Ultimate Dromida Vista FPV Review

Dromida Vista FPV Review
Dromida Vista FPV ReviewWhen it comes to flying a drone one of the coveted aspects of the experience is the first person view. FPV allows you to experience the flight ‘head-on’, making flying through the woods or your own homemade obstacle course a real treat. So, how does the Dromida Vista FPV rate in this experience? In today’s article we will let you know what we thought about our experiences with this drone so that you can get a better idea as to whether or not the Dromida Vista might be a good fit for you. Without further ado, let’s start our Dromida Vista FPV review! Click here to view this item on Amazon

The body

Small and sleek, the design which is incorporated looks much like a streamlined jet that has been given a framework of 4 copter blades  rather than the standard ‘spider’ appearance of most quadcopters. The frame, overall, is about 9.8 inches in diameter and it weighs in at a light 4.8 ounces. The plastic is very durable so this is a good drone for young beginners though while it can take a beating there are no blade guards so it might have been nice if they had included more than one extra set of propellers.  It is available in two color sets, orange and black and blue and black, respectively, and certainly has a nice look to it. It is also customizable to an extent and all it takes is a screwdriver to unfasten a bit here or there and to replace it with a custom accessory but keep in mind that it is only going to be able to support a very limited weight… keep accessories to a minimum for best results.
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The Controller

The controller for this model is an improvement over Dromida’s last release in that it now fits just about any smart phone quite securely. The controller is ergonomically sound, pleasant to hold and it is easy to access all of the parts of it which you need to properly control the unit. It is also designed for fun, as it mimics the shape of your standard X-box controller and we liked this about it as well. As the Dromida uses SLT flight, if you do not like the controller then you can replace it and instead pair the Dromida with another SLT compatible controller such as the one provided by Tactic, but there really isn’t much need.  Well, at least there wouldn’t be if it was not for the batteries. The Dromida controller requires 4 AA batteries and while you can always get some rechargeable AA’s we always feel like we have been cheated a little when a controller cannot be recharged along with its drone. Is it a deal breaker? That’s going to be up to you.

Power supplyDromida Vista FPV Review

The power supply for your Dromida Vista FPV is a 7V 850 mah and what this means for you is that your flight time is going to be around 12-15 minutes. This is a bit of a disappointment in that the flight time is shortened when you are taking videos. Yes, you can keep some spare batteries in order to swap them out as needed but it would have been nice if you could have gotten the whole 15 minutes for filming instead of having to settle for 8 – 11 minutes at a time (there is another caveat which we will mention in the camera section, so stick around!).
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As far as stunts, the Dromida Vista has a ‘flip’ button which is easy to engage. Clicking the button on your controller and then pushing in the direction which you wish to flip sends the Dromida Vista into an immediate, satisfying aerial tumble. It is a bit of a one-trick pony when it comes to stunts but if this is a gift for a novice or a young child they will have a good time with it and the impact resistance of the drone actually does go quite a long way in protecting it from nasty crashes.

The camera

The camera is very nice. Not as much as some of the high end units, of course, but at 720 you can take some very nice videos. Now, with this in  mind we need to go into one of the caveats that we hinted about previously in the ‘battery’ section. Due to limitations in the file system design your Dromida Vista FPV can only take 5 minutes of video at a time. Anything which you film over this is going to be divided up into a new file. So if you take 10 minutes of video then you will get two 5 minute videos and this is a
“Due to the WIFI connection you can’t actually stream FPV continuously”
little bit vexing. Also, while toted as an FPV drone, due to the WIFI connection you can’t actually stream FPV continuously enough to navigate the drone with it and this part was a HUGE disappointment. After all, the unit totes itself as ‘FPV’ right in the title and while ‘technically’ your videos are first person view, your flight is not and we were very disappointed in this regard.
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Overall flight experience

Flying the Dromida is actually quite a lot of fun. It has 4 flight settings and two of these have the effect of turning off the accelerometer, allowing you to perform some rather interesting and dexterous maneuvers. The only limitation to the fun in this regard is due to the lightness of the drone. In winds over 10 miles per hour you are going to have control issues so you will want to make sure that you only fly it on days when there is a light, pleasant breeze. Dromida Vista FPV Review

Are the Sky Viper V2400 and Dromida Vista FPV Similar in Features and Performance?

When comparing the Sky Viper V2400 and Dromida Vista FPV, it’s important to consider their features and performance. The ultimate sky viper v2400 review reveals that this drone excels in agility and speed, providing an exhilarating flying experience. Meanwhile, the Dromida Vista FPV offers impressive video streaming capabilities, allowing users to enjoy a first-person view while capturing stunning aerial footage. Both drones have unique strengths, so choosing the right one depends on individual preferences and needs.

The verdict

The Dromida Vista FPV is fun to fly but we don’t really recommend it for anyone beyond young children. The FPV disappointment, wind factors, and the 4 AA battery requirements alone make it feel a bit hurried and unpolished, but with the high crash resistance and genuine fun that comes with flying it this will certainly be enjoyed by a child. Happy flying, folks! Click here to view this item on Amazon