Best CR123A Batteries Comparison Review

For people who use electronic devices which consume a lot of power such as cameras, flashlights and the likes, you would need the best CR123a batteries for optimum performance. You would not only have a regular supply of power, but you would also gain from the increased amount of time to be used.

One very important factor which should be considered when buying batteries, is to purchase from reputable sources. There are many brands which have low-quality batteries in stock, and at prices which are much cheaper. It is important not to fall for this. In the long run, you would discover that buying quality batteries which could be quite expensive, would pay off.

Best CR123A Batteries Comparison Review


Looking out for the best CR123 batteries is nothing difficult, you just need to avoid falling into the wrong hands. So, below are the necessary bits of information you should pay attention to, before you make your purchase.

  1. Expiry dates: People are often blind to this aspect of a product purchase. It is essential that you always check out for the best before dates before making a purchase. These dates would indicate the life of the battery, so you would know if a battery is worth using or not. If you purchase batteries which have few days to their expiry dates, it is considered as a waste of money. So, it is better to buy batteries which have a longer life for optimum results.
  2. Sealed from the factory: If you order for batteries, and they do not come with a seal from the factory, it is advisable to ask for a quick refund. Batteries which are delivered in a sealed condition is an indication that they were manufactured under safer conditions. Some sneaky sellers who want to offload their expired products and scam you might definitely not have sealed batteries, so you can easily detect this.
  3. Warranty of the manufacturer: This is usually an assurance from a manufacturer usually in form of a statement, always indicating that you can always return the batteries if they are faulty. A good number of online retailers would give you warranty on your purchases.
  4. Use a credit card: When you want to buy batteries, you can also make use of a credit card. Credit cards usually have prolonged warranties on some products, this makes it much easier for your funds to be returned in cases when a faulty item is purchased. What you need do is to place a call across to your credit card company and give your explanations.
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  1. Surefire 72 pack 123A Lithium


  1. It has high performance batteries which are enhanced for high-drain utilization in lights
  2. It has an average shelf life of 10 years
  3. It also has a broad temperature tolerance
  4. It also has an integrated fault and heat protection
  5. The average weight is 3.5 pounds

The Surefire batteries are manufactured by Panasonic in the United States of America (USA), and they have the best quality units from all the production run. The batteries are one of the best CR123 batteries which are sold in the markets, and they do not only supply a regular power supply to your electrical appliances, the shelf life is also very long. The voltage of these batteries are maintained till when they die, so it is expected that they would deliver on a 100% note once the device is up till when the battery dies.

One lovely feature which the Surefire 72 pack 123A Lithium has, is its packaging which is very neat, and is an indication of the high quality.

  1. Energizer photo battery 123


  1. It is very good for electronics which are used daily
  2. Long-lasting performance for your high-tech devices
  3. Power can be stored for about 10 years
  4. It is a Lithium-type battery

People who are quite new to this, might confuse it with alkaline batteries because of the similar packaging which they share. These batteries are long-lasting and are the high-energy type which you can count on to power your vital electronic devices.

  1. Panasonic CR123 CR123A 3V Lithium


  1. Very safe and reliable
  2. High current pulse discharge capability
  3. Long shelf life
  4. Negligible shelf discharges
  5. Operating temperature of around -40 degree Celsius to 70 degree celsiuss
  6. It has a non-rechargeable Lithium battery
  7. 3 Volt rated with a capacity of 1.55Ah
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These batteries are perfectly suited for cameras, alarms used in the home, and smoke detectors. They also make available high voltage power which would be useful for heavy electronics users.

  1. Streamlight 85177


  1. The batteries have a shelf life of 10 years
  2. They work well with streamlight flashlight
  3. The batteries are also well suited for other electronic equipment

The Streamlight 85177 usually receives a high rating from clients based on the fact that it is of a high quality, and it is one of the best around. There are usually 12 batteries which comes packaged, so it would be hard for you to run out of power.



  1. Battery height of 33.4mm and diameter of 17mm
  2. They can perfectly substitute other batteries
  3. They are highly durable
  4. They also offer high performance

DL123A DURACELL is produced by Duracell which is one of the foremost leaders in the battery industry, they are usually highly recommended and this battery has gotten lots of positive reviews from users in different parts of the world.



  1. The battery’s reliability is enhanced, which implies that it has a high performance
  2. The height of the battery is 1.36 inches and a diameter of 0.67 inches
  3. The battery has a capacity of 1.55Ah

The PANASONIC CR123A- 12PK cost is quite affordable and they are disposable, which suggests that as far as they do not run out of power, you would be able to use them for long.

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