Ultimate Air Wars Battle Drones Reviews

air wars battle drones reviews

air wars battle drones reviews Drones are great fun but while you can fly one around the park what you really want, deep down inside, is a dogfight. You want to sot another drone in your sky and show them who is boss. This is where battle drones come in. With battle drones you can do what you have always wanted and fight it out, one on one, until only one drone rules the sky. In today’s article we will review these drones and let you know what we think of the experience. Without further ado, let the air wars battle drones reviews begin!

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What exactly are battle drones?

Battle drones are pretty much what they advertise. They are drones that are designed for you to be able to ram each other and perform various other attacks in an attempt to show who is best. You can outfit them with up to 10 weapons and your goal is to remove all of the weapons from the other drone or simply force them out of the sky.  The design of the drones themselves makes this quite viable. With propeller guards, these drones are fairly well protected and can bounce off of each other and even concrete in some cases, allowing you to do things that you’d never dare do with a Mavic or a Phantom 4. It’s good, new-fashioned fun and frankly, it’s about time that somebody made drones which are DESIGNED to be mistreated.

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Wow, so I can really fight my friend’s drone?

Yes, indeed, you can. While you can’t shoot the other drone out of the sky yet (but give it time, someone is sure to apply the ‘laser tag’ principle to some drones soon, hint hint, drone manufacturers!), the weapons assortment that you do get looks fearsome and will put a smile on your face. That said, we should note that these fights are going to be fast and furious, because your battery time on these is about 8 minutes per 1 hour charge. This might be vexing if it is a gift for a younger child but this won’t always be the case, as the experience is thrilling enough that they might just play, switch to video games for a charge session, and then go right back to fighting each other’s drones in the backyard or around the house.

What kinds of attacks are available?air wars battle drones reviews

Your drones come with 4 modes of attack. The attack modes are as follows:

  • 360 spin attack
  • Tornado attack
  • Circle attack
  • Ram attack

The weapons themselves are greatness. You get 10 of them and they fasten right on to the drones. Examples of the weapons include saw blades, hooks for catching and dragging the other drone, spears, axes, and more. This means that you have a number of clever ways to get at your opponent and of course it allows for multiple permutations of the game. For instance, have each person pick only one or two weapons with a rule that each has to pick something unique. Then each player has to play to the strength of their weapons. With a little imagination the possibilities are fairly close to endless. One player might try to spear the other’s propellers while their foe tries to catch them in a hook and drag them into a tree or the wall. You’ll see for yourself pretty soon, it’s a blast!

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air wars battle drones reviews

What comes with my purchase?

Your purchase comes with everything that you need to get started although we should warn you, the batteries are only charged at 50% so it is recommended that you stick them on the charger for half an hour to ensure that you start the game with a full charge. Inside the box you will find the following:

  • Two drones, one red and one silver
  • Two controllers
  • 10 awesome weapons
  • 2 charge cables (micro usb)
  • Batteries
  • Instruction guide
  • 8 replacement propeller blades

These drones are pretty much ready to go out of the box as long as you give them that recommended charge. This means that you won’t have to wait all day for the good times to begin but we do recommend at least a cursory glance at the instruction book in order to help you get started. Just in case you can’t help yourself and you don’t read want to read more than a page or two we’ll give some quick tips on the first step.

How do I get started once I have my battle drones?

The first thing that you are going to want to do is to charge them, of course. Mind you, they are at 50% already, so if you would rather get them’ paired’ first you can go straight to that. Your manual will include steps on performing the ‘pairing’ and don’t worry, it’s pretty quick and painless. The important thing is that you want to pair them one at a time, as you can have issues with the wrong color controller

“You want to pair them one at a time.”

pairing with the wrong drone if you try to do them both at the same time. Once the drones are paired then they are ready to fight (or to charge in anticipation of the upcoming fight if you skipped that step). Before fighting, be sure that each person chooses and attaches their weapons. Once the weapons are in place and the units are fully charged then they are ready to rumble.

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What Sets the Ultimate DX3 Video Drone Apart from the Ultimate Air Wars Battle Drones?

The ultimate dx3 video drone review highlights the distinguishing features that set it apart from the ultimate Air Wars battle drones. While both are impressive in their own right, the DX3 video drone stands out with its advanced video capabilities, allowing users to capture stunning aerial footage. With its superior camera quality and stable flight controls, the DX3 offers a truly exceptional drone experience for those seeking professional-grade videography.

Our final verdict on Air Wars battle drones

With the exception of the 8 minute battery life, these are darned near perfect. Fun for any age, with the multiple permutations of weapons and tactics these will provide fun for a long time to come. These drones are inexpensive and can take a beating and if you are looking to waste a little time in the home or office (hey, it depends on where you work) then you could do a lot worse than these battle drones. Until next time we wish you the best in your sky brawls!