T Maxx Electric Conversion And More – Must-Have T Maxx Upgrades

t maxx electric conversionThe Traxxas T Maxx is a great product. A hefty RC Monster truck with snarl and style, there are a number of upgrades that can be made to both the current and the retro versions. T Maxx electric conversion for the older models, armor and performance options for the current ones. The list is almost endless. In most cases the hard part is simply deciding what you want to upgrade next. To this effect we have written this article where we will include upgrades in a sectional format. They will consist of the following:

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Armor upgrades

You need to protect your investment. The T Maxx is a solid piece of machinery but it gets a lot of wear and tear when you are having the best of times with it. Insane ramps and jumps, clips and collisions, overall it's going to have a hard time so it's best to keep maintenance down with a little armor. These are armor recommendations:

  1. Aluminum bulkhead - This is going to make your T Maxx a lot more tough and at maxx electric conversion kit little bit heavier. The Aluminum adds to the look and it's pretty solid. For the most part, this will likely not need replacement any time soon unless you are really doing some death-defying stunts with your T Maxx.

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  1. Front bumper -You are going to be ramming things with that T Maxx. You know t maxx 3.3 conversion kitit, I know it... why be coy? To that effect, it can't hurt to add a more durable front bumper to your T Maxx to help armor it up. The bumpers out there are going to be more durable than the stock bumper that came with your model(not that it isn't robut but there is always room for improvement!). Get it, tack it on, and ram something for giggles. You know that you want to!
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  1. Aluminum Caster blocks - Aluminum caster blocks will help to reinforce your Ttraxxas t maxx electric conversion Maxx and also look pretty sharp in the process. The anodized aluminum looks good and it does what it is supposed to. Just TRY and break it in your stunts. Likely you'll demolish just about any other part before you damage this one.

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  1. Aluminum shock caps - Aluminum shock caps will replace your current plastic t maxx brushless conversion kitcaps and give you the power of more confident flight. Jumps over 5 feet are dangerous with the current plastic caps that come with the Traxxas, however, with these machined caps a quick installation is all you need to ramp things up straight to 10 when it comes to stunts. You are going to love these, we guarantee it.

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Performance upgrades

You want your T Maxx to be performing as fast and as efficiently as possible. To that effect we have a couple of recommendations to ensure that you are getting longer running times and much faster ones. Our recommendations are as follows:

  1. Lipo battery - Trade out that old NIMH battery and get yourself a new Lipo t maxx electricbattery. You won't regret this decision one bit. The Lipo battery will give you a longer running time and it will also give you a slight boost in speed(or an enormous one if you couple it with the next upgrade on this list!).

" Almost twice the speed but with the Lipo, watch out!"

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  1. A brushless engine - While you can likely find some sort of T Maxx brushless traxxas t maxx brushless conversionconversion kit online, there is really no need. Obtaining the engine on Amazon or another favorite online vendor is easy and it's not hard to install at all. A brushless engine is a godsend as well, giving you greater speed and power. With just your standard NIMH battery you will get almost twice the speed but with the Lipo, watch out! This upgrade is definitely worth your time so save a little money and skip the Traxxas T Maxx brushless conversion kits and install it yourself.
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Electric upgrade(Traxxas T Maxx electric conversion)

If you have an older 2.2 T Maxx then you will want to do the electric upgrade. Do a google search on "convert T Maxx to electric" (or search "T Maxx 3.3 conversion kit"" for as an alternative ) and you can find step-by-step guides on converting your retro model into a sleek, newer model with a LOT more power.

Vanity upgrades

There are a number of upgrades that you can employ in order to ensure that the shell of your RC T Maxx reflects your own personal style. We would recommend this for those with artistic bent:

  1. Clear body shell - This is the ultimate option for expression. Wanna showcase the t maxx electric conversioninnards? You can leave it clear. Want to REALLY have fun, though? Throw on the decals that you like after you spend a little quality time painting it up. Want to add flames? You can add flames. Want to cover it with optical illusions? You can do that. Paint it graveyard black or coat it with the paint that looks like stone for a caveman theme. The only limits are your imagination. We chose this particular shell because it's smooth and ready to go, no mold marks to hinder the illusion or force sanding on your part before you decorate it. Get yours and make your T Maxx your own. You know you wanna!

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In conclusion

Modding your vehicle is what takes this recreation from the realm of 'playing with an expensive toy' to 'enjoying a nostalgic hobby'. These RC vehicles are definitely fun and definitely not toys. They are a passion and they reward their owners by transforming slowly as you add parts and pieces and artwork to make them your own. As their look, grace, and power improve over time you will learn and test their limits and the time that you spend with it is rather like time with an old friend. That's because you selected and installed every piece. Happy trails, folks!

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