Complete SYMA X5C 1 Quadcopter Drone Review!

Syma X5C has been recommended as a good quadcopter drone for beginners, and the Syma X5C-1 is not much of an overhaul. The Syma X5C is a quadcopter with tremendous features, so it would come as no surprise that this Syma X5C 1 quadcopter drone review quadcopter drone review of the upgraded version has shown that is is better!

Starting off with the flight, the X5C-1 drone flies just like X5C. Taking photos and videos during flight also occurs with the HD 720P camera. One of the few differences, is the box which is used to package it, and the positioning of the camera and the function keys on the transmitter.

The X5C-1 quadcopter has a dimension of 310 x 310x 80mm, this measurement includes the prop guards. It also has a diagonal motor distance of 230mm. The motor size has a specification of 7 x 20mm coreless. Putting together the battery, prop guards and the overall weight, it is around 103g.

The battery is quite strong with a value of 3.7V 500mAh Li Po, which takes around 40-45 minutes for a full charge. The control distance is about 50m.

Syma is known for manufacturing steady and dependable toy-grade quadcopters, and the X5C-1 is an ideal example of the quality and reliability which Syma gives. For those who are ardent flyers of quadcopters, you would observe that the X5C-1 performs better when it comes to control and stability.

All the features which you would find in a conventional quadcopter is upgraded in the X5C-1, which makes flight a smooth one, with no unpleasant happenings. In addition to this, its flight is a quieter when compared to other quadcopters with similar sizes and makes.

The X5C-1 is meant for beginners, and they also serve perfectly as trainer drones, their piloting skills are very sharp, as they glide and manoeuvre smoothly in the air. The innovative trend of enclosing the battery and power switches in firm compartments is also present in the X5C-1 quadcopter. There is a miniature power switch positioned at the back, alongside with an enfolded battery bay placed at the bottom which gives an organized look.

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In addition to this, when you order for the Syma X5C-1, it comes with an extra pair of propellers, a transmitter, a battery with a reading of 500mAh and 3,7V, a USB charger, an SD card reader, a screwdriver, a manual and an SD card of 4GB.


X5C-1 comes with an ideal rate which is appropriate for flying through tight spaces and also indoors. This high rate activates the speed and the inherent agility of the quadcopter which is great for flying outdoors. With the aid of the screen, you would know the current mode you are in.

The X5C-1 gives a smooth flight, as it responds accordingly to the commands given by the controller. Once it has been trimmed, keeping the quadcopter stable becomes very easy. Talking about the manoeuvrability, it is top-notch, as it makes back turns look so stress-free.

One common problem which similar quadcopters have is, when the throttle is reduced, and the drone begins descending, it would be hard to recover the altitude. Eventually, the drone quavers and crashes. For the X5C-1, the reverse is the case, as the drone Syma X5c 1 is quick to respond to commands given by the throttle.

As for the prop guards, they add little weight. They are okay for flying indoors, but as you gain experience, they can be removed. In order to see the price, please visit here.


The battery which the controller uses, is the conventional 4 x AA batteries and it operates on a frequency of 2.4GHz. For you to set a proper link between the quadcopter and the controller, you would need to switch on the control, then the quadcopter follows. Ensure you do not make the mistake of switching on the quadcopter first before the control. Also, ensure the throttle stick is not upright.

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After this, the light would flash randomly and would then settle into a stable flash outline. Once this occurs, take the throttle up and down. The blinking of lights would stop and remain on, which indicates that the controller and quadcopter are in sync.


For the camera, the resolution is 720p, and the recording is directly stored on the SD card. If you want to take a picture, all you need do is to press a button. To commence and quit recording, you would need to long press the same button. Various models have different buttons positioned on the controller which can perform this function. So, it would be advisable that you go through the control manual.

The video quality is great, and considering the cost of the X5C-1, it is relatively okay. You can take cool aerial videos. The camera is not inbuilt, as you can remove and fix later. So, to reduce the weight, you can remove the camera if it is not in use. You can also change the angle of the camera anyhow you want.


  1. It is very easy to fly
  2. It has a camera with a high resolution
  3. The trim settings are adjustable
  4. It has easy and expert flight modes
  5. It has a remote camera activator
  6. Price level: $


  1. The original mounting of the camera is at an odd angle
  2. The flight time is limited
  3. There is no HD version
  4. The prop guards present are partial
  5. The payload capabilities are limited


For beginners, who are trying out flying for the first time, the Syma X5C-1 is an excellent drone to start with. It is easy to pick up the controls and maintain the stability of the drone which will ensure that you remain flying for a good period of time.

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The Syma X5C-1 is very affordable, however, buyers need to be aware of the quadcopter version they are buying. You can switch into the advanced mode in order to do more advanced glides. With the camera, you can capture photographs alongside with aerial videos.

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