Ultimate Sky Viper V2400 Review

sky viper v2400 review

sky viper v2400 review We’ve all dreamt of flying at some point. Soaring through the skies, weaving between obstacles with the grace of a bird… it seems to be in our blood. This is where the Sky Viper V2400 comes into play. With a First person view headset, you can vicariously experience this for yourself. Does it live up to all the hype, though? In this Sky Viper V2400 review we are going to discuss what we liked and what we didn’t like about this model so that you can decide if the Sky Viper is the right drone for you. Let’s talk about soaring the skies in the Sky Viper!

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The Design

Skyrocket’s Sky Viper V2400 design is, well, fairly standard for quadcopters drones. You have your 4 propellors (custom colored if you have purchased the parts) and a sleek black body with neon green highlights. Nothing fancy, but where the Sky Viper shines are it’s features. The first-person headset experience, for instance. The Sky Viper is designed so that you can experience a first-person view of flying it should you wish to. Unlike previous models where you had to remove the camera for loops and other stunts, the V2400 needs no special preparations if you want to experience first person loops and more. If first-person viewing makes you dizzy or if it simply isn’t your thing then you can simply mount your Celphone to the Xbox-style controller and observe and control the action from there. 

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Filming with the Sky Viper V2400sky viper v2400 review

Filming or experiencing the flight through the headset, your view is certainly a treat with the Sky Viper. It has a 720p livestream with the Sky Viper app and you can save your video adventures on the SD card. A very big part of the experience is one of the reasons why the Sky Viper was originally slightly higher priced then some of the competitors.

Ease of use.

Setting it up to work with the app and the headset is a breezes. A lot of drones on the market take enough setup time that it takes just a little bit of the magic out of the equation but when charged the Sky Viper is pretty much fun right out of the box. The ease with which you can take snapshots and films (which may be viewed whenever you like) makes this a great user-friendly choice for those who are looking for a beginner drone with a few bells and whistles. 

The Fun factor

When you’ve got a first-person view headset involved in the experience then you can really get creative in how you play with your drone. If you want to whip out some cardboard boxes and make yourself a death star trench, you can do it. Want to feel like a bird flying through the forest? You can do it. The first person view takes things to the next level but you certainly don’t have to use it to enjoy your drone. You also are not limited to outside flight, as the drone is not overly huge, so you can take it for a spin around the house for giggles or even fly it downstairs if you think there is a burglar (or a family member trying to get your cookies). The Sky Viper also has an auto launch, auto land, and auto hove3r option, controlled by the same button, so you won’t have to worry when it comes to performing these basic drone functions with your Viper. Yes, this is a beginner drone, but the focus is on the fun and in this the Sky Viper V2400 certainly does not disappoint. 

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Run time

The Sky Viper comes with an onboard rechargeable battery, however, the remote runs on 3 AAA batteries and were a little disappointed that the remote didn’t have a rechargeable battery as well. The battery which the Sky Viper comes standard with will get you about 10 minutes of flight time. Now, that

“V2400 can be upgraded from its stock battery to a 3350mah.”

said, you can UPGRADE your battery. The Sky Viper V2400 can be upgraded from its stock battery to a 3350mah battery. So, what does this do for your flight time? It takes you from 10 minutes to a whopping 21 minutes of time. If you have spent a lot of time with drones then you will know that 21 minutes is actually quite good so this is definitely an upgrade which you should consider.

sky viper v2400 review


Originally released in 2018, the Skyrocket Sky Viper V2400 has gone down in price enough that it’s practically a steal. You can sometimes find them as low as $99 or less than $150, depending on the vendor. Skyrocket toys are sometimes available locally at stores like Toys R Us or may be obtained online if you would like an easier shopping experience or simply don’t like lines. For a first-person, upgradeable drone you really can’t beat that price with a stick and the temptation is there to simply buy two of them and dogfight to your heart’s content. Just be careful if you decide to go that route, of course, because you are certainly going to void your warranty. Like many much more expensive drones, you can make upgrades to this drone and parts are easily obtainable online at Amazon.com or eBay.com (and a number of hobby stores). Example upgrades include the batter upgrade, propeller guards, and a number of parts just in case you need to replace something. All in all, you could certainly do a whole lot worse with a $100 drone.

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Some final words on the Sky Viper V2400

In this article we have given you our opinion on the various features of the Sky Viper V2400. In our opinion, this one is a keeper. It can prepare you for a larger drone and with a battery upgrade; it can fly as long as many of those larger drones as well. Couple this with the headset experience and it’s simply too much fun to pass up, so be sure to check this one out. You’ll be glad that you did!