The Complete Upair One Drone Review

If you need an upair drone which is affordable with a proficient camera in the market, then the drone in this buying guide is what you should consider. The 4K camera has a suspending device which ensures its stability for a smooth video footage which has a field view of 120 degrees. It has the ability to transmit live video feed which can be up to 800m away, with the overall control range of about 1000m.

One notable advantage which the drone has over others is, the 7-inch screen with an HD FPV competence, so there is no need to use your smartphone device. Also, there is a cheaper version which has a 2.7K camera. So, if you need an affordable drone, this Upair one drone review will show you that it is a perfect pick.

upair one drone review



This is one of the features which makes the Upair one drone stand out. As earlier mentioned, there are two versions of this drone when it comes to the camera, which is either the 2.7K or the 4K type, with the latter incurring extra cost. Both cameras shoot in HD which can be likened to what a professional photographer would do.

The images taken by the 2.7K camera are the 8mp type while that of the 4K camera, is the 16mp type.

In addition to this, the 2.7K camera is fitted with a sensor; the Sony CMOS type, while the Upair one 4K type is fitted with the Panasonic type. Both companies are well known electronic companies, so you can be assured that your camera would be of high standard.

Both cameras have a high functional quality with their wide angle lens of 120 degrees. With the 2-axis suspending device, the camera is stabilized, however, it is not as good as a 3-axis suspending device, still it would remove any instant shake which could alter the video or image footage.


Asides the camera which is a standout feature of the Upair one drone, the remote control or controller is another excellent feature which equips the Upair one drone. The remote or controller has a display screen with full colours and a length of 7 inches.

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This feature does not only allow you to control your drone easily, but you would also have a first-person vision of everything which is going on. The Upair one drone comes with an inbuilt application for viewing, so there is no need for you to download an application.

This remote control has a dial positioned on its top right which controls the suspending device and two buttons which are meant for shooting and recording videos, and also capturing images.


The Upair one drone has a return home feature which deserves to be mentioned due to the fact that it preserves your battery. The remote control has a switch which activates the return home function. Once the battery is low, or signal is lost, the drone will take its return flight back to its origin. These features are in place to ensure that flying a quadcopter is painless for starter pilots and those who take flying as a hobby.

They are also structured to ensure that the chances of your drone being destroyed, is reduced. One thing with flying drones is, there is a high chance of losing them. But with the Upair one drone, that possibility is lowered.

These features also have other uses asides the different home features, such as a free-hand mode which ensures piloting a drone is done effortlessly. There is also an altitude hold and a position hold, both of which ensures a top-notch aerial photography delivery.


People are always attracted by designs, and this is one feature which the Upair one has to offer. It has a sleek appearance which is very appealing. Starting off with the 7-inch LCD display screen which it enables feeds of live images alongside with enabling you to properly control your drone. The upair one flight time is also made easy due to the presence of the free-hand mode. For the video quality, the views are very clear.

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The batteries are the Lithium-Polonium type, and they have 4 LED lights which indicates when the batteries are either running low or they are fully charged, they also give a longer time for flight.


  1. The Upair one has an HD camera which is steadied by a 2-axis suspending device, and this is great for aerial photography
  2. There is a 7-inch HD screen alongside with a controller which enables clearer images and video footage as well
  3. The control range is 1000m
  4. The flight time is 19 minutes on an average
  5. The drone is affordable with excellent features
  6. It works well with DJI phantom propellers
  7. It can record your whole flight, all you just need is an SD card of high capacity, preferably 32GB
  8. Upair’s customer support is very responsive
  9. Upair one drone has a maximum speed range of between 29-32mph


  1. A good number of the batteries could have defects.
  2. The drone does not work well in windy conditions, and the signal could be lost at intervals


The Upair drone review shows a lot of features which makes it appealing to people. If you need a drone for the purpose of aerial photography, and you cannot afford the expensive ones, the Upair drone would suffice for you. The presence of the in-built GPS system makes the drone fly easier and hover at great heights which is suitable for aerial photography, it also has a maximum speed of about 31mph.

The 7-inch LCD screen and the 4K camera which is affixed to the one drone controller gives a great flying experience. Though it could have some faults such as the video camera failing to record properly and the suspending device which might not tilt properly.

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Nonetheless, the Upair one drone is a fantastic drone whose current issues would be corrected as innovations occur regularly in the technology world.

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