Why Should You Invest In A Drone Landing Pad?

drone landing pad
drone landing pad
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You are piloting an aircraft, you know? While a drone landing pad seems like a trifle, as drones get more and more complex you might want to consider a little extra protection. This is high-end technology, folks, and every bit counts. In this article we are going to tell you a little about some of the options that you have available for you when it comes to a quality drone landing pad.

Why a landing pad?

Having a landing pad helps to insure your investment. For instance, if you are in an area with high grass, having a designated place to land can keep your propellers from catching in the grass (invest in propeller guards as well, every bit of protection counts!). You also need to keep the dirt in mind. Just landing your drone in the grass or the dirt probably isn’t going to cause a problem right away but over time, if you aren’t cleaning it, that dirt will build up. Not to mention the nightmare about the grass that we mentioned. So invest a little in a place for your drone to safely take off and land, you’ll be glad that you did.

So what are the choices out there which are available for landing pads? We’re glad that you asked! Here are some of our favorite picks for landing your drone safely and confidently.

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Helipad landing paddrone pad

Quality landing doesn’t have to cost you a bundle. This brightly visible entry in our selection of pads is made from thick rubberized material for ultra-soft landings from your flights. This pad conforms to uneven surfaces but doesn’t come with a carrying case so you’ll need to purchase one of those separately. At around $10 this is the cheapest pad on the list.

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Universal landing pad

drone helipadMeasuring in at 31.5 inches, this drone helipad is perfect for landing a number of drones, including, DJI Phantom 2, 3, 4 models, GoPro Karma, Parrot drones, Mavic 2 Zoom air, Antel robotics, and more! It comes with a carrying case as well as reflective strips for night landings and landing nails to secure your drone pad against the winds. Best of all it won’t break the bank, at around $14 for your purchase. Not a bad deal at all.

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Homga waterproof landing padlanding pad mavic

Another offering in the $14 range, the Homga is a great pad for ensuring safe takeoffs and landings. The Homga drone launch and landing pad measures in at 30” and thus will fit moat models, such as Mavic, Pro Phantom 2, 3, and 4 Pro models, as well as serve as a proper landing pad for PVB drones, Antel Robotics, and 3DR Solo models. It is also composed of waterproof nylon construction which means that it will last for many a happy landing. The design on this one is double-sided so it’s ready to go whichever way you unfold it and it also comes with landing nails to secure it, a carrying case, and reflective strips for those twilight flights that we sometimes can’t resist taking our beloved drones on.

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            ” The landing surface can also be customized if you need it.”

drone launch padRCGeek Drone landing pad

Looking for something a little higher-end? This RCGeek drone pad will fit most 14.9 inch drones such as all Syma quads and helicopters, as well as Mavic Air model drones and Eachine and Holy stone quadcopters as well. This pad is a little more fun than the previous listings, as it comes with an array of 23 LED lights for better night landings, as well as 4 legs for standing the pad and offering your drone a better, flatter surface for take-offs and landings. The landing surface can also be customized if you need it to fit for smaller drones without a lot of excess, it’s a cool little feature. This one looks sharp, folks, and at around $25 you really can’t go wrong with this pad and it comes with a carrying case to tote your pad around in as well. What more do you want? .

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Flathat 32″ drone landing padmavic pro landing pad

This model is the largest on our list so if you aren’t sure about the size that you need then you can pick this one with confidence. Constructed of a heavy-duty nylon canvas fabric this pad is durable and will help to keep dirt and weeds away from your precious drone. This pad will fit the DJI Mavic drone as well as the DJI Phantom models 1,2,3, and 4. This model doesn’t come with LED strips like the RCGeek pad, but you do get a heavy-duty canvas bag to store your pad in and aluminum stakes to secure it to the ground for takeoff and landings. The overall visibility of this pad is great for unassisted landings or you can simply designate your homing function to go straight to the pad in the case of low battery or if you simply want to go home.

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Some words in favor of landing pads

In this article we’ve told you a little about our 5 favorite picks for inexpensive, effective landing pads We cannot stress how important these are to your investment. Remember that your drone was not cheap and while it is fun it is definitely not a toy. This is a high-end piece of machinery and so you can’t to treat it as such. That said, what is our favorite pick?

Our favorite landing pad

We’re going with the RCGeek drone landing pad as our favorite out of these selections. While the others are nice, the RCGeek model has legs and the LED lights really make landing at night a fun experiences. Cost wise it is not going to hurt your wallet and as it is elevated them you are ensured an even landing surface once you have set it up. All of the pads that we have listed here are good as well, so be sure not to skimp on launch and landing protection, get your drone landing pad today!