Best Phantom 4 Case Guide

Best Phantom 4 Case
Best Phantom 4 CaseWhen you’ve invested the kind of money that goes into purchasing high tech wonders like the Phantom 4 you want to protect your investment. So, how do you find a worthy means of conveyance? You can’t just throw your expensive drone in a knapsack and hope someone doesn’t bump into you and crush it. If you are taking advantage of the cinematography options of your drone you also want to present it onsite with style. These concerns and more are valid and as such, we’ve collected a series of elite cases for your consideration so that you can have a better idea of what’s available for housing your expensive equipment. Let’s discuss the best Phantom 4 case options.

Getting started

The offerings which we are showcasing here are examples of what you want to look for. They have been chosen for their solid protection, style, resistance to the elements, and of course, excellent capacity. You need to be able to carry your drone and it’s accessories safely and in a professional fashion and all of these offerings fit the bill. Take a look for yourself!

HD Stars Protective Aluminum Hard Traveling CaseBest Phantom 4 Case

Click here to view this item on Amazon Our first entry is a great option for a frequent traveler who wants to carry around their drone in style. The HD Stars protective case is made out of shiny, durable aluminum, reinforced with stainless steel corners. It’s strong and not only will it fit a Phantom 4, but any of the DJI Phantom models. The roomy interior of this sleek case is foam with cut-outs designed for holding your Drone and accessories securely and get this… you don’t have to remove the propellers from your drone during transport! It seems like a little thing if you haven’t owned your Phantom 3 for very long but those who have, you know what we’re talking about. Most cases require that you remove the propellers but with a case like this HD Stars model you can pop it open and get straight to flying. The aluminum and stainless steel exterior makes it water resistant and consequently, this doubles as an outstanding launch and landing pad when it is not housing your drone. At 9.6 pounds it is a bit on the heavy side but that’s the price you pay for armor with style!
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B & W Case for Phantom 4

Click here to view this item on Amazon Best Phantom 4 CaseOur second entry is a monster when it comes to protection and style. The B & W case is made of injected molded polyethylene, for one thing, making it extremely strong and durable. You could probably go after it with a baseball bat (but we don’t recommend that, of course). That’s not all, however. This case is designed to withstand a wide temperature range, from -30 to 80 degrees Celdius, which is something that you don’t see every day in a protective case.  It is completely waterproof and even includes a pressurized valve, designed to take in air but not water, and aside from protecting your Phantom from flooding it also ensures that pressure issues from taking your drone on an airplane are no longer a worry. It has 4 latches and a single, round ‘snap lock’ that allows you to unlock and unlatch it, and there are two eyelets available for padlocks if you decide that you want to do that extra mile. There is even a name tag on the front if you want to assert your ownership. Lastly, the foam interior is roomy, it will hold your drone and accessories and you don’t even have to take the propellers off of your Phantom 4. All in all, this is probably the strongest case on the list.

HPRC Wheeled Case for Phantom 4Best Phantom 4 Case

Click here to view this item on Amazon This HPRC case balances the line between protection and lightweight conveyance. With a durable, impact-resistant plastic exterior and polyethylene precision water-cut foam on the inside you have both shock protection and the means to keep your drone and accessories from bouncing around during the rigors of transport. Like our previous listings, you don’t have take the propellers off of your Phantom 4 and it’s roomy enough to bring your drone, controller, batteries, and even a 10” tablet along with a handful of other small accessories.  It is water and UV resistant and ergonomically designed, with all of the weight falling towards the bottom portion of the case so that you can take advantage of the wheels when you are traversing a smooth, compatible surface and feel like letting it roll instead of lugging it around. If you want protection that is a little on the lighter side when it comes to carrying your drone then this might be a good fit for you!
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Koozam Phantom 4 Pro Case

Click here to view this item on Amazon Best Phantom 4 CaseFor the executive in you, this Koozam Phantom 4 Pro case really fits the bill. The exterior is solid, dependable aluminum, painted matte-black for that sleek look when you are carrying it from point A to
“The advantage of being able to carry ALL Phantom models”
point B. That point alone makes it highly desirable if you are using your drone for filming, for instance, and want to bring your equipment in style. It’s not just a pretty case, however, and like our other offerings the roomy interior allows you to carry around your accessories along with your drone and you can keep those rotor guards on. This model has the advantage of being able to carry ALL Phantom models, so if you own more than one Phantom you can swap out the one you are carrying with no issues and save yourself money on an extra case, and it’s lightweight, so you get the solid protection without pulling your shoulder out of joint. Definitely worth a closer look!

Are the Best Phantom 3 Cases Compatible with the Phantom 4?

Are the best cases for phantom 3 drones compatible with the Phantom 4? It’s a commonly asked question among drone enthusiasts. While the basic sizes and shapes of the two drones are similar, the Phantom 4 has different dimensions and features. Therefore, it’s recommended to invest in specific cases made for the Phantom 4 to ensure a perfect fit and proper protection for your drone.

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In closing

In this article we have discussed the best Phantom 4 case options. We hope that we’ve given you a good idea of what is out there to protect your investment. Keep your Phantom 4 snug, secure, and insured (property insurance is a good idea!) and it will be there for you for many years to come!