Crawl To Victory – Top 5 Best RC Rock Crawlers!

RC cars are so much fun! There are a few things you may be looking for in your RC car that you simply just cannot find-that you wish the car would offer. For instance, some cars are great on speed but don’t do well on rocky terrain, which you might need for your local area. Well, you are in luck! We have the best rc rock crawler selections right here for your use.

Best RC Rock Crawler

RC rock crawler are really the way to go. You can take them on a hike or just go around your city, check out their toughness on a rock pile, and just have some fun. It’s pure adrenaline and no limits about where you can go!

Okay, But How?!

You are probably wondering how on earth does a rc crawler do this? They are simply designed that way.Bigger wheels, better turning, and overall durability gives you the chance to go where others just cannot. However, they do move at crawling speeds, so don’t expect to win over your buddies at the races with these.So if you are excited and ready to check out our best rc crawler selections, keep on reading!

The Products!

Redcat Racing Everest Crawler

Here is a crawler that brings you the best in style and power. When it comes to getting over the most craggy terrains, it has quite a kick to it. It conforms to different angles during operation, proving the value for the dollar. The electronics are waterproof, so you can use it in the snow and the rain. You can also mod it, to suit your own needs!


  • Super cool graphics
  • You can modify this crawler for your own needs
  • Shock resistant chassis
  • Brushed motor
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  • No AA batteries included
  • Parts are made of plastic

Intey RC Crawler

This is a super cool IP6 waterproof budget rc crawler  that lets you drive so easily in water and land alike. You can do amazing things in the rocks and the cold, icy snow as the rubber tires have great grip and float in water. You will also do well at the beach, the grass, and hills/mountains thanks to these great tires!

The anti-crash performance is great for those of us that like to get rough with the cars, as the rubber and plastic are high-quality. Once the truck is fully charged up, it can go .8 km/H in the water, and about 8 km/H on the land. You also get some great free accessories like a screwdriver and some other goods inside the  box.


  • Super tough and durable
  • Great anti-collision system
  • Has a 24 month warranty


  • Battery always needs to be fully charged-you cannot use it at half, for example.
  • Battery lasts only 10-15 minutes

Exceed RC MaxStone

Whoa! This might just be the answer to the question we all ask, “What is the best rc rock crawler rtr?” Stop your search because this is a big winner in our book. This is great for those of  you who are just starting out in the hobby, a little child who might  be interested in RC crawlers, or even those of you that know what  you’re doing but just want some fun. It looks great, crawls wonderfully, and is also very affordable.

It does not have the features that we described in the first two crawlers, which is to be expected when you have such a price difference. However, the speed on this thing is fantastic, and it also does a great job going over rocky terrains. The motor is the secret to this power. Its high torque motor is no match for what you throw at it.

You can go smooth over any type of terrain. The large wheel width gives it the best traction ever, and best of all it is RTR and so you can start the fun right away!

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  • Ball bearings work wonderfully to turn this
  • Lots of grip on wheels
  • Rear shaft protected by axle mount


  • Not waterproof
  • Plastic controller breaks rather easily

SJJX Crawler

Here is a cheap rc crawler that is going to offer you the best in off-roading you can get. Up to 3 of you can play at once, thanks to the 2.4 GHZ radio system! The chassis is shockproof and the brakes are reliable. The internal components will surely stay intact as you race it hard. So don’t worry if you accidentally race it off a rock!

It has great traction, steering, and control. You will have a spectacular time taking this over even the harshest terrain.


  • 3 friends can play at once
  • Suspension is independent
  • Brake feature included


  • Not waterproof
  • Battery time is rather lacking

DexOp RC Rock Crawler

If you have teens or even a 12 year old in your house, you have found the best car for them! If they are interested in RC cars or crawling, this is a great pick. It is super high quality and goes well on rough terrain-obstacles are no match for this great little car. Its brushed motor is strong, and performs well.

You can adjust the tires easily on uneven surfaces or terrains, or while driving fast. The grip is strong and has a great skid resistance. The number of screws that work together to keep the car together work well-this thing can really take a beating.


  • Super affordable
  • Powerful brushed motor & shock absorber
  • Crawls really well
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  • Plastic parts feel cheap
  • Toy-grade, not for serious hobbyists


If you are ready to crawl your way to victory, then choose one of these great cars and get started right away. When you see any of these amazing little cars crawl over the rocks and hills of your local park, you will be amazed and so glad you got one.

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