Looking For Excellent DJI Phantom 3 Upgrades?

dji phantom 3 upgrades
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So, you've unboxed and flown your new Phantom 3, and you already want to know what else you can add to it. Well, look no further. We have a few practical upgrades for you to consider to enhance your flight and protect your investment. There are a number of DJI Phantom 3 upgrades to choose from and so we've compiled a list to get you started. These range from practical to quite useful, so without further ado let's discuss some Phantom 3 accessories and upgrades!

How to choose?

That really is the hard part, isn't it? With so many options it is easy to become overwhelmed. Worse, you can skip some upgrades that are quick, easy, and essential in protecting your investment. So where do you get started? Let's take a look at some of our picks for DJI Phantom 3 standard upgrades and accessories:

1. Protect your propellers phantom 3 drone accessories

Do you think that propeller guards are just for novices? Think again. Pros use them as well and for good reason. What if you are flying your drone in a park, for instance, and decide to maneuver around trees? One errant twig can hit a propeller and SNAP. Your drone is going for a tumble. Propeller guards, such as these Summitlink ones for your Phantom 3 can be snapped on easily and will help to protect your investment. They are cheap, effective, and look sharp, so don't skimp on propeller protection.

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2. Always have power

phantom 3Your drone only has a limited flight time. All those bells and whistles need power and in the interest of keeping the drone light and flightworthy, you've got tiny batteries. Relax. Getting some spares and charging them consecutively can ensure that you always have power ready to plug-in and then get your drone back in the skies. This charging dock can charge 4 batteries at the same time and thanks to smart technology it will charge them based on their current power level. This will make sure that you always have the power that you need.

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3. Insure against tragedy

phantom 3 upgrades
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You insure your house and your car, why not your drone? You can get personal property insurance policies quite cheaply (sometimes as low as $5 per month) from places such as State Farm. While it seems a bit of a hassle to go out and get it insured, should anything happen to your beloved drone then you will be quite glad that you got the insurance.

4. Guard against glare

phantom 3 standard upgradesWhile you can interface with your smartphone to view, record, and post your flights to social media, sometimes the sun can be less than cooperative in providing a good view. Get around the glare with a hood designed to defeat this very problem. Efficient and quite reasonably priced, our example is for Iphones, Ipads, and Tablets, but you can quite easily find them for Android as well. So say goodbye to glare with your own Sunshade hood. You'll be glad that you did.

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"Extend your current range by 300 to 1200 meters "

5. Widen your range

phantom 3 accessoriesWhile the Phantom 3 comes with an excellent range out of the box, who doesn't want a bigger one? Extend your current range by 300 to 1200 meters with the BlueProton wifi antenna extender pack. You'll need to install it but the steps are a snap and soon you'll be enjoying that sweet, sweet range extension that you are craving.

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6. Hardshell backpack

dji phantom 3 standard upgradesA little protection during transport is never a bad thing. There are a number of drone packs out there but too few of them with a proper shell to protect your machine. This pack does not have this problem. Not only does it offer you a convenient, armored carrying option, but it does so while looking sharp! So don't skimp when it comes to transport protection. Your drone is an expensive, high-end piece of machinery and while it might not happen today, someday it's going to get accidentally crushed in that high-school backpack you are using now. You know who you are! Upgrade to a durable pack today and save yourself the headache, it's just the right thing to do.

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7. Control stickers

dji phantom 3 upgradesIf you are just getting to know your Phantom 3 drone it is easy to make mistakes with your controller. Why not start off with a labeled controller so that you can take the guesswork out when you are learning to fly? Application takes minutes and can make all the difference on your first day of flight. Some people feel like control should be a completely intuitive thing but more often than not, those people end up with their new drone stuck in a tree. Make the wise choice and accessorize with these stickers. Besides, when your niece or nephew wants to fly your drone you really, really want these stickers to be in place.

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8. Mobile mountphantom 3 drone accessories

This mobile mount provides a great way to interface your smart phone with your controller both securely and in an aesthetically pleasing way. Easy to install, if you don't have one then you should definitely consider it. Frankly, we wish these came with the product already. With any luck, the folks at DJI will hear us and this sort of accessory will become the standard. Until then, be sure to get yours!

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In conclusion

This concludes our list of Phantom 3 upgrades that we are most practical and necessary. Accessorizing your drone is part of the fun and can improve durability, performance, looks, and more. While there is a wide range of upgrades and accessories available, the ones that we have listed here should give you a fine and practical start. They are inexpensive, smart, and will enhance your enjoyment as you begin to explore the full capabilities of your DJI Phantom 3 drone. We hope that you find many years of enjoyment with it. Until next time, fly safely and get yourself some upgrades!

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