Need To Know: How Far Can A Drone Fly?

how far can a drone fly

If you have ever wondered how far can a drone fly,  you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about just how far you can get your quadcopter to go. You will be rather surprised to find out the distances, and this will better prepare you for your next flight! Plus, us drone pilots always are aware of onlookers and the questions they ask. One of these is always, “So how far do drones fly, anyway?” The fact of the matter is that it depends upon the particular drone itself.

So What Do You Mean?

When we discuss the factors that affect how far can you fly a droneandhow high can a drone fly, we discuss a few different things. For example the size of the drone plays a role in how far and high it can go. A larger drone is going to drain its battery a lot faster than a small nanocopter, for example. In order for a large drone to stay in the air it must fight against gravity using its props. You must also think about weight. The heavier the drone, the harder the propellers must work, resulting in a battery that drains much faster.

When you want to know how far can a drone fly from controller, you must think about the battery life of the drone and its remote control. For most drones, battery life is about 10 minutes. You have to remember that if you fly it up for five minutes, you will need another five minutes to fly it back safely. This is important so you do not lose your machine! Be sure to respect this battery life-you don’t want to waste too much time searching for a lost drone when you could be recharging and getting ready for the next flight.

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how far can a drone fly
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One other thing we have to talk about when it comes to how far can a drone fly  is the type of drone. A toy, for example, can go up to 20 meters. A long-range drone for professional use can go many miles. How far your drone can fly and its price have a definite connection, as you may have already seen.  For example, the Holy Stone HS300 goes 150 meters. Meanwhile the DJI Spark, a favorite among enthusiasts, goes about 1.24 miles. The professional-grade DJI Phantom 3 goes 3.1 miles, or 5 kilometers.

As a result of this, it is very important that you take a close look at the specifications for your particular drone. Check out the instruction manual. Call the manufacturer. Take a look at a video review. No matter what, each and every drone is different, so make sure you know what you’re getting.

Laws and Regulations: How Far Can A Drone Go?

It is good news that the  popularity of drones has increased in the recent years. New hobbyists and old veterans get together and have a great time flying. However, this means that state and local laws have become more complex.

Some regulations state that you can fly drones as long as they’re in your line of sight. Others say you can only fly them a certain distance. It is best to check your state’s individual laws and regulations so your flying experience is safe and legal. You can check with your local city hall’s laws to get the scoop on flying in a way that complies with all local laws.

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Sometimes, laws may be unclear as to what they are making a reference to. For example, the city of Newton, MA, refers to drones as “pilotless aircraft.” Pay attention to the words used in these laws-especially words like aircraft or aerial. Make sure that you do an internet search for any words or terms that leave you confused about how far your drone can fly. You can even ask a local law enforcement officer for help, too.

Drones and Your Neighborhood

When you are trying to figure out how far can a drone fly from the controller, your first instinct might be to take it out your front door and fire it up, testing the waters to see how far it can go. But even though your intentions are good, you must be mindful of others’ privacy. Remember that there are some who do not understand drones and see them as spy devices. Make sure to keep your drone a safe distance from others’ houses.

As far as flying over private property goes, the waters are rather murky on the issue. There are no additional laws to speak of about flying over land you do not own. But if your drone were to lose power and land on a piece of private property, and you were to go in and retrieve the drone, you could be sued for trespassing. These rules also apply if you take off on the same property. Just ask permission from the land owner if you are not sure-or keep your flights confined to public areas.

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How High Can A Drone Fly?

This varies from country to country. Drones themselves are capable of great things when it comes to getting air.  One hobbyist even got his to go up to 11,000 feet!

However, it is not legal to do this. In the United States, for example, you may only fly upwards of 400 feet. In the EU, you can go 500 feet off the ground. This helps prevent airplane interference, and other aircraft interference also.  As always, check with your local state and county to make sure you know and abide by all rules.

Bear in mind that even though you may want to test and see how high your drone can go, it may not be equipped for the  job. Be sure to check your manufacturer’s guidelines to see what the max altitude is. Follow these guidelines-a crashed drone means no more fun until repairs are completed.  Be sure to keep aware of your surroundings at all time during takeoff and landing.


Safety and rule-following are the key elements to making sure you have a safe and enjoyable flight.  When it comes to the famous question of “How far can a drone fly” the answer will vary from machine to machine. Check with your manufacturer to see how much battery life you have. Then, check your local laws to see how  high you can go. And always be sure to check with private landowners before flying over their property. Have a great time and fly safe!