RC Plane Questions: Where Can I Find The Magnum XL 40 Engine?

magnum xl 40 engine
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Whether you are looking for the Magnum XL 40 engine, The Magnum 70 4 stroke, or other Magnum engines, the best place to get a hold of them is the source. These little beauties are actually supplied as a labor of love from an RC aficionado like yourself who decided to stock the Magnum and Sonic Tronics line of RC parts to help ensure that they are available to RC lovers today. In this article we are going to discuss a little about the supplying company itself as well as some of the Magnum RC engines that they offer which can soup-up your model plane and take things to a new level. Are you ready? Let’s discuss!

The Greenshields family

RC Plane enthusiasts, John and Mike Greenshields keep the name of ‘Magnum motors’ alive. John, also known as ‘Mr. Magnum’, has been responsible for the continuing development and servicing of these engines since his retirement in 1995. This is a family endeavor, and Mike became involved with development and service of Magnum engines as well. Both are avid RC enthusiasts and so what you get in a Magnum motor is not only unique but has also been developed with years of experience. So what are some examples of these unique Magnum motors? We’re glad that you’ve asked! We’ve compiled a few of these together for you to take a look so that you can decide if this might not be exactly what the plane you are working on right now needs!

The advantages of going with Hobbyist for Hobbyist equipment

Those of us who love model airplanes know that many of the planes which we admire the most don’t come in a ‘out of the box’ assemby, with a remote control and everything ready to go right away. Nope. Making your airplane is often a labor of love, requiring hours of assembly time and in some cases custom painting in order to faithfully recreate the models that we know and admire. This is why when you find a company that specializes in mechanical aspects of the plane that might be a little beyond our ken then we tend to jump on them. Magnum aircraft engines are exactly that, take a look at these:

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Magnum XL120FS Four Stroke Enginemagnum engines

This Magnum 4 stroke engine for your RC has a rear carburetor and muffler and also gives you a lot of power mixed with some smooth running. As the name mentions, that trademark 4 stroke sound that we know and love is there and it is music to your ears. Employing a blow-by-gas recirculation tube so that your engine runs cleaner, you won’t have to worry about oil blowing into the cowl.

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            “It even includes a duel needle valve for targeted airflow in your carburetor.”

ASP 91 Four-Stroke Airplane Engine

magnum rc enginesAnother 4 stroke engine, the ASP 91 sports a quality assembly, in that it incorporates a steel sleeve, iron ring, and an aluminum piston so that you can get some serious power squeezed out of that fuel. It even includes a duel needle valve for targeted airflow in your carburetor. It’s the kind of powerful design that you can only get from other hobbyists and we think that you will love it!

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Magnum FT160 Airplane Twin Enginemagnum aircraft engines

This engine sports CNC precision machining, with it\s firewall engine mount, Dual ball bearings, twin cylinders, and it’s carburetor with Ram induction and choke functions. You can run it with nitro fuel, their recommendation is Powermaster 15% (the Two-stroke Sport variety), but your favorite fuel will surely run just fine.

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Magnum XL91 Four-Stroke Airplane Engine

magnum 70 4 strokeWe gave you some information on the ASP XL91, here is the Magnum version of that motor for you to take a peek at. Much like the ASP listing, this utilizes aluminum for the piston, steel sleeve, and iron ring, while bearing a supported crankshaft (as well as camshaft), a high flow muffler, and dual bushing (supported in this case with a connecting rod). All of this for you means increased power for your plane engine that comes with reduced noise. This model engine runs cleaner, utilizing a recirculation system in the crankcase. This also results in improved lubrication. Definitely an A+ motor, folks.

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Magnum 4 stroke engines for your RC plane

As you can see, these are some fine engines that will rock your RC plane. Should one of the links we have provided not suffice, simply explore the site further and you will surely find what you are looking for.

Do they offer support for their parts?

You betcha! Magnum engines do indeed offer parts support and if you need to replace a part that you don’t see on their site, you can always contact them directly to get this remediated. Great customer service is one of the best parts of going through a Hobbyist-run company.

Where do they ship?

At this time, these motors are only shipping throughout the U.S. and U.S. territories, but they advise that they are working to expand on this. On occasion you can find Magnum motors on Ebay but if at all possible it is best to go through the source.

Some final words

While normally your RC hobbyist article is going to be chock full of mainstream suppliers, we like to deviate a little from the norm to give you some resources for ‘homegrown’ RC plane solutions. Magnum definitely fits the bill, having supplied specially developed engines for model planes for over 2 decades now. If you are not happy with your current RC’s engine be sure to take a look at what they have and their specifications. Odds are they will have what you are looking for.

Best of all, Magnum engines can give your model plane the power that you are looking for and you shouldn’t have to worry about cold customer service. After all, it’s a family business (and that’s the BEST kind to work with, when you can).

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Happy flying, folks, and we wish you the best!

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