those all terrain wheels are mounted on chrome, the better to support it at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. That said, with that much power comes responsiblity, so be sure to upgrade it and toughen it up for your sessions. Barring the X Maxx model, the T Maxx may be the king of gas powered remote control trucks. Give it a try and see! The Traxxas T Maxx retails for around $550.

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Mad crushernitro gas rc trucks

Our last entry is certainly not the least. The Mad Crusher sports a 3 speed transmission and comes with a support warranty that includes a number of replacement parts. It's got a realistically designed suspension system that gives you a more immersive monster-truck experience and this 1:8 scale truck is upgradeable just like the Traxxas models we have listed before. All we can say is get it before the rainy season and try it out, you are going to love the 3 speed. The Mad Crusher is available online at around $450 retail.

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In conclusion  

As you can see, there is a wide price range differentiation so you will want to gauge personally what exactly you will need in your RC vehicle. All of these selections are durable and fun but you will get a lot of different mileage based out of the model that you select. While Traxxas is our favorite, all of the models here are worth spending some time with. So get ready for rainy season, you've got some mudding to do. Happy trails and thanks for reading!

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