Ultimate Blade Nano CPS 2 Review

blade nano cps review

blade nano cps review RC helicopters are pure, unadulterated fun. The only caveat, it seems, is the chance of a sudden impact that turns your day of fun into a day of woe. Enter the Blade Nano CPS BNF. With safety features that help to bring back the fun in flying, this is reputed to be an RC helicopter that you will actually have lots and lots of time to enjoy. So, does it meet up to the hype? Today in our Blade Nano CP S2 review we will talk about some of the features that come with the S2 that make it even better than the original CP X model and tell you what we liked and didn’t like about this model. Without further ado, let’s review!

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The perfect size for in-house flight

The Nano Blade CP S2 is great fun indoors and the tiny helicopter is the perfect size for this. Navigate perils you’ve set up in the living room, make landings on the coffee or kitchen table, you name it! That is not to say that it cannot be flown outside, however. This model is well suited for outdoor flight providing that the wind is only light. It handles well and the SAFE technology incorporated within the unit helps to ensure that flight is smooth and stable.

SAFE technology

These units come with a technology called SAFE, which is short for ‘Sensor assisted flight envelope’. So, what does this mean for you or another aspiring pilot? It means that with a flick of the switch you can modify the level of automated assistance that kicks in to stabilize your flight. This means that you can start out learning the basics and slowly removing the assistance as you become more confident with your flights. To further assist, there is a ‘panic’ button on your controller, which you can use if it looks like your flight is becoming erratic. The panic button instantly stabilizes the copter for you. Not that crashes are much of a worry, however. These units are lightweight and so as long as you aren’t throttling it at full speed (but rather, letting go of the forward thrust), the helicopter tends to simply hit the wall and bounce off. This is good to know if you are intending this as a gift for a child or teenager who may not be as careful with it initially as you might.

Flight modesblade nano cps review

The Blade Nano RC helicopter comes with 4 flight modes (an improvement over the original 3 which were available) and a computerized radio controller, complete with instructions on how to tweak it. If you feel it is flying too aggressively at the default settings, then this is something that you have a step by step guide on how to adjust. There is a slight learning curve with this, however, it provides excellent training for moving up to a larger helicopter and if you know anyone that started with a larger model which met with an accident… well, you know just how important that can be. Flight modes for this unit are as follows:

  • Stability
  • Agility
  • Stunt
  • Rescue

If you would like some additional protection for yourself or another novice flyer, Nano has training gear that you can attach to the helicopter which provides additional visibility when you are learning stunts. The training gear creates a large ‘X’ underneath the unit made of black material with the tips being fluorescent blue-green orbs and we have to say that the unit still looks good with its ‘training gear’ so you won’t be loathe to use it.

Flight time

All these features are well and good but an important deciding factor is this: how long will you get to spend with your Blade Nano? Unfortunately, in the name of keeping things ‘light’, all that fun maneuverability comes at a cost. At full throttle you can expect around 3 minutes of performance, although much less aggressive flight (such as annoying the cat or someone else in the house by overhead hovering) can extend that time to about 5.5 minutes. Best to stock up on a few additional batteries, though, so that they can be alternately charged and used between flights to get the most out of your RC helicopter.

Overall design

If you are familiar with the original model you will notice that, on the outside, the design is much the same (excepting the blue and white color scheme that replaced the yellow and black), and it sports a lightweight plastic frame like the previous models with a carbon tail. Inside the unit, things have been souped-up a bit. The CP S2 utilizes a DSMX receiver along with an ESC (electronic speed control) that governs the tail motor as well the main motor.  The board also has the tail mixer and flight stabilization components incorporated into it as well and uses brushed, coreless motors and of course, those all important servos to help provide stabilization for all those stunts that you will be performing with this unit. The battery that comes with this unit is a 1S 150 mAh Lipo battery that charges with an included USB charger, which is certainly an improvement of the Eflite 4AA battery charge method for earlier models. Overall, we liked the previous paintjob for its high visibility, but the addition of computerized control goes a long way for making up for this in our humble opinion.   

blade nano cps review

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The final verdict

With its updated controller, new flight modes, durability, and training options, we feel that the Blade Nano CP S2 is a good deal as far as it’s fun factor and as a training step for moving up to a larger RC copter. Should damage occur, parts are easily obtainable online and they are cheap, but in most cases simply letting go of the throttle is going to ‘bounce’ your copter to safety so you should get a lot of quality time with this unit for your investment. Until next time, we wish you happy flying!