Where Can I Find A Drone School Near Me?

drone school near me
drone school near me
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When we acquire a new hobby sometimes there is a magical time when we decide that we want to know each and every thing about it. Drones are certainly no exception to this rule. You have a device that lets you fly and in many cases, to film your journey through the skies or weaving through trees. It’s addictive and you want to know what else you can do with your drone. You want to become an expert. So naturally you start wondering, “where can I find a drone school near me?”. In this article we will discuss how to locate an appropriate institution for expanding your drone knowledge as well as go into the subjects that you might be able to take advantage of in the various classes offered at ‘Drone schools’. Without further ado, lets discuss your UAV school options.

What is UAV school?

UAV is short for ‘Unmanned aerial vehicle’, which is the fancy terminology for ‘drone’. To be more technical, it is the terminology for any flying vehicle without a human pilot on-board, which is managed by a ground-based controller and a communications system. Quite a mouthful for ‘a radio-controlled flying vehicle’ but we do love our fancy terminology, so there you have it. UAV school is simply a broad term for any of the educational institution offerings for expanding your knowledge of your drone. UAV school is just another way of saying ‘drone school’.

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What kinds of things do they teach in those drone flying lessons near me?

drone classes near me
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We are glad that you asked! There are a number of things that you can learn in drone training. Subjects that exist in many classroom’s curriculums are as follows:

  • Flying techniques – This one is pretty much a given, but most classes are going to teach you flight technique so that you have better control of your drone and a better understanding of the mechanics of flight. Who knows, this new love and experience of flight might even lead you to pursue an actual pilot’s license!
  • Videography and photography – Drones can provide unique perspectives for photography and videography that simply cannot be obtained any other way. How can you take advantage of this? Classes exist that will help you to learn this new medium of expression so that you can incorporate it into your current repertoire. Imagine some of the pictures that you can take with a device that can take a picture from virtually any height or angle? The possibilities are endless.
  • Cinematography – Why not take it a step further? Do you already dabble in cinematography? Imagine you are making a monster movie and being able to show the world as it might appear to a creature in flight? Maybe you want to show scenes where characters are moving quickly through an area by filming them from above? From imagination to application, cinematography classes focused on your drone can help you to take advantage of this wonderful new technology.
  • Pilot certifications – As we mentioned before, drone flight might inspire a desire for pursuing actual manned flight with yourself in the cockpit. Some schools can help you to scratch that itch and before you know it you might find that you are a full-fledged pilot.
  • Commercialization – Maybe you have a business idea associated with drones. Businesses such as Amazon.com are already experimenting with drone package deliveries. Perhaps you have an idea that is similar or in a completely different vein? Maybe paintball with drone sentries or combat training with drone monitoring and/or enhancement. Classes exist that help you to expand these ideas by teaching you commercialization options and current applications in order to help you to better understand this budding market. Take advantage of this and who knows, you might come up with something that no one else has thought of yet and reap the rewards that come with innovation.
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Okay, I’m hooked. Where can I find drone classes near me?

So, getting excited? Asking yourself, “Where can I find drone lessons near me?” or “what is the best drone training near me?”? Well, you are in luck. Drone training is available in just about every U.S. state, if not all, and all over Europe. Just do a Google search for “drone training” and include the name of your city or state. The odds are that you will find more drone training than you can shake a stick at. Give it a try and see.

“Drone training is available in just about every U.S. state”

drone lessons near me
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What if there are no drone classes in my area?

As this technology is still just becoming commonplace, there may be some areas where hands-on training is not going to be available. In such cases there are many places online where you can get video training that can still give you a basic grounding in concepts that you can benefit from. While it is not ideal, there is still much that you can learn. Also, if there are no training classes in your area then this can also be a good thing. A business opportunity, a niche that needs to be filled… all just waiting for a clever drone enthusiast such as yourself. So if you cannot find a class near you then learn as much as you can through the medium of online videos and start putting together your own curriculum. If you are looking for classes in your area then you can bet that someone else is.

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In closing

In this article we have discussed how one might go about finding local drone classes as well as what one might expect from those classes. If you are interested in cinematography, improving your flight technique, commercialization, or even just like the idea of becoming an expert in a newly-gained hobby that you love then education is the answer. Take advantage of our tips and you’ll enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of this wonderful flying technology. Why not become an expert in a hobby that you love? Until then, happy flying!