Yuneec Breeze 4k Drone Review: All You Need To Know!

Yuneec Breeze 4k Drone Review

The breeze 4K is a drone which provides the best way to record your everyday life which could include sports, activities, reminiscences with family and friends amongst others. This Yuneec breeze 4k drone review will show you it’s features which users will definitely fall in love with! It has a self-sustenance ability in flight, and this is just one of the few reasons why it is one of the best set of drones for the coming generation.

There is a need for you to download the application on your smartphone for full incorporation. So for those who do not own a smartphone, it would not be convenient using this drone.

Yuneec Breeze 4k Drone Review


  1. It takes great 4K video and pictures
  2. It is easy to use, as there is no need for a flying experience when you want to capture aerial photos and record videos
  3. It is also safe to fly, as it holds its position indoors and outdoors
  4. With the application on your phone, you can use your device to navigate, control, edit videos and photos, and share them eventually
  5. The propellers are foldable, as the product is portable and lightweight



When unboxing, you would find the following in place:

  1. Propeller protections for interior flying
  2. Two 3S Li-Po batteries with a value of 11.1 V and 1150mAh
  3. A 5-inch protective carrying case

The newly packaged goggles and controller are not bought together with the actual kit, but separately. The controller was designed to give proper control when in flight, and it gives the user the choice of piloting the 4K drone with an enhanced hands-on approach.

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Design and Durability

The Yuneec breeze 4K drone is carved from plastic, and it is white in colour, with the dimensions 196 x 65 x 196mm, with a weight of around 385g.

A good number of people are usually of the opinion that drones which are manufactured from plastics would not be good enough for outdoor. However, the Yuneec breeze 4K comes with features which shows the power inherent in outdoor videos via portrait photos which is also known as “selfies”, and also the footage of activities done by family, friends or yourself.

The durability of the breeze 4K has been tested overtime, and it has been found to impress beyond doubts. The propellers automatically retract themselves slightly in order to reduce damage during impact, and also avoid them from snapping or breaking.

A first look at it could suggest that it is not durable enough, but on the contrary, it’s durability is outstanding. Visit here to see the price.


The Breeze 4K is equipped with an excellent camera which has many mouth-watering features which gives the perfect shot on every occasion. The maximum resolution of the camera is 4K and 30 frames for each second. It can also shoot 720p at 120 frames each second, and 1080p at 60 frames each second.

The camera can twist up and down all by itself, provided there is a command. It can also do so automatically if the feature meant for that is in use. It has a total field view of 117 degrees. However, one of the snares which you could encounter, is when shooting in 4K, the stabilization feature does not work, it only does when shooting in either 720p or 1080p.

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Flight time and battery

The batteries are the 3S Lithium-Polonium type which has a value of 11.1V and 1150mAh, and it gives a good flying time of between 12 to 15 minutes, which is quite short. The drone is designed for short videos and selfies, hence, the battery life is as expected. For a full charge, the battery takes up to 40 minutes.


For this model, it gives a different view to piloting and flying a drone. You can control with the controller by affixing it to your smartphone. So, you can fly and guide the Yuneec breeze with the joysticks and perform other functions such as capturing pictures, recording videos and many more all with the touch of few buttons. The controller can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth so that all controls can be done accurately.

When flying the Breeze 4K, you can fly in both Normal and the new perspective FPV mode, you can also control and fly the drone with the use of physical controls which are hands-on. The controller also enables a 720p FPV endless image transmission.

Flight performance

For the flight performance, the UAV is limited because of the max horizontal speed of 5m per second which is equivalent to around 11mph. It can only rise at around 1m per second which is equivalent to 2.2mph with a range of 100m and 0.06 miles. The Yuneec breeze 4K was exclusively designed not to present exploring and adventurous flights, but for taking pictures at medium distances. Also, during flights, the risk of losing or crashing the drone is reduced.

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The response time is impressive which makes it one of the paramount drone applications which are available for this model. The flight experience is excellent, even though there might be few hitches.


During use, the following features can be used fully:

  1. A selfie mode for a perfect aerial selfie, the drone takes a perfect standpoint in order to get an excellent shot
  2. There is a pilot mode meant for more control via the manual controls
  3. If you want the drone to circumnavigate round an object, enabling it in orbit mode makes it possible
  4. In journey mode, the drone would sum up the trajectory for you. It would fly away to take whatever images you want, and it would come straight back to you
  5. In the follow me mode, the drone does the work for you by working based on your GPS via the Bluetooth which would follow and capture every moment based on your passage
  6. It has an indoor positioning system which allows the drone to fold inside ensuring that accidents are avoided through optical flow which works via GPS, IPS sensors and infrared