RC Semi Trucks And Trailers – What Are The Best Ones?

rc semi trucks
rc semi trucks
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When it comes to collectible RC vehicles there is a large range to choose from if you are looking for cars, trucks, or boats. This is enough for most but some of us like a little bit of an assortment in our collections. RC semi trucks are a great example. A bit harder to find than standard cars and trucks, unless you know where to look. A company called Tamiya has been making them for some time and so in this article we will be discussing RC Semi Trucks and trailers which they have to offer.

Remote control semi trucks

So what does one look for in remote control semi trucks? Detail. You want a replica, not some toy. A finely made replica gets attention and is a pleasure to drive. With a payload, the semi looks even more fantastic, due to the range of items that they haul in reality. Here are some examples of the semi trucks themselves and after that we will give examples of available payload upgrades for semi truck enthusiasts.

Some assembly required

Before we go into the list it should be noted that most of these do NOT come pre-assembled. They are a labor of love so you will need to put them together. Yes, it is a little time consuming, but it also adds to the uniqueness factor of it. Not as many collectors are willing to invest the time and attention into building the new additions to their collections. Their loss, of course, as we know that it is absolutely worth it(not to mention a fine way to bond with the kids.). Now, without further ado, the trucks!
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Our picks for best RC semi trucks

1. Tamiya King Haulerremote control semi trucks

This 1/14 scale replica sports an electric 540 engine for hauling itself or it’s cargo wherever you desire. With chrome weels and an aluminum ladder chassis, once assembled you will have a powerhouse of a semi at your disposal. Mirrors, the trademark exhaust pipes, all of the details that you would expect. It costs a pretty penny but fully-assembled it is a sight to behold. View this item on Amazon

2. Tamiya 58661 Buggyra Fat Fox

Trc semihis is a replica of the racing semi while was driven by Adam Lacko in the 2018 The body includes a bumper, side mirrors, and more. It is a 3-piece set of components with a lot of attention to quality. It has a fiberglass upper deck, shaft driven 4 wheel drive, and a 4 wheel double-wishbone suspension as well. Like the King Hauler, this is a 1/14 scale replica that is sure to turn a head or two. View this item on Amazon
                        ” More aerodynamic and fuel efficient then it’s original build…”

3. Tamiya Tractor-Truck Freightliner Cascadia Evolution rc semi

This RC semi model is a replica of the Cascadia tractor which was manufactured by the Freightliner trucks company. More aerodynamic and fuel efficient then it’s original build, this replica faithfully recreates it for you at a 1/14 scale. The details are amazing, including the dashboard, gloss and matte finish, and the seats inside. A realistic suspension means that it can tackle the terrain efficiently without damaging your truck and is further reinforced through a die cast front axle and a reinforced axle in the rear as well. You’re gonna love this one.
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Payloads for your semi truck

Now you can’t really have an RC tractor without the trailer now, can you? A remote control semi truck with no trailer looks, well, naked. That’s why we have also collected some sample payloads that you can attach to your remote control tractor trailer to give it that finishing touch. Payloads such as:

1. Pole semi trailer

rc tractor trailerEver driven behind one of these in fear that the poles were going to go flying right into you? Be it phobic or other nostalgia, you can own a trailer that faithfully recreates construction hauling with fine attention to detail. Unlike the trucks that we have listed, this comes fully assembled and ready to haul. View this item on Amazon

2. 40 foot semi trailer for tractor trucksremote control semi

Just looking for a standard cargo hauler? Then you are in luck. This faithful recreation 1/14 scale cargo hold for hauling does require assembly but the finished product is well-worth your time investment. View this item on Amazon

3. Fuel tanker remote control semi truck with trailer

You’ve gotta have a fuel tanker, right? This includes an aluminum chassis and the tanker space itself is stainless steel in construction. It’s shiny and definitely solid. It also includes a metal plated ladder, fender, and wheels. It is absolutely stunning and probably the best looking out of the bunch that we have listed here and best of all, it will fit any 1/14 Tamiya truck. Some assembly is required but you’ll be glad that you did it. View this item on Amazon

4. Deep Freeze trailer

remote control tractor trailerThis 1/14 scale Axle Reefer semi trailer sports a ‘Polar Bear Express’ logo that will remind the actual truckers out there of time-sensitive cargo hauls. Just don’t tell the missus that you got it to haul around the mother in law and you should be okay (just kidding, of course… but really, don’t make that joke, these trailers are expensive!). This model does require assembly so like others on the list, it is a labor of love. That said, just take a look at the finished product. Isn’t that worth it?
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Final notes

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list for the best remote control tractor trailer trucks and their payloads. Sadly it seems that these days the folks who are willing to put together a working model are fewer and further in-between. Notice that we said ‘seems’, however. Be sure to check Google by doing a search for ‘RC semi truck forums’ and take a look at what comes up. Not only can you find a network of other enthusiasts online with shared passions and tons of useful advice but you might even be able to find local groups. We model builders are still out there, you just gotta know where to find us. Happy trucking, folks!