RC P51 Mustang – A Review For Historical RC Plane Enthusiasts

rc p51 mustang
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While drones are cool, for some of us it really just doesn’t quite feel like real flying unless it’s with a plane. Moving forward at high speed, rolling, weaving in and out of obstacles at high velocity… that’s the stuff! For those of you who love RC planes and love their history have we got a review for you today. In this article we will be reviewing two RC P-51 Mustang models. We’re going to go into the specifications, the features, and then go into the pros and cons of the product so that you can be the judge as to whether or not a P51 Mustang might be a nice addition to your collection. First, however, let’s go into a little history about the plane on which the RC plane is based.

A brief history on the P51 Mustang  

Regarded by many as one of the most well-engineered piston fighter planes of World War II (where it was claimed to have destroyed over 4950 enemy aircraft), the P51 Mustang was a sight to behold. Designed in North American in accordance with British Royal Air Force standards, this plane was a single-seated and single engine fighter plane. Employing experimental data in its design they were able to produce great improvements in its speed and range. The British experimented with the Mustang as well, improving its engine and it’s air superiority in turn. This reduced the American bombers casualty rate to such an extent that by February 1944 the Germans were under an almost constant bombardment. The P51 was also a terror to every train, ship, and installation that it came across, quickly making it’s designation as a ‘medium altitude fighter’ simply a title. Employed as well in escort missions, it was accorded awards in 1944 and lauded as the most “aerodynamically perfect plane in existence” by the Truman Senate War Investigation Committee. Not too shabby, eh?

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This plane would have 8 variations built upon the original design and after World War II it would continue service in the Korean war. Fast forward to the present and you can fly your own little piece of history as you imagine the past.

Dynam P51-D RC Mustang specifications

This P51 Mustang RC plane has a number of great little features. What are thosep51 mustang rc features? We’re glad that you asked! We’ve compiled a list for you so that you can absorb them at a glance and see what piques your interests. The features of this RC plane are as follows:

  • 1200 millimeter/47 inch wingspan
  • 110 gram flying weight
  • Detrum BM3715A motor
  • 4 blade propeller
  • Speed – up to 50 miles per hour
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Controller only included with ‘ready to fly’ models
  • Brushless motor
  • 8-12 minute flight duration

Overall, this is a nice plane. You can fly it at lower speeds in order to get a feel for flying the P51. Once ready, you can soar through the air at up to 50 miles per hour and enjoy the thrill of flying this piece of history. The retractable landing gear is a nice touch, making it look cool from takeoff to landing. We definitely like the Dynam P51 RC model. It is of note that decals may be purchased separately on Amazon if you wish the RC vehicle it to look like a P51b model, simple do a search for “decals P51b” to find a list or you can simply employ the link provided below.

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View the P51b decals on Amazon

” FMS takes a lot of pride in their work.”

FMS RC 51 D Mustang Red Tail

p51 rc plane


This P51 RC plane is another nice potential addition to your collection. The version 8 upgrade adds a lot of nice features, such as follows:

  • 1450 millimeters/57 inches
  • Removable sliding battery tray
  • 17 gram metal servos
  • Landing gear upgrade for slower, more realistic retractions
  • The FMS sequencer ensures that the gear doors will close once the landing gear is down, very cool.
  • Open air intake
  • An FMS Gold PAEP motor comes with this model as well
  • Assembly is required and it does not come with the channel 6 remote that you will need.
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While it doesn’t come with the remote(which is a little vexing), it follows a channel 6 standard which you may already have available in your collection so this is generally not a big deal. We especially like the additions that have been made fo the landing gear. Having the gear slowly go inside, followed by the doors closing looks very cool and is gracefully done. The plane itself is constructed of foam and it is a fairly durable plane, as FMS takes a lot of pride in their work.

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Is there an RC P51 gas model available?

At the time of writing this article we did not see any ready to fly models with a gasoline engine available, however, if you are looking be sure to double check Amazon as their stock is quite dynamic and changes daily. You might just find one. Until then, the electric models that are the subject of this review do come highly recommended.

Can I fly my P51 in a monument park?

Sadly, no. Without a permit, National parks are going to be off-limits, citing safety and disturbance concerns. That said, you CAN fly it in state parks or in local parks at home. This is always a thrill as the high speed flying, the stunts, and little nods to detail like the specialized landing gear of the Redtail can get you an appreciative audience. Who knows, you may inspire a few more aviation aficionados yourself!

The final word

In closing, we’ve advised you a little bit on the rich history of the P51 Mustang as well as given you a few ideas as to where you might obtain your own RC flying replica as well. History buffs and RC aircraft fans, we wish you happy flights and fond imaginations. Until next time, fly safe!

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