Ultimate DX3 Video Drone Review

dx 3 video drone review


dx 3 video drone review Sharper Image is a name that we are all familiar with. Known for providing the latest and greatest in existing and emerging technology, when one of their catalogs comes in the mail it’s a guilty pleasure to just sit and ‘window shop’. With that in mind we present the DX3 video drone. This offering from Sharper Image has a lot going for it but does it meet up to all the hype? Today we have for you a Sharper image DX3 video drone review so that we can tell you what we liked and didn’t like about this unit so that you can decide for yourself if Sharper Image will be enjoying your business again soon! Without further ado, let’s review!

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The body of the drone

As far as the size, this drone falls into the ‘medium to large’ category at measurements of 21 x 14 by 4 inches, but with it’s spidery design it is actually quite thin and light. This is a bit of a double edged sword but we will go into that later. We like the complete integration of the camera, as there are no extraneous arms build in needed to hold it. It’s all inclusive and that’s kind of nice for a change. We also like the propeller protection. Instead of having to buy extra guards for your blades (and if you have owned a drone previously you know the importance of these) the DX3 comes with an encircling, flexible ‘shield’ that ensures you are more likely to bounce from a collision rather than endure a dreaded crash. The unit also has 4 LED lights, with two white in the front like ‘headlights’ and two red in the rear which rather resemble‘brakelights’. Access to the battery is in the rear and there is a microusb port for easy charging as well. Now that you have a better mental image of the unit itself let’s discuss another fun component, the controller.

The controller

The controller for this unit is more like a gaming controller than anything and we think this adds a little to the experience. Some drones have overly complicated controls but for many this is a deterrence. Not so with the DX3, where the controller is more intuitive and more geare to fun. So, what do you get? First, you get two joysticks, followed up by a number of automated function buttons, allowing you to do things like 360 degree flips, to take off or land, or to switch to first person view, all at the touch of a button. While there is an indicator for your drone’s level of charge, you don’t get the same sort of indicator for your controller, so keep an eye on your drone if you are one of those ‘last minute charge’ types. Should the controller disconnect, there are some automated functions such as autoland that can protect your drone if something like this occurs. Aside from these features, there Is also a socket for interfacing your smartphone should you want to livestream your flight for added entertainment value. As far as range, this 2.40 GHZ controller can control your drone at a range of 450 feet, so you have plenty of room for distance play with your DX3.

Flight experiencedx 3 video drone review

The flight experience of the DX3 is a mixed bag. With the extended range you can indeed have some fun adventures but a downside of the large frame with the low 2.6 pound weight means that high winds can be a bit of a deterrent. That said, the DX3 video drone comes with 6 gyros to stabilize it for your stunts, so that if the wind is not being vicious you can perform a number of tricks without having to worry about losing control. With 3 speed settings, you can perform delicate maneuvers on the slower settings or try your luck at full speed with homemade obstacle courses or in the local woods. When the unit goes out of range it will trigger an alarm and you can set it to stop in place or to auto-land, whichever you feel will be most advantageous. With a 450 foot range, however, this won’t be much of a problem once you get a feel for its limits. All in all, this is a fun and a great drone for beginners, though we should point out that the flight time on each battery is going to be about 10 minutes so you will want to stock up on some extra batteries and keep them charged if you are looking to spend some more quality time with your new drone.

Taking videos of your adventures

This is marketed as a ‘video drone’ and it certainly meets that designation. You can take 720 videos of your flight experience or simply snapshots from views that you like. The DX3 come with a 4 gigabyte micro sd card for storing your video but if this is not enough you can always upgrade the memory card.

“The first person view will stream at a range of around 100 yards”

The only issue which we have noticed has to do with high wind conditions. During high wind conditions you may notice the appearance of black lines in your video but we should point out that this doesn’t occur in more fair conditions. The first person view will stream at a range of around 100 yards and is a pleasure, so be sure to upgrade your storage capacity with a bigger card and start taking advantage of the type of photography that only a drone can provide.

dx 3 video drone review

How Does the History of Drones Relate to the DX3 Video Drone?

The complete concise history of drones reveals their evolution from military devices to commercial tools. The DX3 Video Drone epitomizes this transition. With its advanced features and technology, the DX3 embodies the progress made in both the design and functionality of drones over time. By understanding the history of drones, one can appreciate the innovation and advancements that have shaped drones like the DX3 into accessible and versatile devices for various industries.

Some final words

When it comes to an entry level drone the Sharper Image DX3 is a great choice for older kids and adults alike. The joystick controller makes it fun and the ease of making video chronicles of your adventures makes this simply a product that functions as advertised. While you won’t get the kind of photos you’d get from a Mavic, 720p is still nothing to sneeze at, just stay out of high winds and be sure to stock up on extra batteries so that your playing time doesn’t end too soon!

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