Our 3DR Solo Drone Review!

3DR Solo Drone Review

Here’s the 3DR solo review that you all have been waiting for to help start your journey into an exciting and new generation of quadcopters capable of extreme flight! Drone makers are finally capitalizing on the advanced tech that is available for drones nowadays. Before we know it, we will see many quadcopters that have similar or advanced capabilities.

Many drones on the market are made of a small number of basic parts. You know what they are: props and motors, video camera, in flight stability feature, remote-control, housing made of durable plastic, and compatibility with smartphones like Android or iOS.

But this 3DR quadcopter is more than just a basic machine. Perhaps, you have some concerns and queries about it, so that’s where we come in! Our solo drone review is going to show you the features that put this drone a cut above the rest. We will take a look at everything step by step. In this manner, you will see what technology the drone has to offer. All will become known after checking out our review!

What Features are Included?

3DR Solo Drone Review
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When it come to this great solo drone, you will absolutely love the features included. Let’s examine them now in our 3dr drone review.

  • Dual 1 Gig Linux Computers: This drone comes with two computers (Linux), one inside 3DR Solo itself and one inside the controller. Having two computers means dual CPUS and less slowdown and lag-virtually none at all! All functions are executed fast on this machine for seamless operation of the solo drone. 
  • The LED lighting system of the 3DR Solo drone is perfect for night-time flying. You can get so much more done when you are able to work at night. It allows you to know what direction it is pointing all the time, so no need to worry about darkness. Some operators even put a flashlight onto their so the machine is easy to see while going about your business at night.
  • The drone also features an 880 KV motor. It is just the right combo of speed and torque or turning power. Sure, there are a number of quadcopter motors that might operate at 3000 KV, but they don’t have the torque required to lift heavy stuff, fly in dense wind, and otherwise work hard. This engine power gives you the best of both worlds.
  • The battery comes in at 14.8 volts and comes in at 5200 mAh, and this drone uses it efficiently. You get 25 minutes (give or take a couple of minutes) of flight time, a step up from most quadcopters that come in at 10 minutes. This is of course when a camera is not attached to it. If operating a camera, you get to fly it for 20 minutes. The controller will give you almost 4 hours of power.
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What Else Is Included?!

Okay, there is so much more to this drone!

  • The props are fortified with glass and measure 4.5 inches in length. They are self-tightening and made primarily of tough nylon. They are strong and ready for hours of flight.
  • The accessory bay of the 3DR Solo is a great place to store your batteries, custom and swappable parts, and so much more. You can simply retain all the things you might need right on hand instead of having to dig around in your backpack or satchel for the items. Don’t be the one left behind when everybody’s showing off their stuff!
  • This 3 Axis Solo Gimbal is included and works so well on this solo drone. However, if you want to change it out, you absolutely can do that! The gimbal is swappable and can easily be replaced according to your own needs. Get shopping for your favorite aftermarket gimbal if you wish!
  • You will also love the Smart Battery that has an LED indicator. It is so easy to monitor the level of battery-life on your 3dr solo drone when you watch the handy LED indicator. There will be no worries about your machine falling out of the sky-only safe and pleasant takeoffs and landings.
  • Another wonderful feature we looked forward to writing about in our solo drone review is the Flight Simulator App. Before you head out to fly, practice your skills on the included app. This is just perfect for those who don’t know about drones, or those curious but clumsy friends who want to try out your new toy. It gives you a realistic look into what it is like to fly the machine, so you can avoid costly mistakes and hone your skills. After all this drone is around $1K to replace.
  • Here is a really cool feature you will love-mobile High Definition video streaming! You can stream HD videos to your mobile from a GoPro within half a mile using this great 3dr Solo. Imagine sharing your adventures with your followers in real time.
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Wow, What Else?

  • Another great feature is that you are able to control the drone from the mobile app.
  • There is even an Autopilot system too-it can follow a trajectory you set forth for it.
  • You can activate Cable Cam, and the drone will hover on auto-pilot, so you can control the camera from start to finish. Orbit will let the drone move about any item you specify and locks the camera onto it.
  • And as far as distance goes, you can get about a half mile, or 800 meters maximum control distance.
  • There are also free updates for the firmware and software. One thing I am happy to report in this 3dr drone review is that you will never have to worry about paying for an update!
  • Lastly, another great feature of this drone is the replacement guarantee. 3DR will replace the 3DR Solo drone for free if it crashes and it is the flaw in the drone-for example, there is a mechanical failure. That’s a great reason to pull the trigger-you have nothing to lose.

How Much?

Without the gimbal, you can expect to pay $999. With gimbal, expect $1399.

The price tag is not a small one, but this drone is of the utmost quality and offers professional-grade performance with a sturdy, well-made quadcopter to assist you in getting the best footage and having the best flights. Don’t think twice about picking up one of these beauties made by 3DR Robotics.  What you spend now on a quality drone is less money put into a cheap one down the road.

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We are so glad you read our 3DR Solo drone Review. Hopefully this will help you make a decision about what you need in a drone. Enjoy the search, and happy flying!