Is Drone Financing Really A Thing?

drone financing
drone financing
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Some of those high-end drones can do amazing things. Homing features, first person views with VR goggles, following ‘targets’… and that’s just naming a few cool features. The problem that one runs into if they want a drone that will fly for 45 minutes and include features such as we mentioned is the price. These are complex pieces of machinery and they don’t come cheap. That doesn’t mean that you can’t own one, however. Drone financing is definitely a real thing and that’s going to be the subject of our article today.

What kind of drones require a payment plan?

Take, for example, the DJI Mavic Pro 2. Priced at around $1500 – $1800, this is not really a product that falls into the ‘impulse purchase’ category. You might not NEED financing but unless you have a lot of spare change then this might make a dent in your savings. The temptation comes from the features of models such as these. If you are new to droning, then your current models may have some, but likely not all, and let’s face it… you are curious to see what it’s like to fly something with a little more of the ‘full package’ feel to it. So what can our example model do? Here are some of the features and specifications that might make one consider DJI Mavic Pro 2 finance options.

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DJI Mavic Pro 2 features drone payment plan

The DJI Mavic Pro 2 quadcopter comes with a number of bells and whistles that really get your attention. We’ve compiled a list of them to give you an idea of what a higher end drone like the Mavic Pro 2 has to offer. Features such as:

  • Dimensions – This model folds up for easy carrying, measuring in at 322×242×84 mm when unfolded and shrinking down to a modest 214×91×84 mm when folded. It weighs in at 907 grams.
  • Flight time – Flight time is decent at 31 minutes. In all fairness, it does have a number of features that it needs to power.
  • Flight Speed – This little beasty is fast, with a top flight speed of 44 miles per hour/72 kilometers per hour. .
  • Control range – About 5 miles/8 kilometers. That’s right. Not only can you fly it down the street, you can fly it down your friend’s street, gramma’s street… Quite a lot of streets in a range like that.
  • Collision detection – 10 onboard sensors are watching out for trees, birds, and anything else sharing the skies with it. This is a definite must in a higher end drone, you really don’t want a crash and if there are any surprises, your drone is ready to react immediately.
  • Dual frequencies – Control is established through 2.4 and 5.8 gigahertz, respectively.
  • DJI GO 4 Mobile application – Provides social media sharing and more.
  • Auxiliary lighting for night flyers – Worried about losing sight of your drone or landing it at night? Worry no more. This drone has low-light detection and an auxilliary light for just those purposes.

                        ” This camera takes sharp pictures with more accurate color.”

  • 4K UHD Camera – Employing HCNS (Hasselblad Natural Color Solution) technology, this camera takes sharp pictures with more accurate color. The effect really has to be seen to be believed and this is the first drone to employ this technology. Best of all, if you have a 4k television then you can connect to it and watch your videos in the full color palette that your drone is capable of displaying.
  • Noise reduction – Special propellers ensure a more silent flight as you pilot the Mavic Pro 2.
  • Modes such as Waypoint, circle, course lock, and more – With a number of options to set courses, perform maneuvers, and more, the entertainment value of this drone is well worth the price and more.
  • Internal memory – No need to purchase a memory card. This model comes equipped with 8 gigabytes on internal storage to capture your video and photos.
  • Controller – With detachable sticks for added portability, it also comes equipped to interface with DJI goggles for FPV flights and is compatible with Apple and android headsets as well. As a bonus in the coolness factor, the controller actually charges your phone while you use it . How cool is that?999999
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Wow, so how does one go about financing?

DJI offers drone financing options through a company called Affirm. If you decided to purchase a Mavic Pro 2 through them then they would, on credit approval, set up a monthly payment plan. You DJI Mavic payment plan typically comes at a financing rate between 10-30% but you will want to check directly with DJI as rates can fluctuate with the market. What’s cool is that Affirm offers drone financing through a few different companies as well, so if the Mavic is not your model, there are always other options.

dji mavic financing
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How do I know if I qualify?

Depending on where you are purchasing the drone from, when presented with payment options you will see an option for ‘Affirm’ as your method of payment. This will allow you to see the monthly payment options which are available to you. It’s just as easy as that. Give it a try and see for yourself, you know you want to!

In closing

Drone financing is certainly not a myth, but rather a means for you to get the drone that you want selected, packed, and shipped to your door. Possibly this week! It’s simple to see if you qualify and as we’ve mentioned, is often available for other drones that you might have your eyes on. With that in mind we highly recommend that you take a little personal time, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and take a look at the options available to you out there. After all, this is your hobby, why not fly something with a little more power to it? Happy droning and fly safely!

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