Top 5 Best RC Construction Equipment Vehicles!

We live in the digital era, which means that we can take advantage of technology for basically any purpose in our daily lives. Sounds ambitious but it is real. So, why does RC Construction Equipment should be a part of our lives and what does it has to do with technology?

RC Construction Equipment
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It could be considered as an expensive hobby in the eyes of a Best Buy summer intern, or it could mean serious opportunities for serious matters such as potential work projection for the future, an introduction to leadership, or even understanding a family business (if it is the case) while having fun.

Yes, remote control construction equipment could make those opportunities approachable if you get the benefit from it.

Efficiency and commodity

Human relationships are developing in this constant changing society, and in consequence, we experience developments in business, economy, work, and why not? In the construction field through rc equipment.

Therefore, Remote Controlling offers safety, commodity, productivity and efficiency for your construction purposes. Overall, it gives a sense of security for different ages. Hey, it’s not like “Rise of the Machines” is happening anytime soon. Hopefully.

For example, a manually operated truck’s productivity depends completely on the strength and stamina of the operator who may feel tired at some point and thus slowing down, possibly affecting a work purpose.

On the other hand, a rc construction truck relies its functionality on operational abilities… or batteries, but oh well, it can go on for the rest of the day without fatigue.

In other words, rc equipment is meant for making life easier.

RC Business: Present and future

You can enter the construction universe at different ages. Take as an example a child who enjoys playing with remote control construction equipment toys; their imagination can create different abilities that could be oriented to develop a future construction worker, architect, or businessman / businesswoman in the field. On a similar basis, a child can create his / her own crew, projecting a potential leader in this and other scenarios. And all you need are some rc construction trucks.

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In the case of an adult, acquiring rc equipment can be just the beginning of a profitable business. It can happen after retirement or when you have some savings and wish to start a no-risk business that will surely bring earnings if managed properly.

In fact, residential construction business is one of the fastest growing businesses in the USA according to Sageworks (source:; so you can consider this option as a solid way to support your finance.

An Expensive Choice?

Suppose you need rc construction trucksfor entertainment or teaching purposes. In that case, you won’t have to spend too much, but if you need these trucks for a professional purpose, then you might consider stretching the wallet… or gnashing your debit or credit card.

Depending on the purpose, you might need cranes, excavators, mixers, and more vehicles. Do yourself a favour by checking out these fine rc construction equipment suppliers who offer different options for your budget:

1.Huina 510 RC Excavator

You won’t find a more realistic replica than this powerful 3-motor rc construction truck that can dig better than Indiana Jones. In fact, it can dig through sand, dirt, snow, and then it can dump them anywhere you indicate through your controller, which is not that difficult to use. Its 100 feet control distance demonstrates that this bulldozer can be very fun to play with and also could serve you for collecting duties. Please visit here to have a look at the price.


  • Bucket is all metal, making it a very strong item.
  • If you buy the correct batteries (EBL) and charger you could forget about the rechargeable ones, and the playtime will increase considerably.
  • Controller looks and works very professional.


  • Clicking sound can be annoying after some time.
  • Controls are kind of hard to operate, especially for kids.
  • Don’t try lifting heavy rocks!

2. Huina RC Dumper

This light but powerful dumper is operated like an automatic car, and is based on a real size model, which adds a unique sense of reality that should work for any construction trucks purpose. Please visit here to see the price.


  • Kickass design.
  • For what it is, the price is fantastic.
  • Six button controller that makes you feel you are playing a real-life video game. Is that possible? You bet.
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  • Battery life is too short comparing to its 2-hour charging time. I mean, 30 minutes of fun are not enough.
  • Controls are clumsy, and it is not a PS1 console.
  • Front wheels don’t turn; therefore, you need to do extra-maneuvering than necessary.

3. Huina RC Alloy Shovel Loader

Shovel loading may be the most popular activity when it comes to construction and this classic and classy looking model should be the best option for playing with your kids. Please visit Amazon to see the price.


  • Classic looking homage to the original.
  • Wheels are strong and helps to really move stuff. Yes, it is a toy and a decent helper.
  • Price is adequate.
  • Multiplayer use.


  • Not suitable for turning on carpet and concrete surfaces.
  • Batteries are not standard, making it more difficult for recharging.

4. Fistone Tower Crane

This Truck Crawler Tower is perfect for kids because it combines fun and is operated in the most realistically possible way to construct tools, which also may be appealing for mom and dad. Even better than the real thing as Bono would say. Visit here to see the price.


  • Heavy duty and easy to operate- Ideal for youngsters who want to have fun and also suitable for adults who want to train with it.
  • Comes with recharging battery.
  • Remote distance ranges up to 328 ft. The box is not lying!


  • It is slow. Kids might feel desperate when operating it.
  • It does not lift as much as it makes us believe.
  • 3 hours for charging time is a lot.

5. Huina Forklift

This one is a 2 in 1. Yes. Tower crane and forklift in one sentence. The engineering and control (which also comes up with the option of an automatic demonstration) are splendid for such a big rc construction truck, which elevates the maneuvering experience to a realistic tone. Want to know the price? Click here.


  • Realistic features.
  • Easy to charge through batteries or USB cable.
  • Double feature. Need I say more?
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  • Charging time can take up to 4 hours. Really Huina?
  • You need to carefully stabilize the objects that you pretend to lift with it, taking away most of the instant fun.
  • Control is not that easy to operate. You might want to have extra copies of the instructions manual.


The choice is yours and you can be absolutely sure that our picks for you have been carefully examined and even appointed for a high purpose than merely fun. Should you decide to pick one of the items mentioned above, you are destined for great things.

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