New Or Refurbished Phantom 3/4 Best Buys – An Exciting Investment!

Perhaps one of the most exciting pieces of tech a person can own is the Phantom 4 which is frequently bought from 'Best Buy'. This drone seems to have it all going on when you get right down to it. The design is nothing less than slick, and this little guy goes everywhere with its remote-control capabilities.

You don’t need GPS or to be outdoors to have fun and fly. Can you imagine the possibilities? You could get an aerial view of an indoor hockey game or dance floor at a nightclub with ease and grace.

And the best part is that there are refurbished drones available, so you can enjoy a product that performs great, but costs a lot less. DJI refurbished drones, and other brands like it, make flying accessible and fun for everybody. You still get all the wonderful and amazing features, but for much less cost.

New Or Refurbished Phantom 3/4 Best Buys
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Why Should I Get Excited?

First and foremost, refurbished aircraft offer a great way for all of us, regardless of our budget, a fantastic way to enjoy and afford a drone. DJI, for example, puts together a really wonderful package for their refurbished drone customers. Each and every DJI refurbished aircraft is tested very thoroughly to ensure your satisfaction. The testing is done by DJI experts, and you even get a standard warranty, too.

A look at DJI’s FAQ reveals a plethora of good information about how safe it is to buy a refurbished drone. They undergo a strict process of refurbishment before they are put up for sale. The process goes like this: the drone undergoes functionality testing, and defective parts are replaced. Then, it is cleaned and inspected. Afterward it is re-packaged and put into new boxes, so it is safe and looks good. Finally, a Final Quality Assurance inspection is performed before it is actually put up for sale.

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What Can I Expect?

When you buy a refurbished drone, you can expect a deep discount that functions at the top of its game, comes with full documentation, and meets quality standards. This is what you should expect as a prospective owner of a Phantom Pro 4 refurbished drone, or any refurbished drone for that matter.

Verify that your site of choice offers a rundown of their refurbishment process or contact them via email or phone to speak with somebody about the process. Make sure they sound confident and can tell you each and every step of the process. Ask about warranties and extended protection plans that are offered, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of them.

On another note, if you are somebody who must finance their drone for whatever reason, you can count on taking out less of a loan to pay for what you need. It’s a win-win situation.

What Are Refurbished Drones?

Some drones are the results of a product defect that much is true. However, a drone that has been sold and activated cannot be sold as a new drone, even if it has never taken flight. You might, for example, have a customer who bought a drone, turned it on, and decided it was too advanced for them.

They send it back, but DJI cannot sell it as new. Therefore, it is sold as refurbished after testing. For DJI, these refurbished drones that have been returned within 7 days of their purchase. Be sure to ask your shop of choice about their individual policies and procedures.

What Are Others Saying?

As with anything, you should look on the Internet for reviews about the product so that you get a good idea of what you’re getting into. A search revealed that DJI Phantom 4 refurbished drones are spot-on and worth the purchase.

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We looked at for some reviews, and they were favorable. Chloe W. writes, that the whole process of purchasing it is great fun and there is hardly any indication it could be a refurbished product. Checking out the reviews on also reveal a generally positive view of the product-4 out of 5 stars, to be exact.

LarryS writes, “Great machine…takes wonderful pics…at almost half the cost with same warranty as new one, you can’t go wrong here.” Finally, it is worth noting that the DJI website itself has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, making it clear that many people are satisfied with their purchases.

Show Me Some Reviews!

Perhaps one of the best video reviews we found was Gadget Inspector’s review. Upon opening the box, he was happy to discover it looked rather pristine, aside from a small scuff mark on the motor. He noticed the battery was about half full, and the propellers were new, wrapped in plastic.

Arguably the most important part, the camera, was in impeccable shape. Then when he took it out for flight time, the video shows it doing all the wonderful things this drone can do: Hover in midair without moving, shoot amazing video (which you will see in his video review at the end), and please its owner with its quality and good price.


People want and need drones for various reasons. Depending upon your own needs, you might require the top model for best results in photography or other business. When you look for a DJI Phantom 4, you are guaranteed what is considered the best in drone technology. However, at a cost of $1799 USD, many of us look for ways to save money.

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By choosing a refurbished drone, your business or hobby does not have to compromise quality in favor of saving a few dollars here and there. A Phantom 4 Pro refurbished at DJI costs only $1199 USD and comes with all the accessories and protection that you would get with a brand-new drone.

These savings are substantial and critical for the average consumer. Do not be afraid to purchase a refurbished drone. Find the one you like and do your due diligence. Research, ask the store questions, and speak to fellow drone enthusiasts. When you are ready, you will make your purchase with excitement and confidence-and enjoy the extra dollars in your pocket.

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